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Puff the wonderful

Christmas night

December 25th 2008 7:06 pm
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It's night time here in California and Christmas is almost over. What did my mom give me tonight? A bath and another hair cut!!! It's raining outside and mom was cold so she decided to go take a nice warm bath. My mistake was to go stand by the bathtub and look in. Before I knew what was happening, she reached down and lifted me up into the warm bath water with her. Now I have to admit it felt very good, but mom saw FLEAS on me. Yes, those little pesky bugs have been walking around on me. Being white, it's easy to see them so she scrubbed me down good and started picking them off of me. When she was finished, she put me on the bathroom counter and took out the hair clippers and cut my hair off. Yup, it's real short now, then she blowed my hair dry with the hair dryer on a nice cool setting. Once all of this was done, she put a tube of Advantix on me and on Coco Rose. I look real pretty and white and I will soon be bug free.

Momma also tried to put doggie booties on my feet so I could go outside and do my business without getting my feet wet. They are hard to walk in. When daddy saw me he removed them and told momma she was going over board. The booties are now sitting on the coffee table, so I guess I'll be getting my feet wet again when I go outside.

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