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Let's play catch up

November 7th 2012 11:52 am
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I wanted to check and see how everyone is recovering from Hurricane Sandy? I hope no one suffered any real damage, but our thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone who was affected by the storm. Our prayers are also going out to everyone who may be hit by the northeaster that is heading our way. Boy, this is some wacky weather!

Okay, now about my weekend. We got to the cabin Thursday night since they cancelled my agility class and dad's helicopter lesson due to the weather. It was dark when we arrived so we didn't get to do anything.

Friday morning mom was up at 430am and we went with her back home. She forgot to pack dad's medicines and since she felt responsible, she went back to get them while dad was sleeping. I didn't know why we had to ride along cause we got home, got out to pee while mom got the meds, then back in the car heading to the cabin. I would have much rather stayed in the cabin and slept. Mom was convinced we would wake dad once she left. Echo probably would have, but not me. I would have just slept the morning away. The rest of the day was pretty boring. Mom was at Velma's making nut rolls and dad was hunting turkey. Mom did take us for a short bota ride when she got back, but it was very short cause it was windy and cold. Mom and dad went to an auction in the evening so we just chilled at the cabin.

This is pretty much what Saturday morning and early afternoon was too. Mom and dad really like those auctions, but I don't like them when they are inside cause that means us dogs can't go:( But mom did keep her word and took us for a kubota ride when they got back. I had a good time, but it was windy and cold so I was also happy to get back to the cabin and relax in the nice warmth.

Sunday was a little better, although I wasn't too happy when mom made me stay inside while she worked some searches with Echo. But I guess I can't blame her cause I have no skill at that and I keep trying to play with Echo and mom said that's not good when she's trying to do her job. But mom did take us for another kubota ride afterwards and that was fun. Mom went up in the tree one time and I couldn't figure out what for. Echo tried to climb up after her, but everyone knows that dogs can't climb ladders. When we got back Randy and Tony stopped to visit a little. We actually had a couple visits from Randy and Shuey, but this is the first time in a while that Tony stopped. I think he looks like Grizzly Adams cause he has a huge beard... BOL:D

Monday we had to go home:( Never fun that's for sure. I didn't do much during the week until Thursday night. We finally started our agility class. I had an agility class before and I loved it! The tunnel and chute are my favorite things to do. I did have a good time, but didn't get as much time as Echo did. Mom was trying to work both of us, but the instructor knew that I took the class before and knew what I was doing to she told mom to work with Echo more. I know it wasn't mom's fault, but I wanted to play too:( Mom promised that this week either dad or grandma will come to help her cause it's not fair that I don't get the same amount of time as Echo. Mom does always make sure it's fair and that makes me happy:)

Not much happened over the weekend. Mom and dad were gone a lot. They took a pet first aid class on Saturday and that's good just in cause something happens to us. Now mom and dad know what to do to help us until we can get to a vet. Mom showed me a video of what she got daddy for an anniversary gift... a helicopter lesson. Dad always wanted to fly one so he finally did. Mom showed me the video and it looked like fun, but noisy!

So that's about all I've been up to. I know,nothing too exciting but at least I'm not totally bored. I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend and check out my Sunday entry to see the bestest part of the weekend for me:)


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