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Puff the wonderful

Day three - Open letter

December 8th 2008 9:17 pm
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This is an open letter to the family that owned Puff before us:

I have had your dog now for three day and in that time, I have discovered that he is undernourished, scared, confused, has no training and lacks discipline. In other words, he is a mess. Yes, your cast off has become someone else’s problem. If only you would have taken the time to take him to obedience training, played with him, fed him good food and loved him the way he should have been, he would be in so much better shape right now. Maybe you didn’t realize the amount of work it took to take care for a dog. They are not just something “pretty” to look at. They need your time, attention and love. They are not something to be left in the back yard or tethered to a chain. Maybe your daily life left little time to interact with him, but that is no excuse for keeping him for so long only to fail him in the end. You choose to release your responsibly to him when you turned him over to the rescue group. That was the wisest choice you made. It took you almost five years to realize that you were not meant to be his owner. You were a failure and I’m not afraid to say that to you. Puff is paying for the mistakes you made as and now it is up to me to correct the wrong you have done to this beautiful little dog. He may be messed up but I believe he is salvageable and I’m willing to put in time, money and most importantly LOVE so that he can be a healthy and happy dog.

Puffs new mom

PS – Please do not ever get another dog again.




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