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May 20th 2009 5:25 am
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Last night was our next session for agility. We did all the same things, but put them together for small runs. We did the dogwalk to tunnel to 2 jumps. I was really excited and the first time I went up the dogwalk, I was going so fast and not paying attention that I fell off the side! Don't worry, I was okay:) The next group was the a-frame to tire jump to chute. As you all know, I have issues with the tire jump and always want to go around it. I did that a couple of times, but eventually got it and jumped my height. Then we worked on targets again. At the end of class, we worked on the teeter, but this time we were close to doing the entire thing. Well, let me tell you, it about freaked me out when that thing hit the floor. It made a loud noise and scared me that I jumped off of it. Mom said that was okay since it was my first time at that level. I kept jumping off the side, but then they put a reward at the line for me to stop and that helped and the teeter didn't seem to bang as loud then. Mom said I did excellent and she was really happy:) After that, mom took me out to relieve myself. When I came back in, the weim Sadie that I told you about that doesn't like me, well, she came running after me barking when I came back in. That scared the bejesus out of me! I hid behind mom and the instructor yelled at her owner to grab her. Once she got her, the instructor told Sadie's mom that she was done and to take her home. I don't know why Sadie doesn't like me, but I can't say that I was none too upset that Sadie was made to leave early. I don't think her mom was happy with her, but then again, her mom should teach her not to act like that. Other than that, I had a really good night and I know my mom was proud of me:)


Crazy busy

May 19th 2009 5:09 am
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Sorry it's been so long since I had an entry. Things have just been crazy busy lately. I'll try to catch everyone up on what I've been doing.

Okay, let's see... Thursday we headed to the mountains. We didn't get there until around 8pm because mom and dad both worked and we didn't leave until after they got home. We didn't so anything Thursday night except watch Survivor. Mom and dad were soooooo happy because Coach finally got voted off! YEAH!!! He was a weirdo in my book... always calling himself "dragonslayer"... get real.

Friday nan and pop Waple came to the cabin in the morning. Everyone was all dressed up and left me for most of the day. Mom said it was Brett's graduation from college and they were going to see him. I'm not sure what a "graduation" is, but mom and dad both seemed happy. I just wish I could have seen Brett too. When they got back, mom took me for a walk back to our usual play spot. She threw the stick for me, but wouldn't let me go swimming:( She said it was too cold and the water was moving too fast because of the rain we had last night. But it was fun just to play with mom even if no swimming.

Saturday we rode around and just checked out new roads. We did go to the property and as always, I had fun running around. We walked back in the woods a little and mom went up this ladder thing into the trees. I have no idea what it was, but I was none too happy that she left me at the bottom! I whined and told her I wanted to come up too, but she said there was no room and she had no way to get me up there. She didn't stay there long though so it wasn't that bad. When we got back, mom and dad went to eat and I took a nap. But it was a little hard to sleep much with all the thunder and rain going it. Boy did it storm! Fortunately, I'm not afraid of that stuff and I didn't freak out, but I was happy that mom and dad weren't gone too long. Later after the rain stopped, we went spotting deer. We saw bunches of them too... some really close to the road where even I could see them! We also went back this one road and mom was spotting into the creek. I wasn't sure why until I stuck my head out the window then I knew why. She was looking at how fast the water was moving and shooting over the rocks. It was incredible! I never saw water move like that. One thing is for sure, I would NOT want to be swimming in that stuff... NO WAY! Shortly after that, we went back to the cabin then headed to bed.

Sunday we went home and as much as I like to go away, I am always happy to get home too. I miss my Gizmo and I could tell she was happy to see me this time too:) Mom and dad headed out shortly after we got home. Mom said they were going to the hockey game. Yep, the Hershey Bears won the Eastern Division and were now going for the conference championship. They lost the first game, but I could tell when mom got home that they won the second. This is a good thing or they wouldn't stand a chance in Providence. GO BEARS!! We watched the season finale of Survivor and mom and dad were both happy that J.T. won. I was for him too because he is a good ole country boy and I'm a good ole country dog... LOL:D

Monday mom and dad are back at work. When mom got home from work, I could tell she wasn't happy. I heard her tell dad that she was so busy and some person at work wasn't helping out and gets away with everything. Mom doesn't usually get upset about work stuff, but I could tell she was today. I picked up on her mood and I didn't bounce around her like I normally do when she gets home. I just follwed her around until it was time to go. Mom had to stop somewhere and waited in the car. It wasn't too long of a wait though. After that, we went to the barn. I was happy to be there since I hadn't been there for a week. We went on a trail ride and it was really fun. It was such a beautiful day that I didn't even break into my panting like usual. And something really cool happened this time. Mom was cantering along with me running beside when all of a sudden, there were two deer running with us! It was the neatest thing ever!!! They were really close and stayed right with us to the end of the field then they jumped into the woods. They weren't afraid of us at all and seemed to enjoy running along with us. I never say anything like it in my life. Then, we started into the woods and they were like only a few feet from me and they didn't move. They just watched as we walked by. I guess they are use to us and because I don't chase them like some dogs, they're not afraid of me. I'm glad too because I get to see them up close and personal then:) It was probably one of the best trail rides I've had in a long time. The rest of the night was uneventful and I just chilled with mom and dad.

As you can see, I had a crazy busy few days. I'll try to keep posting daily, but we're going back to the mountains again this weekend for Memorial Day. Mom said this time I'll have a friend to play with. Not sure who, but I'll be sure to let you know. Bark at you all later!


Eastern Division Winners!!

May 13th 2009 5:06 am
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Mom came home from the Hershey Bears game last night and she was looking like me bouncing off the walls! She said the Bears won the Eastern Division and were advancing to the conference finals. I'm not really sure what all that means, but it must be good because mom was really happy:) When mom's happy, I'm happy! I bounced off the walls with her until we finally sat down to watch NCIS. The short burst of excitment tired me out!

Not much has been going on since my big trip on Saturday. Mom said we're going to the moutains this weekend so fun is coming my way:) She said she'll try to tak e me to the barn with her tonight, but she's not sure since she has to get her knee injection and not sure if she'll be able to go out. Depends on if it swells or not. I know last week mom was hurting after her shot and she had to stay off of it and put ice on it. Poor mom:( Hopefully this week is better and I get to go to the barn. If not, I'll just hang with mom and comfort her.

My last words for today...

B-E-A-R-S... Bears! Bears! Bears! B-E-A-R-S... Bears! Bears! Bears!
B-E-A-R-S... Bears! Bears! Bears! Wooooooooooooooooooooo!



Fun Time in Gettysburg

May 11th 2009 5:20 am
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This was a fun-filled weekend:) Friday I went to the barn with mom. She was on feed duty so I just hung out and played with the cats. Mom did throw the frisbee for me when she was done. Sunday I went to the barn with mom and we went for a little trail ride, but not long since it was really windy. Plus, mom and I were both really tired from Saturday. That was a fun time!!

We went to Gettysburg on Saturday with Kelsey, Nancy and Megan. We left early in the morning and were there all day. We spent time in the car and also hiking. It was really neat to see all the big statues and all the people. Mom took me to every place they went except this one really BIG tower. She took me up two smaller towers, but she said this one wouldn't have been hard for me to go up and down because there were lots of steps and people. Anyway, I'm not sure what all happened at the places we went, but mom told me about what happened at all the places she took my pictures. She posted about 10, but you know mom, she took many, many, many more. There were lots of statues with horses and I was trying to figure out if any of them was Tequilla. I'm thinking my horse might be famous:) We saw big things that mom said are canons and they were used to keep the enemy away. In the one tower I went up, you could see really far and mom held me up so I could see. Boy I could see far! We went to another monument that had some boards on it. I think was the Eternal Light Memorial. Mom said the boards were there because people vandalized it. I'm not sure what that means, but I could see pain on it and that is sad. Why can't people just respect stuff? Don't they know that people died at this place? Oh yeah, you see the picture of me by the wooden fence? Well, mom loved that fence and took about a kabillion pictures there! She also took a lot of me at the Pickett's Charge and Devil's Den and Slaughter Pen. Pichett's Charge was neat because the stone I was sitting on talked:) I was a little scared by the name of the other place, Devil's Den/Slaughter Pen though. Didn't sound like a nice place to be, but that seemed to be the popular place because there were sooooooo many people there. We actually hiked up to the top of the rocks and it was cool to look down on everyone. They looked like ants:) Oh yeah, mom found a statue that told about the men who fought from my home state of South Carolina and I also so a statue with a dog on it. See, us doggies were man's companion all through history:) Mom had me sit by this one statue of General Longstreet on his horse. I'm not use to horses that don't move and I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to get stepped on. Hey, what can I say, my horse has me trained well. By the end of the day, I was sooooooooooooooooo tired from getting in and out of the car and hiking so much that I was sound asleep before we left the battlefields. We did go into town, but I didn't get out of the car and to be honest, I was glad. I was just happy to stay in there and sleep! All in all, it was a fun day and I learned a lot about what happened at Gettysburg. Check out my pictures to see where my adventure took me. Like I said, mom has many other photos, but choose only a few to post. Now, back to sleep to catch up from my busy weekend. I hope everyone has a good week and bark at you later.

P.S. Joan Rivers won and Annie was shocked when Donald fired her. The look on her face was priceless!!!


Happy Mother's Day!

May 10th 2009 7:02 pm
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I just wanted to wish all the moms, grandmas and step-moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! I hope you've all been good pups for your moms today since they love you so much and take such good care of you. I gave my mom lots of kisses today:) Plus, it was an extra special Mother's Day for my mom because it was her birthday too! Happy Birthday Mom!!:D

Me and mom have been busy this weekend and I'm sure she'll fill you in tomorrow. She put up some pictures from the weekend so you'll have to check them out.

Hate to run, but we're watching Celebrity Apprentice and we have to cheer on Joan Rivers. We don't like Annie because she's a brat! Bark at you all later!


Don't laugh at me!

May 7th 2009 6:22 pm
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As you all know, I went to be groomed today. Let me tell you, the groomer when crazy with the clippers and scissors!!! I look like an Australian Hairless! The lady just kept cutting and cutting and cutting and my hair was falling on the ground all around me. I didn't know what was happening. I was freaking out because I thought something was wrong with me that I was losing my hair. I heard mom tell the lady to clip me "tight", but I really don't think she meant like this! I could tell by the look on mom's face when she picked me up that she was shocked, actually speechless. I don't know what mom was thinking that's for sure. Mom did tell me she was sorry and that's not what she meant by "tight". She just wanted me shorter than the last time, but this was crazy short. She said I look like a Dalmatian with longer hair. I'm no darn Dalmatian (no offense), I'm an Aussie and Aussies are suppose to have long hair! I sure hope my friends don't make fun of me. Mom told me not to worry and it will grow. I hope it grows fast! Although, I must admit, I do feel lighter and a little cooler. Maybe it won't be too bad for the summer? One thing is for sure, mom will certainly be able to see the ticks on me now. She took some pictures which she posted for everyone to see... or should I say TO EMBARRASS ME! But, what's done is done and my hair can't be glued back on so I guess I'll have to live with it. Oh yeah, it wasn't bad enough that mom got all my hair cut off, but then she had the nerve to tell dad that I need more exercise because I'm a little "wide". The nerve! How can I get anymore exercise then I already do. I go everyone with mom and I'm in every activity under the sun. I just think mom is jealous because I weigh less than she does... BOL! Okay, enough about my traumatic haircut. I'm sure I'm not the first aussie to undergo a tranformation like this, but you better believe it will be the last time this aussie goes through the transformation!!!!


New pix

May 7th 2009 5:52 am
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Mom added new pictures last night. She has a picture of me in the mountains the last time we went up. It was pretty hot that day as you can tell from my tongue hanging out:) Then there is the one of me and Megan up at the nature walk last weekend. I didn't like having the leash on, but at least I got to go. And we saw that weird little creature which made it worth being there, even if I had to wear the leash. The other one is me on the bed with Gizmo. Giz thinks the bed is her's, but I keep jumping up, reminding her that we have to share. She doesn't like that much and sometimes hisses at me... BOL:D

We didn't do anything last night. Mom was limping when she got home and had an ice bag on her knee most of the night. She said she got a shot in her knee and wasn't allowed to do anything for a couple of days. Poor mom, I sure hope she gets better. Not just so we can play, but also so she feels better. I don't like when my mom is hurt, it makes me sad:'( We couldn't do anything anyway because it rained yet again. April is over, so why still the rain????? Tonight mom said I have a grooming appointment which means I won't get to go to the barn for awhile either. I don't like that. Why do I have to keep getting cleaned up? I don't usually go this close together. Mom normally takes me every 6-8 weeks. Although, she said last time the lady didn't do a good job in clipping me so that is why I have to go again. Truth be told, my hair is really long and it's starting to get notted, even with mom brushing me all the time. Mom said she requested Jen this time and she always does a good job so hopefully I don't have to go back again anytime soon.



May 6th 2009 6:33 am
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Last night was a final night for this session in my agility class and boy did we do lots of stuff! We worked on our contacts at the bottom of the a-frame and dogwalk, but they added a stay to it while mom switched sides. I had no problem with this at all. We also worked some jump sequences with the tire jump. As you all know, that isn't my strong jump, but I did it everytime for mom and she was so happy with me:) We also did some teeter work, but still are in the beginning stages of that so we're not doing the full teeter yet. We did play this new game called "your choice". Mom has food in her hand and will only give it to me if I back up. She said this is how I'll learn to back on command. The instructor worked with me first and I was thinking really hard about what she wanted and finally got it and was glad because she was giving steak as a reward!!!:D Mom told me I did excellent and she was proud of me. The only problem with knowing what I'm doing is that I don't get as much time on the equipment as the other dogs. The other dogs do the exercised 4,5 even 6 times where I only do them 2 :( It doesn't seem fair to me, but what can I do? I don't want to mess up because then mom would be upset, but I would like to get more time too. Oh yeah, we were also had free time to work on things that we do need help on and everytime mom would start to work me on something, as soon as I finished it one time, Sadie's mom would jump in with her then take it over for like 5 minutes so no one else could work. Mom says she really hopes that we are not in her class after the next session. Her mom is very self-centered and doesn't think about the other people and their dogs. Mom can get along with everyone because that is how she is, but she has a very low tolerance for people like that. I'm glad too because me and Sadie don't get along (as you know from previous entries) so I too am hoping we are in a different class.

On another note, before class we went to the barn. It finally stopped raining for a little so mom put Tequilla out in the riding arena to stretch her legs. Boy was she wild!! As soon as mom turned her loose she dropped and rolled. When she got up, the fireworks began! She went running as fast as she could, bucking, snorting, farting and everything. Mom told me to stay out of there, but she didn't have to tell me because there was no way I was going in there with that nut! It was fun to watch though and I felt bad for T because she obviously has been stuck in her stall for a while because of the weather. I can relate since I get stuck in the house when it rains too. Mom did play frisbee with me a little while she let Tequilla graze and that was lots of fun. But after playing at the barn and agility, I was beat and very happy to curl up with mom on the sofa and sleep... YAWN


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

May 5th 2009 5:57 am
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Better late than never mom always says:) Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Cinco De Mayo! Party hard, but stay out of trouble! I'm staying out of trouble that is for sure. Of course, kind of hard to get in trouble when you're not doing anything. It's been a couple of boring days. Yes, rain again:( Mom was going to take me to the barn last night, but she was so tired from work that we just hung out at the house and cuddled. I didn't mind that though, I love cuddling with mom. She told me we'll stop tonight before class. It is my last agility class and not sure when the next one starts. Hopefully not too long because I love my agility class:)


I hit the trigger

May 4th 2009 5:11 am
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Friday night I had flyball. We did our runs then worked on the box a bit. Mom said I did great on the runs and I didn't mess them up at all. But the box was always a hard concept for me. Last time, I had a hard time grasping the concept of triggering the ball to release before grabbing it. Not Friday night. The first time I hit the trigger and released the ball! Mom was so proud of me. The only thing I have to do now is grab the ball when it shoots out at me. I missed it every time, but still grabbed it and took it to mom. The instructor said sooner or later it will all click and I'll get it. Unfortunately, I'll miss next practice because mom said we'll be in the mountains, but that's okay, I have a memory like an elephant and won't forget what I have to do.

Saturday was a busy day. We picked up Megan than stopped at the barn. There were lots of people there I never saw before. Mom cleaned Tequilla's stall then took her out to graze a little. Me, I played tug-of-war with her as I love to do:) After the barn we went to this place that had a lot of nature stuff for a walk. It was fun, except that I had to stay on a lease. There were a lot of other people walking their dogs too and most were nice, but one dog came after me. Mom was none too happy about that. She if I ever get hurt, she'll end up in jail for beating up someone who doesn't control their dog. If they can't control them, they shouldn't go in public until they can! Anyway, we saw this strange little creature carrying it a mouse. It ran right by me and I just watched it because I had no idea what it was and mom said to "leave it". Later, she checked the internet and said it was a little mink. I guess it was taking it's dinner home. After the walk, we went to Tanner C.'s. I was so happy!!!:D We played like nuts for a while until we both laid down pooped from playing so hard. Tanner's mom wasn't there and mom told me that she was watching him for a couple days. I could tell when she was with him too because she would come home and I could smell him. I was mad that she didn't take me along everytime she went to see him:( But she told me that I couldn't go everytime because she had to let him out and feed him and if I went, he would just want to play. Plus, it was raining and mom said we weren't getting all slopped up.

Yesterday I didn't do anything. It rained all day... AGAIN! Mom and dad cleaned the house then went to the hockey game. The Hershey Bears won!!! Mom said that it is a really good thing and now they are up 2-0 going on the road. Mom and dad really like the Bears and I hope they win what Calder Cup thing mom talks about.

All in all I had a good weekend. Today doesn't look good again with more rain. Not sure if I'll get to do anything because of that, but at least dad is home with me today since he's off. I hope everyone had a good weekend and bark at you later.

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