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The Pawsome Life of the Puggle

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Thanks for Whoever's Giving Me the Bones!

January 24th 2009 9:50 am
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Many thanks to the special "bone-givers." 254 bones! THAT'S CRAZY! I'm so happy and to all those pawsome dogs who are stocking me up with bones, I'M GONNA GET FAT! Hee Hee.

If you're a "bone-giver" PLEASE tell me so that I can thank you in my own special way.

Puggle Loves!



January 20th 2009 5:15 am
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It rarely ever snows in NC, so at seven in the morning Mama had to shove me outside because the very first thing that I did was to lick the snow. I ran around and played and had so much fun and then Mama came outside and I played with her. I'm so happy with the snow! It won't last very long so I'm playing with it while I can.

Puggle loves!


New Tricks pt. 2

January 18th 2009 3:02 pm
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Today, Mama was playing with me outside. She grabbed the yummy cat treats and wanted to see what I could sit and stay through. She sat me on one side of the 1/4 acre yard and told me to sit and stay. Then she went all the way to the other side, set up two jumps and told me to come. She was so impressed with me! Hang on. Mama has something to say.

No I don't wanna write that! Oh, fine! I didn't stay right away. It took a few tries, but I did stay and come running over both jumps at the end. I ignored the kitty too! I barked at the neighbor and Mama told me to stop and I did! Not that too Mama!

Okay she had to tell me 3 times. I did okay and Mama says so too right Mama?

She said I did great. I'll end on that note.

Puggle loves!



January 15th 2009 1:32 pm
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My Mama's just finished teaching me Take a Bow and Sit Pretty. I'm so happy to do them too. The scheduled feeding is going REALLY well. Mama only feeds me once now! One big meal.

Puggle loves!


TAG! I'm it!

January 14th 2009 9:59 am
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Here goes. . .

1) If Mama's in the room, so am I.
2) If the cat's in the room she doesn't stay for long! BOL!
3) I'm tolerantwith everything, but the cat.
4) I'm patient and won't bolt out the door or tug on the walk.
5) I don't bark at a thing (usually) but Mama taught me to bark if I wanna come into the house again. It took a while!
6) I'll pick up a glove, sock, or any other thing left on the floor and bring it to Mama and drop it in her hand (usually) before I chew.
7) Everyone loves my snaggle-tooth.
8) My tail never stands still!
9) I love seeing other dogs or cats. I get along with the cat, but not the other way around.
10) I love Peanut Butter!

Just a bit about me. . .


Its been a while. . .

January 9th 2009 8:59 am
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I haven't written in a while so sit back. . .

On new years, my family and our visitors with a Mini Dachshund (who by the way has a bad attitude) stayed up for forever. We got to cuddle while watching a movie and I was still tired the next day when the attitude filled Princess left. Her name is really Princess and it fits her personality.

I wish I could say I had fun with her but that didn't happen exactly like planned. When she walked in through the front door, I went over to see her and she snapped at me right away. Whenever I'd eat a rawhide she'd steal it and when ever I'd go to get it back she'd snarl and bite.

My mama promises that she's NEVER seen me snarl to anybody or anything. At one poing I got a bit aggressive over a rawhide for a few minutes and I didn't even snarl then. I just growled. Luckily, mama stopped that because it was an un-fun bad girl thing to do.

Anyway, I've learned a few more tricks like jump, get it like when mama tells be to eat my food, and LEAVE PRINCESS ALONE! for when I try to play with her but she doesn't like it.

Oh yeah! Did I mention I now have a scheduled feeding? Mama thinks I was a bit plump. . . I get fed two times a day since mama looked up the breed Puggle and that they said that the Puggle needs a few meals a day instead of one. I like eating on schedule now. Mama's always motivating me to eat.

Well, it's time to eat now so I gotta go.

Puggle loves!
Annie with help from mamas fingers to type my woofs!


My Christmas

December 26th 2008 2:34 pm
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YAY! I get to tell you every little inch of my Christmas! Here goes. . .

A day or two before Christmas Mommy took me to Pet Smart to get a new collar and leash so I'd look pretty on Christmas. They were green with a pertiful design. (She added in a bag of cool Rawhides too.) I got to meet a kitty and a few dogs, too.

On Christmas my Mommy woke me up and I got to get a HUGE surprise gingerbread-man Rawhide! I got to chew it while they opened presents. I was very satisfied. Now I'll describe that tasty gingerbread-man. He had three skinny white layers that were stranded together by red Rawhide strings and oh, man I gotta stop I'm gonna drool!

Well when they let me outside they threw one of the layers of Rawhide for me to chew out there and I burried it. I don't usually burry stuff, but this was one acception. The next day, Mommy was still in the Christmas spirit and went outside to give me another Rawhide shaped like a candy cane. I'll describe that one too. It was basicly a white candy cane with a green Rawhide string going around the outside.

Anyway, I saw her holding it and she said the word Rawhide so I went and dug up my old third of a gingerbread-man and I threw it up into the air for Mama to see. I teased her with it for a while and then she'd get it from me and make me do a trick to get it back. That was so fun and my Mama also gave me an EXTRA long walk to make up for Christmas. I was a Christmas gift last year so it was very special for me to have a Christmas without having a bow wrapped around my neck. One whole year with my Mama. . .

Puggle loves!
Special thanks to Mama's fingers for typing my woofs.

P.S.- I just recently added a pic of my Christmas pawresent that made me drool all over the keys! It's the last one with the gingerbread man.


Seeing Eye

December 12th 2008 3:17 pm
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Just for fun, my mommy has been teaching me seeing eye jobs. I will lead her out of any dangers, and will ignore for other dogs and not sniff when told the word "Seeing Eye." We're still working on the stopping at bumps and hills routine, but this is just for fun and nothing more.

My mommy says that when my brain isn't exercised I get extra heiper and a bit stressed. Like my motto- "I live to play, then please, then plop." Just a bit of Info on the Pawsome life of the Puggle.

Sincere Puggle Loves,



December 10th 2008 12:01 pm
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Annie learns new tricks at a weekly basis if not daily. We always have more than one that we're learning. Annie is so smart that there's no reason that I shouldn't be teaching her so many tricks. They can really help her to cheer people up and make people laugh. I'm very proud to announce that on December 10th, about 5 months before Annie turns 2 years old, she knows over fifty tricks and commands!

I was so happy about that that I started the group Smart Puggles Unite. It's for smart Puggles like Annie that the group is on, and with 3 members besides myself I need some serious help. I would just love to get this group off of the ground.

Puggle loves!


Me and my New Furry Friend

December 10th 2008 11:56 am
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I've always had friends in the neighborhood and with family and such, but my forever home here has a fat cat that DOESN'T like me. Like anyone wouldn't like a snaggletooth mutt!

Now my mommy will pet Chelsea (the Fat Cat) with MY paw! I'm honestly terrified but I trust my mama. Even just last night the cat let me nap no more then a foot next to her! It's a BIG difference. I'm such a happy Puggle now!

Puggle loves!

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