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October 10th 2009 7:22 am
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My friend Pickles tagged me for this fun game. Here are the rules to the game.

In your diary, name 5 things you like about Halloween. I put down things I like this time of the year, not just Halloween - like others have.

Then, if you want, tag 6 other cats or dogs. Pawmail 'em 'n tell 'em the rules of the games 'n that they are tagged.

It's that simple.....if you have already been tagged, you don't have to play again unless you want to.

Have fun! No hurt feelings if you want to sit this game out.

OK, "5" things that I like about Halloween (or this time of the year)

1. Cool nights mean I sleep on the bed(like usual) except I snuggle down in the covers at night.

2. Halloween means mom is going to dress me in a costume, now I am not sure I like the costume, but I do like all of the attention.

3. I love to go for walks and prance through the leaves.

4. The squirrels are very active this time of year and I love chasing after them.

5. I dont' have to spend much time out in the yard (when I would rather be in the house) because mom thinks I will get cold.

Now let's see: Who shall I tag. *Scratches head and thinks a long time*
Ok, I got it!! I will tag my good friends:
1. Sinclair
2. Brittany "Bee"
3. Darby
4. Sally
5.Tater Tot
6. Moonpye




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