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July 6th 2009 12:19 pm
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Its summer time and Mom keeps telling me about all of the brand new puppies she is seeing at work this time of year, which brings me to my diary entry topic today-Dog Proofing Your Home!

Puppies love to chew things. It’s good exercise for their jaws, and it helps relieve the discomfort of teething. The goal is to get the puppy to chew on hard rubber rings, rawhides, and treats like Nutro Biscuits instead of the newspaper, plants, photo albums, your shoes, and the furniture.

First, dog-proof your home just as you would if you had a toddler visiting. Equipping floor-level cabinets with childproof latches is a good idea (so you won’t inadvertently forget to close them tight after each use); store all cleaning products out of reach; place newspapers and magazines on a high shelf; store clothes and shoes in closets, with the doors closed. If the puppy shows any interest in chewing on plants, remove them or place them out of reach (some, like philodendron, are poisonous, so be sure to get rid of any harmful or toxic plants or put them out of reach of your pups).

Second, get a variety of chew-toys, and use those in gentle play. Rotate the toys to maintain the puppy’s interest. Fleece toys are excellent for the tender mouths of puppies. (As your puppy grows up, get him a hard rubber ball to chew on, but make sure it’s too big to get caught in his throat.) Don’t offer real bones (they might splinter), old shoes (he will think all shoes are fair game), toys that squeak or have bells inside (these toys might come apart while your puppy is chewing on them), or anything made of wood (it will splinter). Third, if you come upon your puppy while he is chewing something he shouldn’t, clap your hands and say loudly and firmly, “No!” Then remove him to another location.

There is a great product called Bitter Apple that can help prevent your pup from chewing on unwanted items as well! It works great and Mom tells me its the same concept as the womens fingernail polish that tastes bad. Your pup will learn that the item that he/she is chewing on tastes bad and therefore will learn not to chew on that particular item. Of course you will have to continue to reapply until your pup has learned to not chew on that item.

Visit the link below to learn more! -proofing

Talk to ya soon!
Hope you had a great Independence Day! I know I did! I also had a wonderful birthday! Yummy cookies and greenies and even a can of Nutro's Herring Meal formula! I loved it! I wish Mom would feed me canned food every day! A dog can only dream!


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