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A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do!


April 4th 2005 12:58 pm
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My names Ruger and, despite was Gunny thinks, I'm the boss.

I read his diary entry and he's got it all wrong. At that big festival we went to, it was really disorganized. Someone had to tell everyone where they belonged and were they didn't. So, since no one else was stepping up to the plate, I, in typical Dachshund fashion, decided I'd better take control. I started getting kind mad though because people thought I was just being cute and wasnt listening to my demands at ALL! Oh well, its lonely at the top, when your as cute as I am.

I was on TV while I was up there. Gunny thinks he's so hot for going on TV in May, but I was on TV first and I'm going to remind him. Some people did a thing on puppy mill puppies, and since I was a rescue from a puppy mill, they filmed me.

Actually I'm proud of what Gunny does. I mean he helps find drugs and thats pretty cool. Cause, as we all know, users are losers. But I'm being trained to find people, and when I find my first person I think that will be pretty cool too.

I know I sound like I think I'm better than Gunny. But I dont think that really. When Mom brought me home, I was very sick and scared. Gunny nibbled me all over (Thats Dachshund talk for "Your mine and I love you") when he first saw me. After that he has kept me warm, played with me, showed me things, and protected me. He's the best teacher I ever had and I love him as much as he loves me. Mom knows this and makes sure we both go together everywhere.

I love you Gunny!


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