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Puff the wonderful

My first Christmas with my new family

December 25th 2008 8:02 am
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Merry Christmas everyone. It's a nice rainy Christmas morning here in California. Yesterday I got to go to Grandpa's house for Christmas Eve. Momma took the diaper she bought for me so I wouldn't leave behind any unwanted "presents" but because my doggy cousins Hiedi and Molly were laughing at me, momma decided to hold me the whole time and not make me wear the diaper - I was SO happy. I wasn't too sure why we had traveled the long distance to Grandpa's house and I was kind of scared that my new family was going to leave me there so I sat real still and tried my hardest to be good. After mom, dad and Coco Rose visited with Grandpa, I was real happy when momma picked me up and took me with my family as we headed back home.

When we got home momma and daddy opened all of the presents that Santa had brought and it was then that I found out that Santa had left lots of goodies for Coco and me. I have so many toys now that I run through the house with one of my toys in my mouth at all times asking my humans to please toss the toy so I can go fetch. I love to play fetch and will do it as long as someone tosses for me.

After we opened the presents, momma wanted to walk Coco and I so she put on our raincoats (yes, I have a yellow raincoat with little duck buttons and a hood) and we walked around the block as a family. Momma was hoping I would lift my leg and go potty, but I didn't. Coco had to be carried part of the way because she didn't want to go for a walk, she wanted to chomp on the new chew bone that daddy had given her.

The bestest part of Christmas eve was when momma opened my crate last night and let me climb into bed with her. We snuggled all night and I was so happy. I'm a really nice snuggle guy - Coco choose to stay in her crate and chomp away on her chew bone.

Simba Blue my kitty brother is sick again. Momma caught him eatting the Christmas tree - Hey guy, it's a fake tree, don't eat that!!!! He was just at the vet last Saturday for shots, so momma and daddy are going to keep an eye on him today and not feed him anything except for baby food, which he loves. He seems to be better today so hopefully he got all of the fake Christmas tree out of his system of course he might also be having a reaction to the shots he had. In any event, Simba has a vet appointment for next week, but if he isn't better, I heard momma say something about "hualing his butt back to the vet" now.

Lastly, I want to wish everyone of our Dogster pals a very happy Holiday. I was one of the lucky dogs who found a new home, please help in any way you can to help the other cats and dogs that are in need.

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