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Mia's life and times

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We thank you for your love and my gifts

November 3rd 2016 4:24 pm
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Mom and I thank you for all the love you have shown us during this time that I made my journey to the rainbow bridge.

I love all my pretty gifts for me, I thought I would never see angel wings on my page but there they are all for me with love.

Sorry we haven't been around, but now you all know why, Mom was with me when I was sick, she needed to be with me and spend as much time as she could with me, of course we all know how that is when it is time for us furries to leave earth.

My journey will not end, I will all be with my Mom making sure she is Ok and learning to live without me there. Soon she will have a new little baby girl to love and heal her heart. I made sure she got the right one to help her and you know I will be watching out for her too, just as Mom sweet Bo before me did with me.

So once again we thank you and we love you all. Once Mom and Dad bring their puppy home if we are all still here on Dogster Mom will put her here if she can, if not she will at least put picture of her on my profile.

Sending tiny angel hugs


I helped Mom pick their new puppy

November 3rd 2016 4:17 pm
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I helped Mom pick a little chihuahua puppy to heal her heart and put a smile on her face, yes I did. I see Mom from Heaven she is so sad, she cries all the time and is so so sad that I am not there with her. She knows it was my time,I was not going to get better only worse, I kept getting pneumonia and I past away from aspiration pneumonia in my Moms arms. Mom knew that is what I was going to die from. It was a hard year for us, I was sick all the time, Mom couldn't do anything she had to take care of me, you she is so very happy she did. It was our time so be with one another because we both knew my time on earth was coming to an end.

So this past Monday Mom and Dad went to a breeder to get a new puppy, there were 2 little girls that Mom had to pick from, we wanted her to get one that was different from me, I whispered into the little puppies ear to lick my Mom and you will win her heart so she did and even her ear. All the time this little girls tail was wagging, how could Mom not fall in love with her, she couldn't. She like her sister but she is going to be very small and Mom felt getting the one I picked for her was best for us. She is still too young to leave her Mommy so Mom and Dad have to wait until December to get her.

I know they are not replacing me, how can they I am one of a kind and can't be replaced, the puppy will bring healing and love to Mom so she won't be so sad, like I did many years ago. I know my Mom will be OK now, she will still grieve and mourn for me, but the puppy will help and I will be right there with her all the way. I will never leave my Moms hearts...

Mia Mom's ting angel


Two weeks since I made my journey

November 2nd 2016 9:46 pm
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Oh how sad my Mom is, I see her crying all the time, she feels so lost & alone now, for the last year she has been taking care of me continuously. She knew my time was coming but it still was hard for her. One minute I felt my Mom holding, loving me, whispering to me I love you Mia and then I was gone. My body was tired, sick and I was thin, no muscle left.
Mom knows it was time and I am at peace now with Zeke and QT.

My cremains are home now eith Mom, my chihuahua angel statue and marker are here, now Mom has to get a memory box for me. She has my paw prints to. Mom knows I will always be with her


Lost and Sad without my girl

October 21st 2016 9:28 pm
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I am feeling so lost and so sad without my little Mia, she was such a big part of the day even more so since she became ill over a year ago. I am so glad I was able to spend all my time with her.

Regurgitation is an awful disease for animals, it took so much out of her to eat and keep it down, what she did eat her body just wasn't absorbing the nutrients she had lost all of her muscle mass. It broke my heart to see her this way, we were told it would be bad and a struggle for all of us and let me tell you it was. She was one strong willed and brave dog. She didn't want to stop and she didn't want to leave....she was a mama's girl through and through.

It was very hard to see her struggle especially at the end, but I know she is at peace now, she is a beautiful angel hanging out with Zeke, he needed her there, just knowing they are together does help some.

I am lost at what to do now, I walk around feeling like I need to find something, oh yes I do my Mia....but she isn't here only in my heart and that is broken once again.

It is the price we pay for loving animals and having them in our lives, but what would our lives be without them even lonelier for not ever having been loved by a precious sweet fur baby.

Where do I go from here, I don't know, what do I do now I don't know, my life is full of grief and sadness right now...easy baby steps and one day at a time. I will be making a donation in her memory to the local shelter.

As for getting another dog down the road, no my husband wants another but I just don't know too hard, every time one of my babies goes to the bridge my heart breaks more and more the hole just gets bigger, one of these times it will break and never get fixed.

When we moved to Arizona we brought 7 babies with us we are now down to 4, so since we moved it has been a ruff time for us and we moved here in 2014.

Our house is so quite eerily so, everywhere I look I am reminded my sweet Mia is gone, Milo is showing signs of missing her, so we are trying to give him extra love now.

Mia's last day was so hard, I did nothing except hold her and try to make her comfortable, she didn't want to eat after breakfast, she had a lot of phlim in her you could hear it in her chest and throat.
Yesterday was very hard for me as well, we had to wrap her up and take her to the vet to arrange for her cremation. We can't bury our pets here because of the desert. I just kept kissing her and holding her crying, I didn't want to let her go knowing I wouldn't see her again here on earth, my sweet baby girl gone from heart aches for her, I feel so sick from having to leave her there, she has never been away from us and now she is....

She was my baby, I made clothes (harnesses) for her, made things for her to wear when we did walk for animals at different times of the year and themes. I made her jewelry (necklaces) with her name of some, I carried her around at different places in bags for dogs and even purses. She was with me all the time, now I am lost without her.

Once we moved here we went on daily walks until she started having trouble, I missed having my sweet girl with me. I am lost!

Where do I go from here I don't know I feel so lost, sad and alone without my Mia.

This morning while I was outside with Milo and Tu Two I saw a yellow butterfly, it was really windy but there it was, you know it was a sign from my angles that Mia is there with them and she is OK....I know she will be OK cause my angels our with her. But will I be OK, yes in time, a long time, I cry still.

I will be looking for a river rock engraved with her name and a saying with her dates on it to put in my angel garden outside my bedroom window and a chihuahua angel statue. It will be a place for me to go and talk to her, even though her ashes will be inside in my curio with my other angels, with special things near her that she loved, of course a beautiful picture of my sweet angel Mia.

Fly free my sweet beautiful brave Mia my angel

Thank you for the gift and comments, as always friends here are supportive and here for us....we may not always be around but we will be here still hoping things will change.
Mia's Mom


Mia is an angel

October 20th 2016 12:09 am
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My precious sweet Mia passed away this evening in my arms. She is my cute little angel with her Zeke and QT watching over me.
I am devastated and so heartbroken once again.
She is no longer suffering and she is at peace.
Mia's mom


Sadly we say good bye to Dogster, friends and family

July 6th 2016 4:51 pm
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Yes sadly we have to say good bye to friend, family and dogster. what a shame that it has come to the end, what a wonderful supportive and fun place for us to be all of these years.

We wanted our friends to know we are on United dogs, it isn't the same as dogster but it is close, they have diaries and yes you can comment on the diaries. You can put pictures on the site, decorate some, you can get pictures and things from on line, they have gifts a lot more, you get points the more you are there and the more you do, so you don't have buy gifts as long as you are there and do things to earn the points.
They also have clubs you can join, even start a club if you like.

Hope you will give it a try as I know a lot of us are not on FB and don't want to go there if we don't have to. We sure would like to see you all there, we can make it fun and a happy place like dogster/catster used to be.

I know we haven't been around, I have been very sick for the last year and I still am, but I am hanging in there. I used to weigh around 9 lbs, now I weigh 5 if that. Mom has to hand feed me and hold me so I can keep my food down.

We wish you all the best , it has been a blast and so fun these 9 years. Now we all must move on because this door is about to close on us and we have another door to open on United Dogs/Cats.

We send you all hugs, love and know that we will miss you all
Mia, Mil and Mom Peggy


The biopsy results

February 12th 2016 10:16 am
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We finally got the biopsy results first thing this morning.

Mia has been diagnosed with INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE.

That is good & bad news, we were preparing ourselves that she has cancer because of her rapid weight lose, we are happy she does not. Just so happy we won't be loosing her aNY tI'm soon.

Bad part is now she will be on a special diet and lots of medication for the rest of her life

Now we have to go get her medication & food. Vet said it will take time and she should gain weight.

I thank you all for your love and support for me & mia during all of this. I will update you on how she is doing.

All I have read this morning it should be a few weeks for us to see how she is will be a process of elimination.
Hugs to you all
Mia's mom


Last night & this morning

February 10th 2016 9:06 am
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Last night was very hard on mia, she is still recovering from the affects of yesterday, they gave her fluids so she was peeing more & had soft poop which meant a lot of accidents. Lots of cleaning & washing.

She was coughing from the tube in her throat & breathing was stange sounding, she did eat but not much, she is very weak now I know she lost weight again from not eating. She finally settled down around 11:30. I got up all night to check on her, she sleep thru the night.

This morning she is a little better, she ate, but a lot came back up. I put her in her corral we have for her and her food came back up, she peeped & pooped again. I noticed when I pick her she is limp & weak, also her feet & the pads are cold. Not sure why that is happening,I am afraid for her and just not sure she can pull through this.

Thank you Norman for the advice on B 12 shots, I will check with our vet.

I am dreading that once again we will have to make the decision to let my precious Mia go. Too soon after loosing Zeke. We are taking one day at a time now.

Mia's very sad mom


Mia did great but...

February 9th 2016 1:23 pm
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Yes Mia did great today, 10 mins. after the procedure she was awake and up.
They did a stomach altersound, nothing stood out, so they did endoscopy checking everything.

They found that the lining of her stomach & small intestines look bad, they took biopsies and we should hear in a day or two the results.
Since the last time we took her in she has lost more weight, she's down to 5lbs 4ozs., she used to weigh 9lbs...

So we wait, as long as she eats & acts ok she will be with us, if it is cancer when she gets too weak or stops eating we will let her go.

We are praying it isn't cancer, that we all can help her gain weight.

After we hear the results of the biopsies I will let you know.

Mia needs your prayers.


Tomorrow I will be having the scope done

February 8th 2016 7:26 pm
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I will be at the vet most of the day, they will be doing the scope down my throat into my tummy & intestines, take biopsy to see what is going on with me. I have lost so much weight even though I am always eating, I act like I am starving.
Mommy is so afraid of me being knocked out after the last time when I had trouble and ended at the vet ER.

It has to be done so we can finally find out what is wrong with me good or bad.
Mommie is praying I will be ok, she will be stressed all day until she can bring me home.

We know most of our friends are not here, but we hope you will keep me in your thoughts & prayers. Mom will let you know once she knows anything.

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