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The Story Of Our Life by George

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And now we are in Madrid, Spain...our second honeymoon.

May 25th 2010 1:29 am
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What a week this has been, nothing short of amazing. Yesterday Merry and I renewed our vows at The Casbah where we were wed on May, 22 2008. So many of our friends came to give us their support and to witness the renewal of our wedding vows. We were touched beyond will take us a week to send out thank you notes to those who came. Thank you everyone..xoxo

Tom J. Katt was the officiating minister who gave our vows. He took a crash course and became licensed so he could. Thank you Tom, you are a great brother. Sophie, Coty and BrandyIII...if it were not for them we could not have done this. Thank you Sophie, Coty and Brandy III.

The ceremony was beautiful.. even IF my wife thought it was an hour later. She had told me she had plenty of time to eat and do a couple things just the half hour before the guests began to arrive at 4:00p.m. Dogster/Catster time and I thought it was cutting it short but figured she knew her ability to do all that in that length of time.

Well time went on and no Merry.. so I thought she was being coy, you know not wanting me to see her wedding gown. Well the next thing I know I am talking to her at 4:30 p.m. and she said she was going into her game to post a new one....well, I thought "Cool as a Cucumber" unlike me with sweaty paws. Then she said Georgie where are you at? I said I am at the Casbah greeting our guests. She said OMD!!!! What are you TALKING about!!!??? I said just that baby...I'm greeting our guests as they come in. She said already?? I said Merry they have been coming in for half hour now.. then Sophie asked if she should begin and I SHOUTED NO!!!! I DON'T HAVE MY WIFE YET!!!! SHE IS LATE!!!!!!

Merry about fainted....she had NOT even put on her dress yet OMD!!! She ran and got dressed all flustered and embarrassed and I told everyone that she forgot the TIME to be there and we all have a great laugh about that, easing my tension.. Poor Merry was mortified but I told her that she again made the wedding memorable. :D I will NEVER forget my wife being LATE to our vow renewal. BOL! I LOVE YOU MERRY!!!!

The rest of the wedding went smoothly and beautifully, then we have a blow out reception after and was lots of fun. Her and I danced to Summer Wine, the first dance from our original wedding. How I loved dancing with her to that.. Thank you Merry for marrying me again. :) xoxo

After the reception we took the limo to the Moroccan airport where we then took our Casbah jet to Spain. We arrived this morning and are at the Hotel Puerto Madrid! What a BEAUTIFUL hotel it is right in the heart of Madrid and from there we will wind our way out thru the country exploring and having fun. We can come back to the hotel when we are tired. I am renting a car today....the taxi's leave MUCH to be desired ........right Merry? :D

I can't wait to see what today holds and each day we are thing I know for sure is it will be wonderful touring Spain with my wife. She is sure to bring lots of flavor to our trip.

Until next time.....Buenos Noches!


Mending Fences.....

March 2nd 2010 1:48 am
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Dear Diary...

Well Merry and I are home and beginning to settle in again before we get a wild hair to visit another country. It's been nice and relaxing and so good to be home. We love traveling and visiting other places.. it's exciting and wonderful to see new things but we start to get homesick and have to come back to Texas.

It's a very ordinary life here made extrarordinary by our love. We cannot be separated which is a good thing. We do most all things together. Take for instance yesterday we headed out on our horses to check out the fencing after the wild weather that come through Texas.

Fence mending is an important job which I use to handle by myself before I met Merry, but gave it over to responsible hired hands to do. Well this time I offered to do it myself again so I could take Merry out around the perimeter of our land. I figured that would give Merry a chance to see our home and also to bond with her new filly Ebony, the black Arabian I got her for her birthday last year. Ebony was just a colt when we got her, but now fully grown and beautiful. A bit high strung but not unmanagable..

So me taking Cimarron and her Ebony we set out to check all the fencing. It can be a boring job, but it's a necessary job. With my wife along it doesn't seem so bad. So far I've only had a couple places that needed repair, places where the wind knocked branches onto the barbed wire breaking it in spots.. and it's cool knowing my wife is watching me work. Taking out of my belt my Handy Dandy Wire Tool a simple twist and it's done, but somehow I feel it's more with Merry watching me. :)

We got half way around the property before nightfall and so I told Merry we do have the cabin my men use when they are out in the fields working. I was a little nervous bringing her because I know these guys are not the cleanest bunch around, but I had bribed them with a raise if I come to the cabin and it is cleaned.

Well we get to the cabin with me opening the door with a little intrepidation and looking at Merry sideways, I was prepared for the worse, but lo and behold I smell PINE OIL! I shoved the door open and looked inside and I could not believe my eyes. I guess they got anxious knowing Merry was going to be here because the place was spotless! Even the kitchen.. I don't remember there even BEING the top to the kitchen table..let alone CLEAN! I was amazed and of course Merry was very happy.

We go on inside and I light a fire because the nights are still chilly.. and we settle in for the night. Even the bed is clean with clean sheets and covers. I just could not believe it. I know some hands that will be getting the raise I promised them that's for sure.

Today we are setting out for home and will be checking the rest of the fence along the way. When we get back I am taking my wife dining and dancing.. YEE HAW! It sounds like a ZIPPITY DO DAH night to me!!! I can't wait to dance Merry to the end of love.

I will write again soon .. and tell all about our evening out on a little Texas town...til next time, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!



February 20th 2010 12:04 am
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Well we are offically home. We made it back to Texas around 10:00p.m. and were so very tired. We came up to the house and Nancy, my former Nanny, and now keeper of our home. was waiting to meet us. She was crying, wiping her eyes with her apron and went running with her arms outstretched for ..........MERRY! She LOVES Merry.

I am not even sure she knew I had come home!! She grabbed my wife hugging her and crying and Merry was crying.. my Dog I just stood back out of the way watching it all. I am always so happy how much she loves Merry but wondered if she even remembered I was there. So standing there waiting, one eyebrow raised, Nancy finally noticed me and said.. "Oh Hi George.." I thought Oh HI GEORGE? But I didn't say anything.. to HER that is bol. It's ok I'm glad she loves my wife..that is furry special to me that she does and makes me feel good. I think she adopted Merry as her own daughter ....I dont' know.

Well she had some good ol' Texas strong coffee waiting for us and home -made donuts. POTATO DONUTS!!! Omd Nancy makes the best this side of the Rocky Mountains!!!! So nothing left to be done Merry and I had to be sure and eat even though we were zonked from so many hours traveling to get home.

Finally Merry could not hide it and began yawning. Nancy looked at me with her eyebrows raised and SCOLDED ME for letting Merry get so tired!!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I scooted back my chair and picked up Merry's notorious pink backpack that goes EVERYWHERE WITH HER (you probably could see it in her game Wheel of Furtune at The Doghouse if you looked) and then I winked at Nancy and swept Merry in my arms taking the steps two at a time up to our room. Shoving the door open with my foot I take Merry into the room filled with the scent of lavender and putting her to bed I climbed in also ready to begin our days at home again.

I'm glad to be home, and I know Merry is too. Iceland was, and is, one of the most fascinating places I've ever been. Truly the land of Vikings, Volcanos and Ice. So much history and so truly amazing. I will never, ever forget our 6 weeks there.

Thank you Merry it was one of THE most pawsome birthday gifts you have ever given me (next to meeting Santa Paws Christmas of 2008! OMD!!). When you first said Iceland, I said to myself, ICELAND? I never knew the marvels we would find and the magnificent landscape and beauty of this ancient land. What a birthday gift baby.

Again Merry......THANK YOU, and I love you.xoxoxoxoxo;)


The Reason I Love Red.......

February 12th 2010 12:24 am
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Merry asked me tonight why I am so fascinated by the color red, and what it means to me. This is what I had to say to her at The Doghouse where we were eating lunch.

*Lifts you in my arms sitting you on my lap then kissing you slow and oh so sweet.. * Well baby, once upon a time there was this tiny pup in a bucket who kept coming on to me. It was at one of our pommie groups this happened. Well this pup was way to young to be doing such a thing, but she PERSISTED!! I tell you she was PRECOCIOUS! Well I ignored her for a while but was polite. I didn't want to be accused of messing with a pup-in-a-bucket you know.. BUT she kept coming on to me..

Well it was New Years, it was the year of 2007 heading into 2008, and her brother had joined with me in this group as an admin. just a few weeks before. This was when The Doghouse was PomMomsUnited and it was New Year's eve and I went to a party over at Pommie Love and this little vixen was THERE! I swear.....SHE STALKED ME!

I was there having fun except for this OTHER furgirl there who was BUGGING THE DAYLIGHTS out of me to be her guy. SHE WAS A STALKER TOO!! OMD!! I 'm having PTSD!

So this little vixen who's brother had joined on with me as my first admin, kept asking me to dance. I finally gave in scared to death because of her age. It was fun and then she asked me for a drink and I asked if she were old enough to drink and her smart mouf asked me if there were drinking laws on DOGSTER and my skin sis was there and she was laughing at me. It was a MESS I TELL YA!

To get to why I love the color red so much and why it holds such special meaning to me. I was persued by this little vixen, pup-in-a-bucket and ended up falling in love with her. My first party at The Casbah was on Valentine's day February 9th, 2008 and my little vixen wore a bright red dress that night. It was during that party that I got down on my knees before a vision in red and asked if she would be my wife. She said yes.. and since then red is my favorite color.

*Brings you close and kisses you softly..* So baby when you wear red, that is why it's such a special thing to me..and red is the color of Summe Wine, and Red Red Roses, and my Wild Red Rose, and my true love's lips.

Like Red On A Rose Alan Jackson

Let's go home baby, we got some seal watching to attend to.


Oh and this is my Vixen, Baby-in-a-bucket when I first proposed to her on February 9,2008...

and here she is when I put her on a pedestal where she was to stay..

and here my Vixen is all grown up.

No one puts Baby in a Bucket!'s THAT?



October 3rd 2009 1:17 am
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Well we did it.. we left out from Texas around two weeks ago and flew to our yacht which was harbored in Galveston. We boarded it and have been on our way to the Bahamas.

We made good time considering the leasurely pace we were going at.. we even stopped at an island the day before Pirate's Day, on the 19th of September. We stayed two days there then headed out again on our path toward the islands.

Last night we came into the harbor and by daybreak we docked and disembarked making our way to the house I rented online while still at the Wild Rose, our ranch in Texas. It is a pretty little house with plenty of amenities and lots of privacy and a patio that opens up onto the beach. I think Merry and I will have a good time here. Oh and I rented a beautiful, red Mercedes sports coupe...Oh yeah!!!

We plan on visiting the other islands here in the Bahamas, islands such as Atlantis and Paradise. They sound beautiful and interesting. Everywhere we go is beautiful and interesting because Merry is with me.

Well I will stop for now and will be back letting you know how all is going.. I have to get back to my beautiful Bahama Mama...Merry.

Good bye for now...


What A Day For A Daydream..

August 6th 2009 12:27 am
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Tonight was a wonderful night. Merry has taken me to her home of Long Island. It has been nothing but wonderful. We have visited light houses, secluded beaches where we gathered sea glass and shells, and last night we went to the most beautiful French restaurant.

Tonight.....OMD!! She took me to the RACES!! It was a half mile track and they had demolition derbys, Championship racing.....all the great things to get my blood boiling OMD! I was so excited.....I can't tell you how much fun Merry and I had there.



Good Morning Beautiful

July 13th 2009 11:44 pm
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For my beloved Pomshe ....

Good morning Merry.. I love you baby. So much Pomshe that it's all I can think about. You fill my head with so many thoughts that I barely can concentrate on anything else. I need you Merry.. that is more than wanting baby. I need you by my side and miss you so much when things come between us. When that happens I feel like all is falling apart around me... I need you baby to keep me from falling off and spinning around in nowhere.

I held you baby all night long. I didn't try to wake you because I knew how tired you were..but I did taste your sweet lips, many times. Dog Merry how I love are my heart.

Wake me Pomshe, I need you to baby.. set me right side up with your lips. To feel your breath on my feel you in my arms Merry..I love you so.

Love your Husband , Georgie a.k.a. Cowboy

The Best Of Times

Tonights the night well make history, honey, you and i
And Ill take any risk to tie back the hands of time
And stay with you here tonight
I know you feel these are the worst of times
I do believe its true
When people lock their doors and hide inside
Rumor has it its the end of paradise
But I know, if the world just passed us by
Baby I know, you wouldnt have to cry

The best of times are when Im alone with you
Some rain some shine, well make this a world for two
Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime
Well take the best, forget the rest
And someday well find these are the best of times
These are the best of times

The headlines read these are the worst of times
I do believe its true
I feel so helpless like a boat against the tide
I wish the summer winds could bring back paradise
But I know, if the world turned upside down
Baby, I know youd always be around

The best of times are when Im alone with you
Some rain some shine, well make this a world for two
Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime
Well take the best, forget the rest
And someday well find these are the best of times
These are the best of times

So my friends well say goodnight for time has claimed its prize
But tonight will always last
As long as we keep alive memories of paradise...



July 10th 2009 12:37 am
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Well I have not written here in a while.. not that there has not been lots to write about, but the fact Merry and I have been so busy it seems. We have been running back and forth from the the Wild Rose, our Texas home. Both keeping us on our toes...

Then Merry surprised me..with a trip to her birth home on Long Island. That is where we have been now for a week. We have a cabin close to the Montauk Lighthouse, which was the first place we visited. The first night I thought I dreamed of foghorns but Merry said they sound all the time so it was not a dream. How awesome they sound...lonesome, protective, profound. The light of the lighthouse beacon of hope to those on the sea.

It is as beautiful as it looked in the brochure Merry had given me. Actually it is even MORE spectacular up close.. we toured the lighthouse learning of it's history.. then went to the top where the light is. Going out to the catwalk surrounding that area the view is beyond belief. Looking north, east, south and west.. the Atlantic so beautiful..surreal, like a painting.

The next day it rained...we snuggled in our cabin all day and talked, doing our business for The Doghouse via satellite and laptop. :D Then we went surfing....what fun to catch a few waves. Merry asked me if I could still surf.....I laughed, and the competition was on as you can see by our pictures. What fun we are having...

I told Merry we have no time limit....we can stay as long as we want and explore all there is to see. I want to see Merry's home...the birthplace of my Queen.

Thank you Merry for bringing me here.. it is right for our honeymoon was in the Sierras where I grew up. Where as a boy/pup I tramped all over the trails.. and I took you to all the places that were special to me. Now here I am in your home.. learning all about where you were born. I love you Merry and it is just as beauitful as you said it is. Almost as beautiful as you...



June 17th 2009 11:33 pm
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What night it was tonight. All Merry and I knew is we were to have a Pizza Party at The Best Lil' Doghouse In Dogster. We both offered to help with the party and were constantly told all was under control and we were to just kick back and have fun. Well I thought HEY why not? BOL!!

Little did Merry and I know what all the admins at The Doghouse were up to, so we went to the party ready to eat, drink and dance and when we got there all was normal then Rowdy stood up and with champagne glass held hight toasted Merry and I.. a BELATED FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! OMD!!! Merry and I were stunned to say the least.

All our good friends were there tonight...Brandy, his wife Nikki, Sophie and her husband Coty, Oreo and Riley, Rowdy and Roxy of course, Teddy and Missy, Cloud (ALL THE WAY FROM CHINA), Gabby and Shia, Darby , Mr. Tuggles and Bambi, Miss Dixie, Izzi, my brother Stewart, Midgie, and Caroline. I could not believe everyone who came.

Then the party began...they played the first two songs Merry and I danced to at our Wedding reception, which by the way was hosted by Miss Dixie herself.. the songs were Summer Wine and Amazed. It was so romantic..and with so many newlyweds there we were in GREAT COMPANY for romance.

They gave us SO many gifts. I put them all here to remember..ANNIVERSARY GIFTS

I don't even know WHERE Merry and I can begin to thank everyone, but I will simply say THANK YOU, and we love you ALL so much.

Love George and Merry


First Anniversary May 22, 2009

May 28th 2009 12:35 am
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It was Merry and my first anniversary on May 22, 2009. We have been married a year now. It's almost unbelievable how time has flown, it seems like just yesterday I was so nervous I thought my knees would give out. But we said I do and it's been nothing short of a daydream for a year now.

We have been so many places, done so many things and time has flown. We went on an wonderful sailing trip after our honeymoon in the High Sierras. We set sail from the Gulf of Mexico and traveled to the Caribbean where we spent a month playing and exploring.

For Merry's birthday present we went to California where we spent some time and I surprised her with my pilot's lisence to fly the balloon myself much to her surprise. It was wonderful floating over the Mohave seeing it from above. Merry really enjoyed it too.

For my birthday we went to Lapland where we met Santa Claus, but only after an imposter was imprisioned when he was caught by the law there. Again a beautiful, memorable trip.. I will never forget.

Then we went to Tahiti. We left out on April 22, 2009. Our eleventh month anniversary and came home the day before our first year anniversary. As you have read in my accounts of our trip it was say the least. We will never forget Tahiti. We will go back again.

In between these trips we homed either in St Louis in our apartment, or in Texas 50 miles south of Dallas/Ft.Worth on our ranch, The Wild Rose, which is where we are now. We love Texas and I think may prefer it above our penthouse in St Louis. Our horses Cimarron and Blaze are kept at our Texas ranch.

Today we rode like the wind on Blaze and Cimarron and went to a meadow at the base of a hill behind our home. Merry just so happened to choose this meadow not knowing I wanted so much to bring her here. I had a surprise for her and took her, eyes my boyhood tree house. I had it freshened and ready for her to see and she was so excited and surprised, telling me how she has always wanted a treehouse. Now she has one, with me.

I told her how I used to come here as a boy/pup and a young man/pup. How I would be here in the quiet of the meadow daydreaming of my future. I told her that now my furture is inside the treehouse, with me. Merry is my future and now I'm content.

We brought a lunch with us and since I had the little treehouse restocked and cleaned to bring my wife here. we ended up deciding to spend the night, in fact probably will stay here a couple of days just exploring and swimming in the small river at the base of the tree.

So that is how our Anniversary went....with my Mom's sisfur getting ill so quickly I thought we had lost the chance to celebrate such an important landmark in our marriage, but want to know what?? Our anniversary ended up with Merry and I together, we got to toast each other and dance to songs from our wedding...who could possibly ask for anything more?



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