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January 15th 2009 9:38 pm
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I was tagged by Dylan.

I am supposed to list 7 interesting things about myself that other pups may want to know. Or I was told I could mix it up a bit and do something different. Then I am supposed to tag 7 pups and ask them to do the same - then send them either a rosette or pmail telling them they are tagged.
OK- well Dylan decided to list 7 things that he detests..
I will continue on that note:

1) I hate going to the bathroom outside – yes sir just let me do my business on the carpet. Heck it’s not like its good carpet or anything so I just don’t understand why it’s not allowed. Have you ever seen one of your humans doing their business in the cold, dark and wet night? I bet they wouldn’t like it either.

2) My humans leaving me while they work. I don’t like to be without a human. I would much rather hang with my humans than with one of my animal siblings. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like my siblings it’s just that they can’t toss a toy for me to go fetch or feed me yummy treats, I’m not stupid you know. Stubborn yes, stupid no.

3) Coco Rose snapping in my face. I finally get a furever home and what do I get with the package? A yapping female who apparently thinks it’s her job to yap in my face all day long. Yap, yap, yap right in the face whenever she finds the time to stop chomping on one of her many cookies.

4) Being passed around like I had no feelings. This is the fourth home I’ve been in and I’m still afraid I’ll be passed on again. It’s not a good feeling when you don’t feel secure.

5) Coco Rose snapping at me every time I use the stairs to get up on the daybed. She doesn’t bite me or anything, but it’s very annoying to have her snap in my face just as I get to the top of the stairs. Momma told me that she ordered new stairs that measure 24” instead of 17” so they will take me all the way to the top of the bed without any problems. Coco Rose better watch out!!!!

6) Being told “BAD DOG”. I’m not certain what it all means, but the humans aren’t saying that with love in their voice. Sure wish they would stop saying that to me.

7) I don’t like dry kibble. I want nice moist food that is flavorful and soft. Of course I’d like it even better if I got turkey, chicken and other human food all the time. Yes, that would be the life.

This is where I’m shaking things up, I’m going to tag only Angels because they may be gone, but they are never forgotten.

HoneyBunny 1993-2006
Cooper (2000-2006)
(Snuggles) “In Loving Memory”
Butterball (In Loving Memory)
Dixie (Our Special Angel)
Angel Roman
♥Casey, never forgotten




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Coco Rose
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