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April 23rd 2009 10:09 pm
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Hi Dogster pals and judges, my name is Tucker and I am adopted. First I'll tell my story starting at my NEW beginning and then tell you why my mommy is the best and should win the contest.

About a year ago the family I was living with decided I needed to go, so they contacted the Bulldog Rescue in the town I live in, Reno Nevada. I was very happy in my first home and I loved them very much but unfortunately I have a problem thats called misplaced aggression and it scared the people I lived with. They were afraid I was going to bite the little girl I lived with. I don't mean to be this way, it just happens and I can't control myself. Mom said it might be because something happened when I was a puppy that scared me and has stayed with me all this time. Well anyway, my mom Karen came and got me because she is a volunteer for the Bulldog Rescue and her and my daddy were going to foster me. I was so confused and scared, I didn't know what was going on. I was on my best behavior at my foster house and I never showed any aggression. A nice home was found for me in Northern California but that didn't work out because one of the dogs at that house just didn't like me and we fought, so it was decided that I should go back to my foster home with Karen and Dave. My Daddy Dave wanted to keep me right then but mom said they could not keep me because there wouldn't be room for them to foster other homeless dogs BUT she said if I was placed and returned again then they would consider keeping me. Well I stayed with them for a few more weeks and once again I was on my best behavior with no aggression, so they found a home for me with a nice lady and her dog. I was confused again cause I just didn't understand why I had to keep moving from home to home. Well Susie the lady who adopted me had a cat and the cat scared me the first night I was at her home and I kinda went crazy. Susie decided I was too much for her and YEP, you guessed it I went back to my foster home with Karen and Dave. My daddy reminded mom she said I could stay if I was returned and that she had to stand by her words soooooo my foster home became my permanent home and now I'm not homeless any more. I do have aggression once in awhile if I get startled or really upset but mom and dad have trained me to go to my crate when I'm told. If I get scared and forget myself they stay calm and tell me to crate up. Mom says I'm really smart because I do what I'm told, even if I'm upset I will go to my crate and when I calm down they allow me to come out. If I'm really agitated then I go to bed so I can calm down. Mom said that a lot of rescue dogs have had rough things happen and carry scars both mental and physical but that with time and patience things can be worked out. Mom said she has me to thank for making her understand that.

The reason I want my mom to win this contest is because she gives so much of herself for homeless dogs. Here are the things she does in Reno.

She volunteers every year to help with the SPCA's biggest fund raiser of the year. It's called an Affur to Remember. The event is an auction and silent auction that raises money for the shelter and all the homeless dogs and cats that are kept there. Mom helps organize the event and has a great time doing it.

She volunteers with a group called Res-Que. This is a great organization that organizes food pick ups at Petsmart and Purina, stores the food, sorts it and gets it to local organizations. The organizations that benefit are: WARF, High Sierra Animal Rescue, SPCA, Cockadoodle Moo, RAVVE, The Ferret rescue, Douglas County Animal Shelter, Carson Valley Animal Shelter, Silver Springs Animal Shelter, the local reptile rescue, The Shakespeare Fund, Senior Services, the K-9 Reno Police, WCRAS and anyone that needs pet food who are struggling financially. They also did a blanket drive this winter and did "take home" bags for people that adopted pets at one of the huge adoption events Reno had. There were over 140 animals adopted at the event and it was considered a huge success. Best Friends Animal Society helped organize the event and all the local rescues and shelters participated.

She volunteers for Boxers and Buddies a local Boxer rescue. She does home checks and every other Sunday she helps do the adoptions at Petco.

She volunteers during her lunch hour 3 days a week at Washoe County Regional Animal Shelter. The shelter is right next door to mommy's work so its really convenient. Her and a friend go over and take the dogs out to walk and exercise so they can get out of their kennels. Mom said the dogs can start getting a little kennel crazy and need to have exercise. She gets pictures of the dogs and posts them on Petfinder and CL so that people can see there are dogs waiting for their forever homes, really nice dogs like me. Some of the dogs are Pitbulls and the rescue groups can't always take them from the shelter so mom said it's important to get their pretty faces out where they can be seen, because there is a dog for everyone that's looking and they may not think to look at Animal Control. The Humane Society is right next door and most people think those are the only dogs for adoption.

AND last but not least she does BULLDOG RESCUE. Yep, its her most favorite thing and her and daddy still foster even though they kept me, so it did work out. My brother Jiggs went to live with my human Sister Amy cause she was lonely and Jiggs is really happy there. This made it possible for mom and dad to still foster. Mom does the website for the Bulldog Rescue too. www.snvbr.org. This is her first website and she is very proud of it. There are only two people who do the rescue right now so they keep pretty busy.

Oh and mom works part time as a dog trainer at Petco. This is not volunteer, she gets paid but she does it because it's important that dogs and humans get training. If more people took their dogs through training less would end up in shelters. I'm proud of mom but she makes us sit and stay and stuff like that, especially if we want a treat. I guess it's ok and mom says I'm really, really smart. Daddy likes to take me to watch her classes and I love to ride in the car so it's all good.

These are the reason I think mom should be one of the winners. Mom said there are lots and lots of great people on Dogster and they all do wonderful things and that they are all winners so I shouldn't get my hopes up. Mom wouldn't lie to me so there must be wonderful folks doing great things like she says but please keep her in mind when you do your voting.



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Barked by: Amara (Dogster Member)

May 23rd 2009 at 1:41 pm

Hi Tucker,
Thank you for the bone and YES your mommie should win! She was instrumental in the networking my mommie did to find me. Did you notice our coloring, we can be twins (LOL)
Amara & Mommie

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