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Mali and the Monster

Best in Breed~~~

October 13th 2009 8:20 am
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I do not often show Mali as she has a white face and that is a pint off the moment she steps into the ring for our breed standard. However this last weekend the Judge was Fred Lanting "Mr. GSD" I just could not pass up a chance to hear what he had to say about my girl past her face. He gives detailed description of the dog as he looks at them at smaller shows and this was going to be a small show.

We also placed Rani in the show in hopes she would place well and add to the points she had accumulated at the last show. We know Rani soon become the bitch of her age to beat as she has such graceful movement the crowd cheers her on every time she is in a ring.

Rani is in first as she is younger and just glides around the ring like she is floating. My husband hold the leash with just his first finger and thumb coming to a stop before Fred. Fred has Rani stand out so the crowd can see her as he looks her over and says so everyone can hear. "This is what a Shiloh Shepherd bitch is supposed to look like." I nearly fell out of my chair. He went on to say so many other things most of which I cannot remember as I was so floored. Rani went on in the show to take Winners Bitch. She did not go further as the Bitch to beat was there and Rani is the up and coming girl her turn is soon.

Now it is Mali's turn, my white faced girl steps into the ring with all those dark faced girls. I wait for her to be looked over as always. They go around and she flies by, legs stretched and lines up. He puts her in front of the others and has them go again. Then when they all come back, he hand my husband a blue ribbon. I can't believe it, and start to shake. He starts to talk about Mali but I cannot hear what he is saying as she has a blue ribbon. He talks about the others and they then leave the ring.

Steve is called back into the ring again this time to go again a male smooth coat who has won many times in the past. He belongs to a friend of mine is a very good looking dog. I am expecting Mali to just be passed over now, it was just a fluke and sigh and I am so thankful for a blue ribbon for my white faced girl. Both Mali and Pistol Pete run around the ring. They are both about the same height with good long strides and graceful movements, when they come to a stop before Fred Lanting he has them stop and switch positions but not run again. This time he walks around the two of them. I am wondering what is taking so long, why doesn't he just get this over with? He is looking and tipping his head and walking back and forth, it never crossed my mind he was weighing the possibility of picking Mali until he did. He picked Mali over Pete. OH my Mali won again! Mali took Best In Breed!

Fred Lanting, "Mr. GSD" said my White Faced girl was Best In Breed! He likes her confidence was the only comment I remember, as I was stone cold dumb struck. Mali and Steve left the ring and everyone was congratulating me and I thank people, at least I think I did, as everything was a whirl. Not to long after Mali went into the ring again, this time for Best In Show. She went up against dogs I knew she would not beat but it was great to see her there, and of all shows to not remember to bring my camera. She was there though right there in the ring with the Champions, my White Faced Girl.


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