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Puff the wonderful

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10/04/13 My life flashed before my eyes

October 4th 2013 4:13 pm
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I am home trying to forget what happened to me today at the vet's office. When momma and daddy came to get Coco and the rest of the pack out of jail, a very nasty dog attacked me.

It all happened so quickly...I was being led out from one of the exam rooms and right outside the door is a scale used for weighing large dogs. There was an elderly man with two huge brown dogs. One was an over weight Boxer and the other looked like a Ridgeback but didn't have ridges on it's back so I'm not sure what it was.

All I know is that I saw daddy standing there and was so happy that I jumped up and went running out of the room towards daddy. The vet assistant had me on a leash and was holding on to it, but the elderly man couldn't control the big brown dog and it attacked me.

Right in front of everyone, it tried to kill me. It went for my neck and I peed and scrunched down so that it couldn't get me. The vet technician pulled be back by the leash and took me back into the back for the vet to check me over. My joy at seeing my daddy was cut short.

When momma found out what happened (she had been out at the truck putting in the extra food that they didn't use while we stayed there), and she nearly died. Coco and I had to have a bath when we got home to make sure we didn't bring home any bugs, but momma had to wash the pee and dirt off of me from the attack.

I'm now trying to forget the whole ordeal.

Cooper my pal, we are experiencing so issues with our Dogster Plus membership and we can not post the latest picture frame that you made for me. Momma has contacted Dogster and hopes to have everything resolved shortly. It will then get posted. Thank you like always for taking the time to make it for me. You and your pack are the BEST!


09/27/13 I'll never confess

September 27th 2013 8:01 pm
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Momma had to wash everything on the big bed today because there was a “wet” spot that soaked through the quilt, electric blanket and down to the fitted sheet. Why is she giving ME funny looks? You know it could have been the “Princess”. All I’m going to say is that’s what you get for locking us up in the bedroom lately.



09/23/13 The excavator is gone

September 23rd 2013 7:35 pm
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Daddy called the rental place where he rented the mini excavator early this morning and told them that he was unable to return the equipment as promised because it was stuck and would not move. They said it sounded like the motor had burned out and they would send someone to come get it.

We waited and waited and finally after lunch Coco and I decided to take a nap. When we woke up it was almost 3PM and still the excavator was right where it was yesterday. Daddy informed momma that the repair people had called and told him they would be here shortly but since we are out in the rural areas their idea or shortly and ours are two different things so we hopped in the car and momma drove down to the cluster mailboxes to get our mail, then we headed back home. The repair people didn't show up until almost 4PM. They tried and tried to get the excavator un-stuck but it was no use. Finally they unhitched the trailer that was attached to their truck and drove the truck behind the garage/workshop and pulled the excavator out from behind the building to the front on our graveled driveway. While the younger man was attached the trailer back onto the truck, the older man was trying and trying to get the stuck wheel track to move by shifting and messing around with the operating gears. I have to tell you that Coco and I barked and barked the whole time they were here - BOL.

Anyhow, somehow the older man succeeded in un-sticking the wheel track and was able to drive the excavator onto the trailer that they brought with them. He told daddy that this isn't the first time this excavator has experienced frozen tracks. Turns out the problem is the bearing and the last time this happened he replaced the bearing on the right wheel track but now he needs to do the same thing on the left side.

So, tomorrow the humans have to go to Gallup to return the trailer that came with the excavator when they rented it. Momma is actually happy that daddy doesn't have to haul the heavy machine hack to town because daddy's truck had a hard time with the weight.

Coco and I will be looking forward to having a nice quite day without any noise.


PS - I posted a photo on my page of the stuck excavator.


09/23/13 The waiting game

September 23rd 2013 9:54 am
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Well the excavator remains stuck and broken in our back yard. It's not going to budge and that's that. Daddy called the rental company and described to them what was going on with the excavator and they said it sounded like a motor issue and that they would send someone out here to "walk" the excavator out. This piece of equipment is very heavy and where it is stuck at probably won't allow a tow truck in to move it. I foresee another day of barking, barking and more barking once the rental people arrive.

I'm off to park my little white behind by the French door windows so I can see everything that happens.



09/22/13 Excavator adventure

September 22nd 2013 8:46 pm
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Daddy rented the mini excavator to try to fix some of the water issues on our property. He operated it all day Saturday and today the “handyman” came over and operated it. First the “handyman” called daddy and tried to tell daddy that he would come over on Tuesday instead of today like he promised, but daddy told him that the excavator had to be back at the rental place tomorrow morning so Tuesday was out of the question. So the “handyman” said he would be here shortly but didn’t show up until 11:30AM.

Anyhow, daddy let the “handyman” operate the excavator and guess what happened? It started to rain with lightning and thunder. Our dirt turned to mud so daddy and the “handyman” took time out for lunch and to let the storm pass, which it did. After lunch, they went back outside and before too long, daddy came back in the house and told momma that he needed to use her car to go get gas for the excavator because it was empty. That might sound like an easy thing to do, but remember we live in the rural area and the closest gas station is over 8 miles away and is CLOSED on Sundays so daddy had to drive all the way to Zuni to get diesel fuel.

The only gas can daddy had was a five gallon container so it wasn’t much for the excavator but would have been plenty had the excavator not gotten a rock stuck in one of it’s tracks and now refuses to move out of the mud. Yup, the ole excavator is currently stuck in our back yard and there is no way we can get it out and onto the towing trailer, plus the “handyman” used all five gallons of gas trying to get the excavator to dislodge the rock, but it didn’t.

Daddy says he is going to call the rental company tomorrow morning and ask them what he should do.

Puffy – in need of a good nap and tow truck.


09/21/13 I'm helping Coco with her Dogster campain

September 21st 2013 8:23 am
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If the Dogster gift shop had FOREVER wings, halos, hearts with paw prints in them, St. Francis medals, rainbows and lighted candles, I'd send some Logan and Bay-Ling. It would do my heart some good honoring their memory with a wonderful pressie that didn't evaporate after one months time.

Next, I would go through all my pals and send each Angel something special to remind them and their humans that they are not forgotten.

Please Dogster, make available some FOREVER Angel gifts in the gift shop for our departed pals. We love you and know how very busy you are taking care of the flea, ticks and spammers but we have lots of faith in your ability to spare some wonderful techno talent to makes Coco and my request a reality.

Of course this is not the end of Coco and my request, we would also like for you to honor April 1 of each year as the official Rainbow Bridge day. How awesome that would be!

Puff Darby – Co-chairman of the Rainbow Bridge campaign


09/17/13 My new stuffies

September 17th 2013 7:26 pm
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Some of my pals have been wondering if Coco has been getting jealous because I have had my diary featured more times than hers and the answer is YES! Isn’t that great?

Today the humans went to Gallup to get new tires put on the truck because last year daddy had a hard time driving on our dirt/gravel roads when they turned to mud after rains and snows. He got all terrain tires and hopefully that will help. When the humans were coming back from town a prairie dog started to run across the road then stopped before it got all the way across and stood up and challenged daddy to swerve. Daddy won because the Prairie dog quickly scurried the rest of the way off the road to safety. And if that wasn’t enough Prairie dog excitement, when the humans got back home daddy took us for a ride in the truck to go get the mail and right in the middle of the road, some silly Prairie dog had dug a hole and was living in it. Yup, the crazy Prairie dog ran right in front of the truck and then ducked into the hole in the road. It sure seems like a strange place to build you house having cars and truck running over it all the time.

Oops, I got side tracked on telling you about the Gallup trip; anyhow, momma bought me two new stuffies.

“What momma”?

“How many stuffies did you get”?


“No, one was for you and the other for Coco”.

“But Coco doesn’t want to play with anything but Henrietta so I get both of the stuffies. By the way, I can’t thank you enough Finley and Whitley for getting Henrietta for Coco – BOL, BOL. She loves that rubber chicken so much that she doesn’t care if I take all of the other stuffies”.



09/17/13 Again?

September 17th 2013 4:02 am
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Oh boy, my diary has once again been chosen as one of the featured diaries of the day and NOT Coco's - BOL, BOL. The little Princess is going to throw a hissy fit when she finds out but that's okay because sometimes she needs to be knocked off her pedestal.

Pals, keep your zealies and continue sending me bones (I also have more bones than Coco - BOL, BOL).

We had no rain yesterday so the grounds are beginning to dry out some but there remains a big mud puddle between our house and the garage/workshop. Somehow I always manage to find the gushy mud when I go outside to do my business and of course that means more feetsie washes. It's better to get my feetsies washed instead of me having to pick out all the rocks and stuff that gets stuck between my toes. In fact, I'm actually enjoying the feetsie massages that I get along with the washing. Do you think maybe I walk in the mud just so I can get some extra pampering?



09/15/13 Rain, rain and more rain

September 15th 2013 9:35 am
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We have been having intermittent torrential rains here in Cibola County of New Mexico, in fact, part of our area got flooded yesterday and some residents on one of the Native American reservation are cut off from entering and leaving their property. We have water washing down from other properties onto ours. Being rural, without having developed roads and properties means that the waters are loaded with dirt, sticks and other debris. Right now it is sunny with some scattered storm clouds in the distance but probably this afternoon the rains will again come.

The weather forecaster is saying that the rains are beginning to taper off but each time I think the mud outside is going to dry out, more rains come. Having rain is a good thing because we have been in a drought situation so we really did need the rains, but Sheesh, all at once?

Well, I better go make sure my water wings have air in them. Maybe I could borrow one of Toto’s Kayaks?


PS – Thank you Dogster for selecting my diary to be one of the featured diaries of the day (Did you hear that Coco? I’m featured, NOT you)! Pals, I know you all love me, but please save your zealies as the holidays will be here before you know it.



09/13/13 It's been an interesting day here

September 13th 2013 7:27 pm
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It was a nice sunny day with clouds in the sky here in New Mexico. The humans have taken to being lazy and both were still in their jammies right before noon.

What momma?

"That's LEASURE wear - not jammies".

"Call them what you want, but they were jammies".

Anyhow, Coco and I started barking so momma thought we needed to go outside and do our business before the rains came in. She opened the French doors leading to the outside and then shut them after we went outside. Momma didn't have her bionic ears on and didn't know that we were barking like crazy pups but luckily daddy heard us and came outside to see what the problem was.

It turns out there was a man from the electricity provider and he needed access to our property to read the electrical meter. Well I didn't care who he was and I went right after him even though he was a big fellow - BOL. I went right to his ankles and was growling and snapping. Daddy said I was trying to bite him but luckily he had booths on so I couldn't do any damage. Daddy suspected the man was fixing to use me as a football. I should add that Coco was behind me barking but not actually trying to do him any harm.

Anyhow, daddy told me to come and I refused and continued to go after the meter reader and that's when daddy picked me up and dumped me back into the house. Yes, DUMPED!!! I was so embarrassed when all I was doing was protecting our home and property from an intruder.

Momma told me I was a good boy and gave me a cookie so that kind of make up for it. I'm still waiting for daddy to thank me.

After all this, we all got into the truck and went down to the cluster mail box to get our mail. Nothing good was there but it was a nice ride. We did see two deer that crossed the road in front of the truck. When we got back the UPS deliver lady came right when we pulled into the driveway so Coco and I started barking at her. Daddy got out and received two packages but momma made us stay in the truck until the delivery person left so I won't try to bite her.

We all went into the house and momma fixed dinner and we ate but then all the rains started. We had buckets and buckets of rain (flash flood). There was hail, lightning and lots and lots of thunderboomies. The humans haven't gotten around too fixing some of the grading issues that our property has so all the water caused mud to flow towards the house which isn't a good thing. There was even a small waterfall flowing down from the brim behind the house. Right now the rains have changed from torrential to a gentle sprinkle which is good. One thing I know for sure is that Coco and I are going to have lots of feetsie washes in our immediate future.


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