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Puff the wonderful

08/12/10 Are you awake momma?

August 12th 2010 2:16 am
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I had a real good thing going where I got to sleep at night on the daybed with momma all night long. I stayed up on the daybed and was quite as a mouse so that momma could sleep the night through without being woke up by me.

However something got into me last night and momma was tired so she put Coco in her crate and then momma and I stretched out on the daybed to go to sleep.

Everything was okay until I jumped off the daybed (which I am not supposed to do because of my spinal injury) and laid down by Coco's crate to go to sleep. Momma in her tired state told me that I could sleep there if I wanted but I better not wake her up at some ungodly hour.

I should point out that it is two in the morning right now and momma has been up since 1AM because I started banging against the bed and then Coco started barking. Momma then got up and let us out of the sewing room and Coco ran into the kitchen and did her usual gulping of water after which we went outside and did our business.

Coco and I are going to go back to bed now...momma is going to watch so TV and hopefully fall asleep for a few hours before she has to go to work.

Barked by: Tinker Bell Forever (Dogster Member)

August 14th 2010 at 10:05 am

Oh, Puffy! Your poor mom!!!




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