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Diary of a well traveled dog.

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What? No costume contest...noooooooooo

October 28th 2011 6:30 pm
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Oh no! How could Cindy go sign up for some silly golf tournament and I miss my chance to strut my stuff and be Diva Dog for the costume contest? I can't believe this.

I think Barney put her up to this so he wouldn't have to wear his Jack O Lantern suit...

I bet she makes up for it a Christmas and the Santa Paws photos though....hee hee hee hee


Grooming day!!!

August 13th 2011 11:23 pm
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I just love going to the dog spa...and today, Cindy got "the works" for me...I smell like lavender and chamomile, my coat is so shiny, and I got lots of pets and hugs from Ms. Marissa my groomer and I got to give her kisses. Even Barney said I smelled really nice when I got home even though he says the groomer is kinda sissy stuff and he hates it when he has to stay home alone when I go off to the spa. He pretends he doesn't like the grooming stuff but I know he likes going with me and I have seen him sneak in a tiny kiss on the groomer's hand.

He just always has to be Mr. Macho. Not me. I LOVE being Diva dog!


The Snow Pack arrives at the vet

August 10th 2011 1:00 am
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So my pack bro, Barney, needed a check up today. First off, we both LOVE car rides so we got very excited to be going in the car. And we really like our vet staff, so when Cindy let us out of the car we took off at full speed to the vet clinic door, and I hit it with my front paws to open it, but Barney didn't quite cut the turn right and he wound up ducking around one of those plastic patio chairs that was on the sidewalk next to the door and was about to drag it into the clinic. So of course Cindy dropped our leashes to catch the chair and me n' Barney just kept going full speed all the way to the back of the clinic in the surgery area. Since we were first (and only) doggies in there we got to say hi to all the staff as they were having their morning meeting. Then we realized "where is Cindy?" and decided maybe we should go find her. She was standing at the receptionist desk with her face kinda in her hands...which worried us til we realized she and the receptionist were laughing. Apparently, from what Cindy and our vet tech were saying, they aren't used to doggies breaking down doors and dashing into the clinic, most of the other doggies kinda have to get dragged in and are more likely to run out.

Seems kinda funny to us, what fun is that? You're not gonna get any tummy rubs, treats, or scratches doing that stuff. And all the folks are our clinic are really nice. We just couldn't wait to say hi to them.

Too bad about the chair thing though. Barney doesn't make turns real well even with his short little legs, it's that whole long back thing.


Summer in southwest Oahu...

August 3rd 2011 11:35 pm
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Getting a little tough to be a fuzzy Keeshond out here these days...Cindy's been stripping out my undercoat, and shaving my legs and my underbelly...and she keeps the house as cool as she can for me n' Barney. This is considered the desert of Oahu and we don't get as much rain or wind as other parts of the island.

This is actually harder than when we lived in was way hot there but never humid. I spent a lot of time in my wading pool in those days.

I guess cuz we got the beach to go to I'm not gonna get a pool this summer but I'll start dropping hints anyway.


Mililani Dog Park!

July 25th 2011 2:03 pm
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Yes! A trip to the dog park is wonderful...well, it is for me, my bro Barney hates it...

I keep hoping he'll follow my example and come find out how much fun it is to play with other doggies, to jump in water and play tag, to dog-dance and play bow...and to meet so many nice folks and doggies.

But I guess those days back in the shelter just have too many bad memories. Barney just sits with Cindy the whole time we're there...maybe all I can hope for is he won't be stressed when we get there, even if he can't really have fun...

Barney just doesn't like or trust anyone outside his immediate pack.


July 4th weekend is coming!!!

June 29th 2011 4:44 pm
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Well...this will be our first July 4th weekend on Oahu with the new fireworks laws...which are supposed to mean no privately owned fireworks get shot off. Now, while a lot of doggies would rejoice over that news (most of them residents of Hawaii) me n' Barney are gonna kinda miss it. Cuz Cindy taught us that fireworks aren't bad, they just mean people are having fun. We used to sit upstairs at the big window, Cindy in the middle and me n' Barney on either side of her, on New Year's Eve and 4th of July and watch all our neighbors celebrating. Sometimes we even had popcorn!!! So Cindy said she'd take me n' Barney on a picnic way up the hill this year so we can watch the Oahu shoreline and see all the big fireworks shows. Wow...we even get a car ride this time.

Now...I must add...the noise of fireworks when you can't watch them is just a nuisance...and me n' Barney hate it when we're home alone cuz we can't really watch them and snuggle with Cindy and it basically keeps a dog from having a decent nap.

So, don't get me pawactively endorsing fireworks necessarily, just sayin' even us dogs can enjoy 4th of July!


Dog of the Week?

March 30th 2011 5:03 pm
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Oh my paw...I feel so, thank you very much Dogster!


A very different kind of car ride...

May 31st 2010 9:13 pm
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So today, Cindy came and picked me up from the groomer and she said we were going on a special car ride. I love car rides...but Barney was still at home and I thought that was kinda strange...but Cindy said she wanted this to be kinda a quiet ride and she thought Barney might get kinda excited if he saw lots of people. That's true, he can get kinda protective at times.

Anyway, I cozied down in the front seat and Cindy drove for a little while, and I could tell we were going up hill away from the ocean and starting to slow down, so I sat up to check it out.

Wow. I never saw so many flags flying along the road. And the view, it was so wonderful, from the hill overlooking the ocean, and a wonderful breeze. I thought this must be a very nice place, it felt so peaceful...but there were so many, so many people walking everywhere...and so many flowers, and little flags...and lots of little stone markers...
Cindy just drove around for awhile...something must've made her really sad cuz she had tears in her eyes. I sorta wanted to get out and run in the breeze but somehow, somehow I knew that wasn't the right thing to do here, this wasn't a play park.

This place was so beautiful, so peaceful, but Cindy seemed so sad...then just before we were going to go back out on the road, she stopped and just whispered "thank you," and bowed her head. And I was watching all those folks walking around, carrying flowers and little flags to those little stone markers...

Cindy said the place was called "Punchbowl," but it had a big long fancy name like National Veterans Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. I won't ever forget it myself, not just because it was so beautiful and peaceful, but I never saw so many humans being so kind and caring in one spot.


A wonderful day!!

April 25th 2010 10:35 pm
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Today, Sunday, Cindy spent ALL day with me n' Barney...she didn't leave us for anything, not even church...she took us up there and she introduced us to her friends. All her friends there remember Sato, the dog that Cindy had when she lived in Hawaii many folks came out to the car to meet me n' Barney...

I wish I'd known Sato...everyone was talking about how smart she was and what a great dog. One person even called her "Sato san..." wow.

Anyway, they thought I was pretty, of course, and I got lots and lots of pets.

Barney was even okay with meeting everyone.

Then we went to this great big wonderful dog park...I was kinda worried about my brother Barney cuz he's got some baggage from when he was in the shelter...but Cindy let me go run free right away, and then walked Barney all the way around the edge of the dog park...then she let him go free too. He was kinda apprehensive...he really, really doesn't like big dogs running around him...he got "rolled" so much at the shelter. But he hung tough, I was so proud of him. One big black dog came running right at him, and Barney went over and stood by Cindy, and I cut the dog off...nice-like, you know...but pretty much let him know not to go running fast at my bro. Not a bad scene, the black dog dug what I was saying.

We had a wondeful time. We went riding in the car all over the place with Cindy.

Kinda tired when we got home, but great, great day. A whole day with her. And a car ride, and the dog, life is good...


Our new Vet

March 16th 2010 12:11 am
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Saturday, me n' Barney n' Cindy paid our first vet visit since we left the dog jail (quarantine station) be honest, we've been missing our friends back at VCA Blossom Hill cuz they were all so nice to us and took such great care...and it isn't always easy going to a new vet or new groomer when you love your old one...cuz it makes you kinda miss em...

But anyway, it was time for our annual visit, and Cindy said she'd been looking around and asking around and even visited two clinics without us before she took us to see Dr. Vance...

The clinic was kinda small but boy everyone was so nice. And they were fun too, they played with us a lot and the exams were just fine. I was so proud when Dr. Vance didn't say one thing about me needing my teeth cleaned, and I'm almost nine years old. (I love my Greenies...)

Barney even did okay, and he's usually kinda a scaredy cat. He actually played with Cisco the vet tech and Dr. Vance...and Barney's usually more wary of meeting guys than ladies. But they were so friendly and fun.

So we got poked and prodded and checked but all in all it was fun and we were so happy to find a nice vet again. We could see that Cindy was really happy that we were so at ease too...and very happy that everything checked out a-ok.

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