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The Story Of Our Life by George

Mending Fences.....

March 2nd 2010 1:48 am
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Dear Diary...

Well Merry and I are home and beginning to settle in again before we get a wild hair to visit another country. It's been nice and relaxing and so good to be home. We love traveling and visiting other places.. it's exciting and wonderful to see new things but we start to get homesick and have to come back to Texas.

It's a very ordinary life here made extrarordinary by our love. We cannot be separated which is a good thing. We do most all things together. Take for instance yesterday we headed out on our horses to check out the fencing after the wild weather that come through Texas.

Fence mending is an important job which I use to handle by myself before I met Merry, but gave it over to responsible hired hands to do. Well this time I offered to do it myself again so I could take Merry out around the perimeter of our land. I figured that would give Merry a chance to see our home and also to bond with her new filly Ebony, the black Arabian I got her for her birthday last year. Ebony was just a colt when we got her, but now fully grown and beautiful. A bit high strung but not unmanagable..

So me taking Cimarron and her Ebony we set out to check all the fencing. It can be a boring job, but it's a necessary job. With my wife along it doesn't seem so bad. So far I've only had a couple places that needed repair, places where the wind knocked branches onto the barbed wire breaking it in spots.. and it's cool knowing my wife is watching me work. Taking out of my belt my Handy Dandy Wire Tool a simple twist and it's done, but somehow I feel it's more with Merry watching me. :)

We got half way around the property before nightfall and so I told Merry we do have the cabin my men use when they are out in the fields working. I was a little nervous bringing her because I know these guys are not the cleanest bunch around, but I had bribed them with a raise if I come to the cabin and it is cleaned.

Well we get to the cabin with me opening the door with a little intrepidation and looking at Merry sideways, I was prepared for the worse, but lo and behold I smell PINE OIL! I shoved the door open and looked inside and I could not believe my eyes. I guess they got anxious knowing Merry was going to be here because the place was spotless! Even the kitchen.. I don't remember there even BEING the top to the kitchen table..let alone CLEAN! I was amazed and of course Merry was very happy.

We go on inside and I light a fire because the nights are still chilly.. and we settle in for the night. Even the bed is clean with clean sheets and covers. I just could not believe it. I know some hands that will be getting the raise I promised them that's for sure.

Today we are setting out for home and will be checking the rest of the fence along the way. When we get back I am taking my wife dining and dancing.. YEE HAW! It sounds like a ZIPPITY DO DAH night to me!!! I can't wait to dance Merry to the end of love.

I will write again soon .. and tell all about our evening out on a little Texas town...til next time, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Barked by: MerryBelle Noelle Pie SSW (Dogster Member)

March 2nd 2010 at 6:14 am

I love riding the ranch with you George! Everything we do turns into the most wonderful adventure. I could not imagine being apart from you... I love you and I am looking forward to tonight!!!! YEE HAWW !! Now we gotta get on home so I can get ready!

Love your wife Merry xoxoxoxo




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