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Ripley The Reindeer Snow Pug

My 1st Barkday

March 7th 2010 2:43 pm
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Today is my 1st Barkday and boy have I had fun... Jazzper the frenchie and I are bestest buddies . Momma wented to th Barkery and she got all of us treats and a pupcake. That nice man ebben wrote my name on dere but I cant read so I will take mom at her word.
We all wented out on the leni out side and the festivities began i gotted the entire pupcake to myself but my buddy Jazzper had other ideas and so I shared it with him . hope everyone has a great day.


Today I met Santy Paws

December 6th 2009 2:56 pm
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This was a great day I gotted up and it turned out da mom wuz off . She had arranged play date at dog park wif unkie dewey.
Marley and I had on Matching outfits we wooked so cute.

But isn't dere somfin wrong wif matching yer momma?
after da park we wented to Petsmart and dis man wuz dere his name was santy Paws wow he had dis long fur on his face I nebber seen nuttin wike dat in my life.
Makes note to find out how he can get his fur to grow like dat!!

Well Mom tooked us to hab a picture wif dis Santy Paws he was very nice had a warm lap and I got my paw tangled in his fur. Bwahahaha

I hope he didnt realize it was me Ripley the reindeer in training cause now he knows who I am arghhhhhh.
And dats not a gud thing at all tries to think how hes gonna get his wittle puggy butt outta dis one. Well I am off to wrap sum prezzies and see if I can sneek and pee on da christmas tree a time or two maybe this will keep santy paws away.

Ripley the Reindeer in Training


Ripley The Reindeer Snow Pug

November 29th 2009 12:00 am
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Boy was this a great day. we got up had breakies like we always do went for a walk and then momma told Marley and me we were gonna go see Aunt Ronda, King Spivey and Lady Lexus and we were going for a car ride wow it seemed like forever to get there we went to Big Bear its a huge beautimus Mountain. We got up to about 6000 feet and they wanted chains on our tires so we wented back down da mountain and got some and went back up. Eberything wuz covered in this white stuff and I kept looking out the back of the truck window to try and figure dis stuff out. hmmmmmmmmmm so after about 2.5 hours we got to our destination in Big Bear wow this place let me tell you has more trees to tinkle on then all the dog biscuts in Orange County. Daddy gotted me outta da truck and my paws hit the ground and I wanted to run and play in this stuff and I wented up the steps and saw my dear friends. Then momma found out that the back yard was fenced in so I got to go out back and run like a crazy Monkey my momma Marley she was right out there with me. I like the cold wet stuff and it tastes real gud too. but a warning never eat yellow snow. Ya have to sniff before ya lick bol!!! well its time for bed I am tired after the long trip
P.S. Is this Reindeer Training??

Ripley the Reindeer snow pug out!!!


Reindeer in Training

November 17th 2009 12:58 pm
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Well momma has really done it this time I tell you!!

She went shopping and she got me this shirt it says in glitter and real pug men don't wear Glitter
Now I have no idea WTP a Reindeer is let along how are they trained. Do they get to Pee in the house? Cause if that's the case I am all for training.
And what do they eat? Paper and mommas shoes cause that would rock?
I just need to know WTP a Reindeer is so I can train like one.
Is there anypuggy out there that can help me with this ?
And the biggest question of the Christmas season is ?? Can I Pee on the pretty tree in my livingroom or will momma get mad?


well I hab been home 4 days

May 14th 2009 1:16 pm
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Its already been 4 days since I came to my forever home. I am one lucky pup my momma has some real cool toys thanks to daddy Nicco and Fambily and I habs em strung all ober da livingroom. I love my play yard and use a Litter Box to potty in yes a kitty litter box. I do slip up but hey I am just 9 weeks old after all the rents keep close watch on me and say No Bad Boy then I go to play yard for time out I dont care I just take a nap. Bwahaha show em whos boss applesauce.
tata for now
Ripley Von Pugginstein


My First Night Home

May 11th 2009 9:13 am
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Momma and Dad came to gets me lastnight from Auntie Pj's
I was a good boy in da truck set on mommas shoulder and looked outside. Momma brought me in door and My momma Marley was happy to see me. I played and played for about an hour strait. I have a big area to run and romp I llove Balls and momma had one from xmas from Nicco and it makes noises I was scared at first but its my Favorite so far.
the Rents also learned as well I can Howl wif da best ob dem. woof woof I am 9 weeks old now and lookin more like momma everyday.
keep da eyes open cause the fun is about to begin
Ripley Von Pugginstein out.


Already 2 weeks old

March 22nd 2009 8:49 pm
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Wow how time flys I am already 2 weeks old. Momma and Dad came to see us today well the Hooman rents and all of us are lil tubby puggies and our eyes have all opened and we are just the cutest if I say so myself.

My 2 Brothers were sold and will be going to a single home together to grow up and everything.
But I am the Luckiest cause I get to taunt momma forever.
Love to all we will post new Pictures tomorrow.

Ripley Out

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