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The Life of Mummy's Little Puff-Ball

My First Day With My New Mummy

January 10th 2009 7:39 pm
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Today mummy, one of my brothers, and I were put in the car and went to a place called 'The Matilda', which is a big truck stop/petrol station/shops. We sat around for a little while with heaps of people coming up to pat us, mummy barked at alot of them. Then one group of people that came up sat down with us. I was handed over to one of them, a teenage girl, and my brother was handed to the other teenage girl. My brother licked her face and jumped all over her, but I turned away from them all and fidgeted to get back to my mummy. The people talked for a while with my people, then I was handed to the big man, and the teenage girl who was holding me gave my people some money. They talked for a while longer, then the teenage girl with my brother handed him back, and him, my people and MY MUMMY LEFT! I became really sad, why had they left me with these people?! The big man handed me back to the girl, and went to get some food. The people ate and then carried me to their car.

Once I was in the car I perked up, I like car trips. They put me in a box with a blanket, etc, let me have a drink, and gave me a toy bone that smelt and tasted like chicken! They tried to play with me but I shied away. After playing with the toys they gave me and being held I got a little bored and fell asleep.

After a while the car stopped. We all got out and they put me on the grass. I think they wanted me to 'relieve' myself, but all I wanted to do was play with the grass. We got back in the car and I fell asleep again.

After ages we stopped again, this time in a car park. We all got out and the man went somewhere while the girls carried me to the grass. I think they wanted me to relieve myself again, but all I wanted to do was play again. They carried me back near the car and put me down; I tried to eat some bark and then began chasing their shoes (whilst on their feet). We stayed for ages before the girls put me in a bag, I liked it, and we walked over to a building. There was a sausage sizzle out the front, but I wasn't allowed to have any in case I got car-sick. Lots of people came up to pat me and I lean into whichever girls was closest to try get away. After a while we went back to the car and the girls played with me in there, with my toys. Finally the big man came back and we left.

We drove for ages again, and I played for a while, then went back to sleep. When we stopped we were at a house. Was this my new home? The girls got out with me and brought me around the back. There was an adult male dog there. He was fluffy, white, curly, and called 'Sammy'. We sniffed each other, then another dog came over, a puppy, she was twice the size of me though. She was black and white with lots of fur. She acted like she wanted to play with me but I was a little too scared to, with both of them there and how big a day this has been. Her name was supposedly 'Bella' and she was just a month older than me. There were other people there that talked to the girls. Then the girl who held me at The Matilda picked me back up, and the girls began to leave the backyard with the other two dogs following. Then, the girl carrying me got in the car with me and the other girl didn't. I heard them saying this was Tannille's house, so that girl must have been Tannille. We drove for a little while longer and the whole way I sat on the girl's lap.

When we stopped we were at another house. We got out and the girl put me down on the grass in the front yard. A woman came out of the house and came to pat me, I tried to run away but the girl held me still. I then relieved myself on the lawn, ate some grass, and threw up on the lawn too. A boy came down the street and into the yard. He said hello to the girl, then came and patted me. I tried to run away again. I started to play again, with the girl and the boy, although I was still a little scared of the boy. This must be my new house. Which means the girl must be my new mummy, making the man my mummy's daddy, the woman my mummy's mummy, and the boy my mummy's little brother.

We stayed out there for ages when the woman brought another dog out. It was a terrier, called 'Minty'; she must be my new big sister. We sniffed each other, she was nice. Then we began to play, but she was a little too rough for me so I gave in. After a bit they put Minty back in the backyard, then brought me through the house to my pen. I went straight into my bed. They came out to play with me but I was too tired. I had dinner and the girl sat out with me for a while, waiting to see if I wanted to relieve myself but all I wanted to do was play with her. After a while she left. It was scary, there were lots of strange noises including dogs barking, ducks, pipes making noises, and a concert a little while away. I went back into my bed and tried to go to sleep. It has been a big day.


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