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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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Can you believe it Diary?

January 6th 2013 7:02 am
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My crazy mother made me take a tubby last night. And now to add insult to injury, she keeps telling me how nice I smell. I smell like a girlie-girl, all flowery scent, no stink grass, or fire-hydrant musk, or died vermin roll over. All the boy doggies are going to laugh at me. I tell ya this woman just doesn’t get it at all.

And I keep overhearing her talking about some vacation she and Grumppa are taking. Where am I suppose to go I ask you? I want to go and see the grandbabies as well. She better start answering some question for me fast. I telling you I won’t stand for all this nonsense going on. I am going to put a paw down around her.

I so upset, I am going to go take out some anger on my new gerr.

Bark at ya later
Colin Doggie


Happy Thanksgiving's Everybody

November 22nd 2012 7:10 pm
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Things I am thankfull for...
The wonderful people at the Taunton Animal Shelter that took care of me.
My forever home.
But most of all that I'm not a turkey!
Colin Doggie


ugly sweater night

October 27th 2012 2:20 pm
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Today was ugly sweater night at Pet-Co. My grand girl and I took three place. I can"t wait to tell ya all about it... Bark at ya soon
Colin Doggie


Guess what Diary

July 15th 2012 9:16 am
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Guess what Diary?

Mom and I got to go on an adventure yesterday. See mom felt bad for me because we don’t get out much anymore, and buy we I think see means me the doggie because her and Grumppa get out just fine during the week without me, but back to my tail. Bol

I heard her tell grump that she was taking me to that Fall River place that she goes to all the time to work. First stop was Kennedy Park to do some shopping at the farmers market there. Boy was there some great wonderful aromas there for a Doggie. What can I say; I’m so short that I can’t resist smelling everything I walk by. And do you know what diary? In the Riv there are so many tiny dogs that I don’t even feel that short at all there. WE came across a lot of them while I helped mom complete her shopping. She got some great deals there on vegetable, and some potted herbs for her garden; so many in fact that she bought us some cut flowers for our kitchen.

After completing our shop, ma and I drove to battleship Cove so I could see the ships there and walk the boardwalk with ma. More great smells, but it was hot by then so we saved walking the whole thing for a cooler day, and drove to Bicentennial Park to see the Iwo Jima monument there and watch a few small boats take off.

From there we shot over the bridge to look for a Doggie friendly beach, to no avail. Boy can I see well from my new car seat, but to tell you the truth, I was asleep pretty quick on the way back home.

Then to top off the day, mom made rice to go under the vegetable goulash that she made for her and grumps. But that meant warm rice over a fresh can of kibble. Yummy stick to your ribs grub, I tell ya. You know what Diary, some days it just pays to be the Doggie.



Did you know that my birthday is coming up?

June 23rd 2012 5:45 am
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Hey Diary,

Did you know that my birthday is coming up? It’s in only a few short days, and boy am I ever excited about it. You must know what birthday’s means? No, not the present, however I really need a new Mr. Noodle. Yes I know I just got a new one but he was a wimp. Mom said I set a new record for destroying one, he only survived two days, and a dog would think his mother would be happy about me setting a amazing record; but she did not look happy at all, let me tell you. I sure hope the next one puts up a much worthier fight.

It’s those wonderful birthday pupcakes that mom makes for me every year. This year she is going to make Pup-Peroni chip pupcakes, with the peanut butter and honey glazing. I not sure which is better the aroma of them baking, the look of them with the mouth watering bits of the chips, or the wonderful taste of the pupcake itself. But even the very best part about a pupcake is of course that they are just for Doggie’s, not Grumppa, or mom or boy or girl, just us doggies. They can’t say that terrible, dreadful words that we all fear “no its people food not for doggies” for once it’s in the right order “no it’s doggies food not for people”. Justice at last for us dogs.

Soon to be
The Birthday Doggie


What a wonderful day it was last Sunday

June 16th 2012 6:39 am
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Wow Diary,

What a wonderful day it was last Sunday at the 4TH ANNUAL PAWS-ITIVELY PURR-FECT DAY at the BOYDEN REFUGE, held to benefit the Taunton Animal Shelter. It was such a beautiful day all around. This year I even had my old dog club members there so I got to hang out all day with some doggie school mates. One of the members is certified to test for CGC so we were raising money for the shelter mom adopted me from. Mom said I was a very good boy this year, and that I help show people how extraordinary we recycled doggies really are.

I was happy that my beagle chum Bailey was there from last year with his brother. They got adopted by my Auntie Cheryl, and I got to play with him and curl up on my Auntie lap so she’d know I remembered all the walks we took together while I was at the shelter.

My grand girl Jayden even went with us this year, as well. And this was the first year the Sun was out all day. Mom even let me roll around in the grass, and apply a little doggie perfume to attract the girl doggies, and boy were there some lookers there; big and bully, long and lean, and petite and dainty. Not to mention all the kisses I got to give to all the little girls, plus ladies and I used my Doggie charisma on all of them. They were putty in my paw once they fell under my Doggie spell.

It was such a great day all around and I was such a good boy that mom is taking me to Pet Co to get a new Mr. Noddle. What happen to the old Mr. Noodle, (may he RIP) is an entry for another day.

Got to run so I will BAYL



June 3rd 2012 2:19 pm
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Oh Boy it’s here The 4TH ANNUAL PAWS-ITIVELY PURR-FECT DAY on SUN, JUNE 10th from 10AM - 3PM at BOYDEN REFUGE, TAUNTON, MA. It’s put on by The Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility, so please, if you live near by PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THE DATE AND STOP BY TO SUPPORT THEM!

The best part of the whole day is that I get to see my Aunty Nadine again and give her Doggie kisses in person again. I haven’t seen her since last years. And as a bonus this year my old dog club buddies will be there this year. I haven’t seen those dogs in a couple of years now. Oh Dog Oh Dog OH Dog I’m so excited.

I’m so excited I going to write my Aunty Nadine so she knows I am coming again.

Till next time diary.


I am not talking to my mother right now!

May 27th 2012 7:39 am
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Just So You Know Diary,

I am not talking to my mother right now. Do you know she made me take a tubby yesterday just because I couldn't get Grumppa to vacuum me? I kept on him too, the whole time that he was vacuuming the rugs I was right on his heels to remind him, but you know Grumppa’s just never listen. I knew Mom wasn’t going to be happy and sure enough, even thought he said I kept asking she made me take a tubby just the same. Then after the insult of the bath, see took every blanket to the laundry so I couldn’t reapply my marvelous Doggie Eau de toilette. Thank God I heard her tell him that she would show him how to vacuum me today so he would know for next time. I hope she remember to show him the treat part at the end, it’s my very favorite part of getting my fur vacuumed. Maybe I shouldn’t wait to long to absolve her of her sins.

Think I go hop up on my window and brood over this dilemma for a while.

Till later Diary,
Colin Doggie


Be sure you get to water a tree or two on your walk today- fur Earth Day

April 22nd 2012 5:39 am
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Morning Diary,

Did you know today is Earth Day? Ya, so be sure you get to water a tree or two on your walk today, Mom’s Earth Day project this year was a new car seat for me. Iknow I know it’s pink, but mom put an animal print cover on it so it matches the car and it looks really Paw-tactic now. Can’t wait to try it out.

That’s it for now guys,
Colin Doggie


I'm hunting down a leprechaun

March 6th 2012 4:23 am
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Hey Diary,

What's up with all these old guys in funny suits. I hear if you catch one of these little guys that have to grant you three wishes in exchange for release.

Now that's a game of catch I want to play.

Mac Doggie

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