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A Day In The Life of Conner

Almost Poisoned

July 2nd 2007 6:20 pm
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Mommy and daddy noticed that we had a mouse or mice in the house. Mommy said, "How can we have a mouse in the house with THREE cats and a Jack Russell?" First mommy bought a humane mouse trap, but the mouse would not go into it. Then mommy was cleaning house and when she removed the couch cushions to vacuum, she noticed that it was full of mouse poop and they chewed a hole in one of the cushions. Mommy then said, "Kaci Lynn & Conner! You are slacking off!! You are letting a mouse live right under your nose!"

The next day mommy and daddy went to the feed store and bought some mouse bait. She made sure to hide it real good in small spaces that me, Kaci or the cats cannot reach.

Two days ago, mommy went to work and when she came home, she walked through the living room and saw a 'thing' in the middle of my bed. At first she thought that maybe my cat brother Cole had pooped on my bed because he got mad about something (he's been known to do that as revenge). So mommy turned the ceiling fan light on and it was a dead......MOUSE! The mouse was laying in the middle of a big wet spot and there was some clear throw up beside the bed too.

Mommy became panicked and ran to the computer to look up the active ingredient in the mouse poyzin, and found that the internet was down. She ran to the phone to call the vet and the phone was dead.

Turns out that our cable company (Time Warner) had recently changed to Comcast and they messed something up and the entire Houston area was without internet and digital phone service on this day. But.....thank goodness for cell phones! Mommy looked up the feed store phone number in a big book with yellow pages. She called them and asked them to read her the active ingredient in the mouse poison she had bought from them. They said it Broma-something-or-other. Then mommy called the vet who told her to call poison control. Mommy had a fridge magent with the number to animal poison control on it, but remembered hearing that it is a $40 charge if you call them. Right below their number on the magnet was a hand written phone number with the word "free" beside it. Mommy must have found that number on the internet a long time ago and wrote it down. So she called the free number and it was a recording saying if this is an emergency call your vet (funny she just called the vet and they said to call poison control) or if you are calling during business hours please call.... mommy wrote down the phone number they gave and dialed it immediately.

A man answered the phone and said, "Kansas State University." Mommy hesitated and then said, "I was trying to reach animal poison control". he asked, "What is the nature of your call?" Mommy briefly explained about the mouse poison and coming home from work and finding a dead mouse and not knowing if either me or Kaci had chewed it and become poisoned ourselves." He told mommy to hold and he would transfer her to "toxicology". Then a man named Dr. Oehme came on the phone and mommy explained the situation to him too and told him what the active ingredient was. He told mommy that ingredient is an anti-coagulant which prevents blood clotting and that a dog would have to totally consume 5 dead poyzind mice to become poisoned himself. Mommy was crying now and she said, "So my dog won't die?" he said "NO". Mommy said, "but he threw up clear stuff." He said, "Your dog threw up because they are not used to eating dead animals (he obviously does not know US!)."

He instructed mommy to watch me and Kaci for an hour and if neither of us threw up anymore, she was to give me 2 cups of milk (cause I'm BIG) and give Kaci 1 cup of milk to coat our stomachs. Then he said an hour after that she should feed us.

Neither of us threw up anymore and then mommy gave us each a bowl of was YUMMY!!!! I never had milk before but we really liked it a lot.

The good doctor was and Kaci are still alive and kicking!!


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