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A kinda boring weekend

March 18th 2013 6:00 am
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So we did go to the cabin this past weekend, but I gotta tell you, it wasn't too exciting. Gizmo did go along with us again. I guess that is a permanent thing now. At first it bothered me, but it doesn't anymore cause when I want on the sofa, I jump up whether she's there or not.

When we got there Friday evening, it was pretty nice out, in the 50's. Mom said she wanted to go for a Kubota ride cause it was suppose to be crappy weather on Saturday. I was happy about the ride and couldn't wait to go. Echo and I rode to the top of the mountain in the back of the Kubota then we got out and ran and played. I love the mountains! It was so quiet, but unfortunately we didn't see any deer. We walked/ran the rest of the way back to the cabin and we even went on the other side of the street for a ride... sweet! But, that was the extent of our fun.

Saturday was crappy weather as predicted. Dad went someplace early and when mom got up we just hung out at the cabin. A bunch of dad's ridge runner buddies showed up around 11am and they just kept coming after that and never left until like 430pm. Mom was NOT happy! The problem is that they are soooo loud you can't even hear yourself think. I'm trying to nap and mom's trying to watch TV and they just talk louder and louder. When they finally left, daddy and Randy went somewhere and we finally had PEACE AND QUIET! Echo and I took a nap and mom watched TV. Daddy never got home until like 2 hours later and mom was NOT happy. Even though it was crappy weather, we were suppose to go to the property earlier cause they cleaned it up and take a little ride. Then dad was going to take mom to get a burger cause she was hungry for a burger. Well, til he finally got back, mom was so mad she didn't want to go and they either argued or didn't talk the rest of the evening. Dad said it wasn't his fault cause the guys were there, but I totally see mom's POV. She's there to relax too and it's kind of hard to do that when you have all these guys around talking like they're at a concert or something. Mom told him that he needs to figure out a way to keep them from staying so long. It went back and forth like that even into Sunday.

Yep, my Sunday was pretty crappy too. Weather wasn't too bad, but mom was still upset and dad just wanted to go home cause he was afraid someone would stop and make the argument worse and guess what? Someone did... Shuey. Mom didn't even let him get out of the truck. I don't know what she told him, but he left... thank goodness! We left shortly after that.

When we got home we didn't do anything. Mom did take us out later and threw frisbee a few times, but that was it. I sure hope my week goes better than my weekend that's all I have to say.


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