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Licks, Life, and Love According to Laura

I Caught It!

January 26th 2009 2:56 pm
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My good friend Annie the Puggle threw me the football and I need to pass it to five people. Be sure to give a bone to the passer and the passer will give a bone to you. You must write 5 funny things about yourself. Good Luck Pals!

1. I love to kiss people...a lot. My raisers friend calls them "Laura Licks"
2. When I am confused or listening to something I bite my toung on the side of my mouth
3. When my mom has me get an object and 'hold' it, I start to moan! I really really want her to have it!
4. My 'get it' and 'up drop' are the best!! I looooove being a service dog
5. At school when I think the class is going to long I stretch out my body and groan, man school is tough!
Alright well, let's see. I'll tag:

Miss Attie

OK- Have Fun!!!!!!



November 10th 2008 7:47 pm
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I've been tagged by my good pal, Dolce!
7 things about me are...

1. I am a assistance dog pup in training

2. I'm a very happy dog who LOVES to work!

3. I know about 50 commands like push, tug, get it, alert, and leash

4. I've been with my mom for about a year

5. I love my best bud Washie who is coming home!

6. I'm going to go to my mom's school in a week

7. I've been to Disneyland, California Adventure, Basketball games, and many more!

Now.... I get to tag 7 great pups............. Let me think..After you finish reading the diary, my pup pals listed below have to tag 7 of their favorite pup pals. Then write in your diary, and be sure to pmail the pups and tell them they've been tagged.

1. Patriot
2. Otto
3. Washington
4. Rosie
5. Emmy
6. Mariah
7. Josephine

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