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Human rules - Part 3

April 10th 2010 9:19 am
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Human rules part 3 – you eat dog kibble

Have your humans ever uttered the “You eat dog kibble” at you? Mine have tired this but I’m way to smart to fall for it. They will try to convince you that it is made especially for you and that it meets or even exceeds your every need. These foods are usually commercial prepared and contain poor-quality mystery meats, additives and other ingredients that no one should consider eating. They are loaded with fillers such as wheat, corn, rice and even vegetables. Some pet food manufacturers have even tried to add plastic filler into their foods which as we all know turned out to be a terrible idea.

My humans have bought all types of dog kibble for me to eat and with each one I have turned up my pretty nose. Nope, not going to eat it! They have bought really cheap stuff to the higher end fancy kibble but I have stood firm and have turned each one down. With each rejection momma then donates the opened bag of food to one of the animal rescue groups so maybe one of the less fortunate dogs will enjoy it as I certainly do not.

I instead stand steady in the kitchen and watch what the humans are eating for dinner. At no time does momma open a bag of human kibble, place it in a bowl on the floor and chow down. It would be a miracle if momma could even get down on the floor – BOL.
Anyhoodle, the day that momma and daddy eat a whole bowl of kibble (yes, they have both tried to entice me with nibbling on a kibble piece, but again, let me state that I am not a stupid), then I might change my mind in regards to eating the stuff.

Until then I will only eat real chicken, beef and even pork that the humans have with their dinner. I closely supervise what is being prepared in the kitchen and ask for samples as my chef cooks. Come dinner time I am to the left of mommas chair waiting for her to give me my portion of her dinner – BOL. There may be a big bowl of kibble in the kitchen but I’m not going to eat any of it – nope, not this dog, as I know it is not real food and I suggest that all of you follow my lead and hold out for better, tasty and rewarding food.





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