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Today's gonna be busy!

February 14th 2012 7:43 am
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Last week Sammie's mom took us to Hinckley Lake. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I splashed around in a stream, I even tried to jump the stream in one leap but mom was holding on to the leash -we almost fell in BOL!!! It was 3.32mi of hills and new sniffs and LOTSA fun! I even got to walk on the sand! I never walked on sand before!! It was really weird on my cushies!!

Mom said we're going today but she will come home early to make sure my paws are coated with Mushers. They get really sore with the salt and we don't know if the park salts the paths. Plus my cushies get sore when they get packed with snow and I REFUSE to wear my cross trainers on hikes.

I'm getting an ID card like mom's! I went to the vet a few weeks ago and got chipped and registered and I get my own license!


Having Lots of Fun

January 23rd 2012 5:07 am
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Mom and I have been doing a lot of stuff around the apartment. I help her with her workouts now. I supervise, but I also will get on the mat with her and remind her to keep her shoulders on the ground, I help with various yoga poses by squeezing myself onto the mat, I stand on her stomach to work her abs more... I'm a good coach!

We walked the lake yesterday and it's not as fun without Sammie but mom and I both needed a long walk, we haven't been since mom was sick. Then we came home and I got my special breakfast scramble of crispy bacon and scrambled eggs and I got some braunschuager, too. I can't spell it but I like it.

Then mom and I took a nap, I helped with laundry and we watched TV. Mom said today I am to help with her workout and then we're going to vacuum and clean the apartment. I have to go pick up all my toys.


Been Very Busy

January 16th 2012 6:04 am
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The holidays were very busy. All this snow has kept us very busy and playing. Mom has some PAWsome pix to post of me and Sammie at the park playing in the chest-deep snow. She said she took video too that she will help me put on my blog.

I might get to see Monkey soon. Mom said she wants to get us chipped. I don't know what that means but she said it's to keep me safe.

Mom's been really sick so Miss Kim has been walking us and it's been a lot of fun! We try to play and Miss Kim tries to be stern but she's too busy laughing and we keep trying to get her all tied up in the leashes so we can knock her over into the snow like we did mom at the park that one day but there was no snow just mud. THAT was funny BOL!!! Mom fell in slow motion.

Mom started using Mushers on my cushies and the salt doesn't burn as much. It really hurts sometimes! They use a lot of salt here.


We've been very busy

December 13th 2011 4:27 am
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Mom and I have been very busy with lots of exercising and walking and playing and I've been getting to know more neighbours and their dogs and mom's been helping me focus so I don't get so bent out of shape with certain dogs -which doesn't often work BOL!!!

There are some dogs that just aggravate me and I want to mix it up with them. Most other dogs, meh, whatevs! Mom got mad at me last night though and wouldn't let me play with Sammie after our walkies because I went "Cujo" on the one of three dogs I do. not. like.

But I got to play when we went back inside so that was okay, just mom needs to get to the store and buy the Zuke's treats I like for my Linkables! It's just been kibble and I'm BORED WITH IT!!

Mom said I should get out and get a job and earn some $ to buy my own treats. I don't know what that means. Mom said that's okay, she knows a lot of people who expect others to work for them and buy treats for them. BOL!!

Mom is weird.



December 2nd 2011 6:52 am
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I was exhausted after last night's walkies and 20 minutes of making mom throw my loudest squeaky toy. I LOVE THAT THING!! Especially when mom flings it down the hall and it makes this ridiculous loooooonnnnng squeak noise even when it slowly reinflates it's really really cool!! I LOVE IT!!! I have one in every size because sometimes the variety is fun!

Mom said she's coming home early today and I'm gonna help her do laundry before walkies! That means I help hold the sheets on the bed and furniture when she tries to situate things. But there's lots of flapping of stuff and I help however I can!


Feeling better!

December 1st 2011 5:34 am
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Mom lowered the dose on my steroid so I feel a lot better! I was energetic and playful and we walked the lake but mom and Samara's mom won't let us "communicate" because we keep conspiring to play and run off leash.

First it's the deer and the ground hogs then the geese then the deer again now it's too dark or too wet or one of us is too sick and blah blah blah I'm so sick of hearing that! I WANNA RUN OFF LEASH!!!!

I guess mom IS a little irked that the last time I didn't come when she told me too -but there were too many cool things to sniff and I was really focused on that!



November 29th 2011 8:17 am
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Wow! So many Rosettes came through yesterday! BOL! How cool is that?!

Yesterday I turned 3 years old! I didn't get to do much, though, because I wasn't feeling well. Mom tried to start transitioning me from Wellness Simple to Taste of the Wild and though my tummy could handle it, my allergies couldn't and I've been licking and itching my elbows and pads and my cushies got all inflamed and it makes it really hard to walk :( And we all know how much I love my walkies!!

So I had to go to the doctor, then we went and got a fresh bag of food, and a train went by while mom was in the store!! I WAS SO SCARED!!! I HAD NOWHERE TO HIDE!!!!! Mom ran out though and rolled up the windows and then I was okay. I was so scared though!!

I threw up this morning too, my stomach was all in knots from yesterday but I did make mom notice where I threw up so she could clean it up. I tried, but it was still messy so she got stuff and cleaned everything up and said I was a really good girl for showing her! I just didn't want to get in trouble but mom kept saying I was such a good girl for getting her attention to follow me into the room!

I hope she comes home soon.


Wow I'm tired and my cushies are sore!

November 22nd 2011 4:36 am
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Yesterday I walked the lake TWO TIMES!! I'm tired! BOL!! Mom said she saw me walking with Sam and Miss Kim and how GOOD I am, walking next to Sam and listening to Miss Kim! She said she's really proud of me! I got an extra cookie too!

Mom had to wake ME up this morning to go potty and when we came back in, I plopped on the couch. I just got up long enough to check my paw-mail and now I'm going back to the couch until Miss Kim comes over to walk me.


Lazy Weekend but still fun!

November 21st 2011 4:34 am
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Sunday was a really lazy day for me and mom but we did get to walk to the park with Samara -and even though it was dry and light out, mom wouldn't let me run loose. She's still mad at me for taking off last time and doesn't trust me!!! She said there's too many distractions and I didn't listen good last time so we had to play in the hall for awhile. Mom said if I would stop being moody, Sam could actually come over and visit.

Saturday brother Monkey came to visit and he was crabby with Sam again but settled down. When it came time to sniff fun things, everyone was friends! Monkey is still the Wild Man on the leash and it was aggravating mom because she thinks wild leash behaviour isn't safe. I used to be that way, I have calmed down a lot BOL!! I was bummed we all didn't get to play together but Monkey's still a bit moody around dogs he doesn't know.

Friday mom had plans but they fell through so we just stayed home and played and walked and she is trying new food for me. I've been on Wellness Simple Lamb and Rice and the price went up again and since mom grabbed some sample food for Samara to try she got me some too and I really like Taste of the Wild Lamb and the Bison/Venison kibble! Mom might get a bag and mix it with my food! I get it in my Linkables right now and there's lots of fun things in there now! Kibble, the Taste of the Wild, some Zukes treats and some well-bar pieces - the linkables are a bigger and bigger surprise on what I'll get now! I'm obsessed with playing with them!


I don't like storms!

November 14th 2011 7:51 am
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And I didn't want mom to leave cuz I know we're gonna have thunder and lightening and I get VERY stressed out about it! I know mom won't be home at lunch to check on me either and I DON'T LIKE IT!!!!

I didn't get to play much with Sam, she's not feeling well. Then Saturday mom saw my brother, Monkey, and didn't take me!!!!! She said it's cuz she wasn't sure if Sam had something contagious BUT I'M NOT SICK!!!! She said something about wanting to make sure I wasn't sick or carrying it and could give a virus to Monkey BUT I AM FINE!!!!!!

I met a bulldog puppy I find to be amusing. I met a beagle I don't like. I met a chihuahua/pom/mini-pin mix that looks like a hot mess.

Mom told me this morning though that I can see Monkey tonight for a little bit because our moms have to meet for something, so at least I'll get to see my brother! She also said he still might come over for a puppy slumber party on Thanksgiving!!

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