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May 30th 2013 7:31 am
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Okay now I gotta say, this weather is MESSED UP! Friday we went to the cabin and it was soooo cold that mom had to wear gloves and a heavy coat to cut grass. The entire weekend was cold (temps in the 40-50's) and windy. It was so bad that we didn't get to do much. Tim and Zona came for dinner one night and we did get to go for a Kubota ride and to visit Clair and Velma, but other than that, we pretty much did nothing. Plus poor mom got one of her migraines again on Sunday and it never did go away until Tuesday. The most excitement I had was the ride home. Mom drove by herself since dad had to work later on Friday and we all rode wiht mom up and back from the cabin. Because Gizmo went with us, she rode in her carrier up front and Echo and I rode in the backseat. Some trip home it was. Gizmo cried almost the entire time and we're not sure why cause mom gave her the pill. Then went we got to Carlisle, Echo threw up in the backseat. You all know how I am about stuff like that, it freaks me out! So I crawled down on the back floor. Mom pulled over and cleaned up Echo's mess, put her in the front seat and Gizmo in the back with me. All the while mom was cleaning and moving everyone around, I was trying to hide on the floor. Mom doesn't like when I go on the floor and made me go back on the seat. Needless to say, none of us made a peep after that cause we knew mom was already hurting from her headache and then the stress of all our antics on the ride home. She didn't get mad at any of us which I was glad for.

So as you can see, it wasn't a very exciting weekend and we couldn't really even enjoy being outside much cause of the crappy weather. But now it's like 100 degrees outside and without the pool being open yet, it's unbearable for us to be out more than a few minutes. So again, we are stuck inside:( I really wish this weather would make up it's mind if it wants to be hot, cold or in between and just stay there!

That's about all I have for now. But I do want to wish my Brett a Happy Birthday and Nikki who's over the Rainbow Bridge a Happy Birthday!


Happy Memorial Day!

May 24th 2013 5:31 am
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I just wanted wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and "THANK YOU!" to all those who give their time and risk their lives for our country and our people. Without you we would not have the freedom we enjoy today. Be safe out there!


A BORING weekend!

May 20th 2013 8:10 am
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This was about the most boring weekend ever! The only fun I had was Friday evening when all the neighborhood kids came and played with us. We played for hours with Anna, Miranda, Dane and nother neighbor boy. I had a lot of fun with them, but my Saturday and Sunday stank!

Saturday mom and dad just laid around and watched TV all day. Now I know the weather was crappy, but still, we could have went for a ride or something. Then Sunday mom and Echo went to search training and I was stuck at home, again doing nothing. I sure hope I get to do more this week. Mom said I might have a visit at Country Meadows, it depends on whether or not dad gets the grass cut today (which it isn't looking good cause it's raining... again!)and if not, then mom will have to cut it tomorrow so that means no visit for me:( Okay, I'm done pouting now.

I've been hearing stuff when mom and dad watch the news and it sounds like some people are getting hit really bad with tornado, hail, rain and all that kind of bad stuff. I'm thinking of all my pals who may be in that mess and praying that everyone will be okay. If you're going through that, hang in there and POTW with you!


First visit of the year with Danny

May 17th 2013 6:50 am
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Tuesday I had my first visit of this year with Danny and boy did I ever have fun! We played frisbee for a long time and then he took me for a long walk. He was a little shy with me at first because I haven't seen him since last November, but after a few minutes, it was like we didn't miss a beat. Mom was surprised how much energy I had and that I didn't tire out on Danny this time like I usually do. And I had a special treat cause when we went for a walk, I got to see my Brett:) We walk passed his house all the time, but I never see him. This time he was outside so I got to say Hi. I only had a second though cause Danny is a boy on the move and wanted to keep walking. I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see Danny again next month!

I haven't done much since my visit. Last night mom took Echo to Manor Care cause it was her turn and needless to say, I wasn't happy. But I guess fair is fair. It still didn't keep me from pouting when mom got home. I was pouting so much that mom called me "pouty puppy".

I don't think we have much going on this weekend. We are actually home for a change, although I wish we were going to the mountains. Mom said it's suppose to rain off and on this weekend so maybe we'll get to go for walks between the rain?

Well, I gotta go take my morning nap. I hope all my pals out there have a great weekend and stay safe in whatever you do!


Nothing too exciting

May 14th 2013 12:53 pm
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First I want to wish my mom a Happy Belated Birthday! Her birthday was Friday, but we were in the mountains.

Our trip to the mountains was pretty uneventful this time. We went up Thursday afternoon, but it rained so we didn't do anything that night. Friday mom and dad cut grass so we played in the field, that was until it rained. It rained the rest of Friday and all day Saturday. We did go for a ride with mom and dad to Burnt Cabins where they went antiquing. We had to wait in the truck though:( Mom and dad's friends, Dave and Pam, came over Saturday evening. I REALLY like Pam!! She loves dogs and I laid with her on the sofa almost the entire time she was there. She can come again anyday:) Sunday was a little better. It finally stopped raining, but was windy and cold. We did get to go for a ride in the Kubota later in the day and that was fun. But I rolled earlier in the day and I was all stinky. You know us dogs, if there is something stinky around, we're gonna roll in it! Mom wuoldn't let me on the sofa or bed cause I stank. I was really upset about that, but I guess it was my own fault. Monday we headed home. Poor mom got really sick on the way home. As sick as she was, she still gave me a quick bath when we got home so I didn't stink and could get on the bed and sofa. I love mom for that cause I didn't like not being able to cuddle and sit with everyone. Dad cut the grass and mom laid on the sofa, making occassional trips to the bathroom. I made sure I was by her side every minute in case she needed me. Mom felt that bad that she went to bed like 7:30 or something like that. All I know is that it was still light out. Dad was at some meeting so us dogs stayed in the bedroom with mom.

So as you can see, I had a pretty boring weekend, but at least we got to go away.

Mom said tonight I have a visit with Danny...Yipee! I like having visits with Danny cause I get to play ball and go for a walk. I haven't seen him since like last year cause he doesn't get visits in the winter because of the cold so I'm really looking forward to it. Mom has a visit at Manor Care this week and it's Echo's turn, but I'm not sure who she'll take sice Echo has search training on Sunday. But as always, if I do anything exciting, I'll tell you about it.

Well, that's all for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend without rain!


Twice in three days!

May 7th 2013 8:48 am
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I can't believe how lucky I am! Dogster has picked me twice in three days to be a diary of the day... THANK YOU DOGSTER!! I can't believe that so many people like my diary that much that I would be granted this honor twice. I just hope I don't let anyone down with my posts, even when there isn't much for me to talk about.

Just like yesterday. I really didn't do much, but I did have some fun. Mom was at work and dad was cutting the grass. The new neighbor girl, Anna, loves us dogs and whenever she sees us outside she comes and plays with us. I love chasing the frisbee when she throws it and the nice thing is, she never gets tired of it! I'd play with her all the time if she'd be around. She made dad promise that mom will let her know when she takes us for a walk so she can go along. I am really glad she moved in next door cause she is super nice:)


My Emi is sick:(

May 6th 2013 7:52 am
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This past weekend we went to visit Ali, Jan and Emilie. Dad went down earlier and mom and us dogs went after work. The trip wasn't too bad until we got off the turnpike then we waited in traffic furever! Mom took it pretty good, but I was ready to be out of the car!!! I was so happy when we finally got to Ali's. Mom let us outside to play until it got dark, then she set us up in the basement. That's where we have to stay, but I don't mind it so much cause mom does sleep down there with us.

Saturday we spent most of the day outside. Dad and Jan were putting in the front yard so we stayed out back. Emilie has been really sick so mom went with Ali to take her to the dr. When they got back mom played with us and then relaxed in the sun while Emi took her nap. After she woke up, Emi came outside to play with us. She does't like when we run too close to her and mom gets really mad at me cause when I'm really excited I don't pay much attention to where I'm running and I almost ran over Emilie a couple of times and I scared her when I got too close. I'm trying to do better at that. It's just hard for me cause Emilie loves to watch us chase after the ball but not so much when we come running back. With mom's help, I got better at going further around Emi so it didn't scare her as much. When we were done playing, I laid down and Emilie petted me nice. I can't wait til she's bigger and can really play with us:) When it got dark mom put us inside and she actually came to be early, but that only lasted a short time. Mom was on Emilie duty Saturday night so when Emi woke up in the middle of the night, mom was the one who went to take care of her. I don't know what time it was, but Emi cried and mom went to take care of her, but she never came back until a very long time later. The monitor was still on so I could hear Emi crying and mom trying to calm her down. It took a long time, but mom was finally able to come back down. She told us we were such good girls cause we didn't bark. She let us out and then we all settled down for some sleep. That lasted about 10 minutes then Emilie cried again. This time mom did turn off the monitor so her crying wouldn't bother us and she never came back down until after the sun was up. Poor mom, she looked so tired when she came down, but she climbed back in bed and we jumped up and all slept for a couple hours.

Sunday we played outside and relaxed in the sun. It was such a beautiful day I wish we could have been in the mountains or some place where we could really run and play, but at least we were outside. Early evening mom and us dogs headed home. Dad was staying until today (Monday), but mom had to work so that's why we headed home. Because I rode in the front going down, mom said Echo got to ride in the front going home. That lasted about 15 minutes then we both wanted to switch so Echo hopped in the backseat and me in the front and it was lighs out until we got home. We were both really tired from the weekend and the turnpike is a pretty boring drive so what else is there to do. I was really tired and didn't even want to be outside with mom when we got home and she did some chores. We went to bed early again and I slept like a rock!

I'm not sure what we have going on this week. I'm suppose to have a visit with Danny tomorrow, but I think we may not be able to go cause of rain. But if I do go I'll be sure to tell you how it went.

Bark at you all later!


Diary pick!

May 4th 2013 7:26 pm
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Thanks dogster for picking me as one of the diary picks today, I am honored. I'm glad people like to follow all the things I do. I try not to be too boring. Thx again!


I did better...

May 2nd 2013 5:58 am
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Last night I had a visit at Manor Care and mom said I did better. I still didn't do as good as I could have, but mom said she was proud of me for engaging a little more with the people. I can say it was difficult only because it was so HOT in their rooms! I know they are always cold and their rooms are usually warm, but last night all but one or two were so hot that I couldn't stay in them for long. After I would say "hi" and while mom was talking to them, I would lay down so I could get some relief from the cool floor. Mom understood and didn't get mad at me for that. I glad we went though cause I could tell I made a lot of people happy:) My friend Joe didn't look too good though and mom and I are worried about him. I know he's getting older (91), but we still don't want to even think about losing him. Please put your paws together and say a few prayers for him that he feels better soon.

Tuesday night the neighbor 10 yr. old neighbor girl (Anna) came over to play with us. She's really nice and I loved that she played frisbee with us and pet us for a long time. She was going to take a walk with us and mom, but she had to go eat dinner. It would be nice to have her along for a walk sometime.

I don't know what's going on this weekend, but I heard it's suppose to be beautiful outside so I hope whatever we do we can be outside enjoying the weather. I hope my pals are someplace with nice weather too and not where all that snow is coming down. If you are where the weather is yucky, try to stay warm and stay safe!


Crazy weekend...crazy mom!

April 29th 2013 12:51 pm
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This past weekend was girls weekend at the cabin. It was mom, Nancy, me, Echo and Gizmo and let me tell you, it was one of the craziest weekends I've had in a long time.

It started out with Echo and I waiting in the car at the barn while some lady came to work on the horses. Jada was out so we had to stay in the car, but I didn't mind as long as Jada didn't bother us. The lady finally got done and we headed to the cabin. Mom thought it would take longer cause of some car show, but we made it in our regular time. After we got there mom cut the grass as usual. She didn't cut the field this time so I just hung out on the patio with Nancy. After grass cutting it was time to grill. I love when people grill cause it smells soooo good! Mom did slip me a little piece of steak when Echo wasn't looking (she's not allowed to have it, vet's orders) and it was yummy:)The rest of the night was just relaxed and watched TV.

Saturday was the craziest day. It didn't start out that way. All of us, except Gizmo, went out yardsaling. First we stopped at this big flea market and mom let us walk around with them. She only had one leash so Echo and I had to share, but mom said we are so good that would't be a problem and it wasn't. We walked together side by side without any issues. A lot of people kept petting us and telling us how pretty we are and how well behaved. Would they expect anything less? From there we went to two other places, but mom just let us stay in the car cause they weren't gone too long. Because we were so good mom decided we were going to Mexico for ice cream... YEAH!! Okay, when I say Mexico people think like the country of Mexico but that's not it. Mexico is a little town in Juniata County where they have the best ice cream ever! Mom always gets each of us a scoop of vanilla and we sit at the picnic table and enjoy the yummy ice cream. I think mom posted a picture of us there with Nancy.

After we finished our ice cream we went back to the cabin and mom and Nancy just laid out on the patio and enjoyed the sun and us dogs chilled in the shade under the trees. It was in the low 70's and a beautiful day! But that is when it started to get a little crazy. There were lots of bumble bees buzzing around and for some reason, they just would not let mom and Nancy alone. They kept buzzing around them and even landed on Nancy a couple of times. After a while mom got tired of it and got the fly swatter. Well let me tell you, mom is a crazy person with that swatter. Bumble bees are pretty fast and they very rarely land so mom was swinging and swatting and trying everything she could to get them buggers. You know me, I'm afraid of most things so when mom started that craziness, I hightailed it to the other side of the cabin. I knew mom would never hit me, but it still freaks me out. After about 10 minutes she finally gave up and I went back to my relaxing in the shade.

Mom grilled again and after dinner we went for a Kubota ride. It was really nice and I had a lot of fun as always:) When we got back mom and Nancy wanted to make smores so mom started a fire. I'm not big on the fire thing so I hung out at the far end of the patio. Mom was on the phone with our friend Pat from North Carolina when she really went crazy. Mom saw an opposum walking in the field and heading toward the horse pen. Now keep in mind it is like 5-6pm and daylight, not even close to dark. From what mom says, opposums don't come out until dark so right then mom thought something was wrong. Plus, it was heading for the horse pen and although we didn't have the horses with us, there is something with opposums and horses that can kill a horse so mom definitely didn't want this opposum around. Next thing I know, mom grabs the fire poker and takes off running through the field yelling. She was really acting nutty. She told us dogs to stay and honestly I had NO intention of following this crazy lady. So I watch and when she gets to where the possum is she yells and stomps her feet trying to chase it away. Well I don't know what it did, but it didn't move at all. Mom opened the gate to try and chase it, but she said it just looked at her, bared its teeth and made a really weird noise, but it still wouldn't move. Mom then started to beat the metal fire poker on the bars of the horse pen and it made a really, really loud noise. This is when I decided to exit, stage right and took off to the other side of the cabin. I don't really know what happened then cause I couldn't see, but I did hear more banging and Echo barking. I'm sure Echo can tell you exactly what happened cause she was in the midst of it, of course. After about 5 minutes mom came back and all seemed back to normal. But that didn't last long.

Mom and Nancy were making smores and Echo and I were playing with the ball by the patio when I heard something behind the cabin and Echo heard it too. We were both starring intensely and mom kept looking to see what we were seeing and when she found it she about flipped out. It was the possum and it was right behind the cabin. Mom ran to the door and made us both go in the cabin. Again, I don't know what happened cause we were inside and couldn't see anything, but mom was on the phone a couple times then went back outside with her gun. Echo was going insane barking and wanted out and I went back and hid beside the bed. After a little while I heard a BANG! and mom came in and got a pair of gloves. I can only assume that she took care of the possum. But I know she wasn't happy about it because she was shaking and crying. Mom loves animals and hates to hurt them. In fact, mom is one who picks up worms and puts them off the driveway so they don't get run over. Yeah, I know, she's nuts. So that's why I know something must have been terribly wrong with the possom for mom to hurt it. After it was all done, I heard mom telling dad on the phone about it and I heard the word "rabies" and I know that's not a good thing. Mom said she was upset about what she had to do, but she couldn't take a chance of one of us dogs or even a person getting bit cause the possum was sick.

The rest of the night was uneventful and I'm glad because that was all the excitement I could take for one day.

Sunday was the usual. We got up, mom kicked us outside while she cleaned the cabin and got things put away. However, our trip home was better cause we stopped at Red Rabbit on the way back and you know what that means... BUNNY BURGERS!!!! No not real bunnies, just burgers that they call bunny burgers cause the place is called Red Rabbit and it's really cool. We stay in the car and the waitress comes and takes our order then brings the food to our cars. I love this place cause I know we always get our bunny burger. Mom even let Echo have some. It was really yummy and a good way to end our weekend trip:)

When we got home we all just relaxed and as you can see from the picture mom posted, I crashed hard! I was so tired from all the excitement over the weekend that I slept from like 4pm until the next morning. Mom had to wake me up to go potty before bed. Hey, what can I say, I'm getting older and I need my beauty sleep... BOL:D

So that was my exciting weekend and it really was exciting. I don't know how anything can compare to that, but I'm okay with having boring weekends away. I don't know what's in store for this week. I was suppose to go visit with Danny tonight, but it's raining so that won't happen. I also think I'm having a visit at Manor Care this week and that will be nice because Echo went last time so I miss my peoples.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and a little less excitement than I did. Have a good one and bark at you soon!

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