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I played tag with Arleenton today

August 2nd 2009 1:49 pm
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Today, momma opened up the gate to Arleentons yard and invited our bunny sister to come out into the big yard and get some grass and exercise. Everything was going real well until both Coco Rose and I spotted Arleenton hopping around. Coco took off after her and of course I waddled as fast as my fat little legs would carry me right behind them. Arleenton high tailed it back into her yard so Coco went after her on one side and I cornered her on the other. Momma saw what was going on and tried calling us back to her but we ignored her. I went right up to Arleenton and touched noses with her, it was then that Coco came charging from the other side and scared Arleenton away. Arleenton did not like having two dogs playing the tag game with her at all so momma chased both Coco Rose and me out of the bunny yard.

She was fun to play with for the whole two minutes that the game lasted. Maybe next time we will be able to play a little longer.





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