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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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Did I mention the cookout?

August 2nd 2013 6:42 pm
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Hey Diary

Did I tell you about the cookout that I was invited to last month? Boy was I extremely excited when I received the invitation in my email; because it mentioned that it would be held somewhere with a fenced in yard. That ment all us dogs attending could let our people off leash and we wouldn't have to worry about them wondering off on us, and ending up lost. Therefore I invited mom and grump with me so they could enjoy some fun and sun with my old classmates and their people. Oh okay, cause I'm too short to reach the petals in the car as well.

I awaited eagerly that day for mom to finish putting together the food trays, she had one overflowing with hamburger and hotdog snausages, and gravy basted milkbones yum; plus some of that dumb not for doggies food that always smells so wonderful. Too bad too cause I saw her put my favorite chorizo, in it. At last she finished and packed up the car and we all piled in. Had I known that she was going to let grump ride shotgun I may have thought better of inviting grumps, but I wanted to get going so I didn't argue that stupid seating arrangements.

We were the first of the guest to arrive, so while Mom was introducing Grump to June I dropped the lead so I could really check out the awesome yard. Being a well mannered dog, my first stop was the dog house so I could present my butt to June's dog Yoshi so we could dispense with the introductions and get down to Doggie business. Yoshi turned out to be a wicked great dog, and we got along wonderfully, and in no time at all we were completely engrossed in every dogs favorite game. See who can pee on the most stuff last. We must have been whooping and whipping around the yard full steam for a half hour or so till the rest of my Pocksha classmates got there. I brought Yoshi over to meet my old friends, and after some happy yelping, get  reacquainted butt sniffing, and good natured humping the four of us were off and running.

All of us doggies made the most of the spacious fenced in yard, and we played all the best doggie game, like "duck, duck, dog and leap dog". Seeing how I was the only dog sporting referee colors it fell on me to make sure all the rambunctious boy stayed in line during all the game action. Don't let my small stature confuse you diary, I am more than enough dog for the job. Even with all the fun going on, I made sure to take time away from the puppy games so I could greet all the humans there. Why some of these poor people hadn't received any of my magical doggie kisses in years. Don't feel too bad for them I made sure I bestowed enough on them to hold them a few years. And I must say diary all the new people I met were overwhelmed with my delightfull doggie charisma.

Unfortunately, way way too sone it became time to take our people home. Thank God for the fence becuase we didn't lose even one person. June and her boyfriend Billy were more than blown away with my charm, especially Billy.  I heard him mention many times to my Mom what a great little dog I was. I guess he had never met a shrunken border collie before, such a shame for him. And they told Mom we were welcome back any time. Once your put under my Doggie spell you can never get enough Colin Doggie.

By the time I got home Sunday I was totally spent. You wouldn't believe how many of my little doggie steps it takes to keep up with those big guys. Why, it took all the energy I had left just to eat my dinner kibble, and then pull myself up on the couch for a nap. Some days it's really tiring to be the Doggie!

Till next time,
Colin Doggie


Wow, I was a diary of the day pick.

July 22nd 2013 4:51 pm
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Hey Diary,

Mom and I were so busy Sunday attending a Doggie cookout that I didn't even know I was a diary of the day pick till I read the email today. What an honor that was. Thank you everyone for the congrats I recieved. I couldn't wait to brag about it to all my Aunties from the shelter mom adopted me from.

Till next time
Colin Doggie CGC


Guess what, I kissed a catfish.....

July 22nd 2013 5:50 am
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Guess what Diary,

I kissed a catfish, yea really. And not one of those tame, tiny timid ones that mom and I keep in pur fishtank; but a real feral, furroshish fella that was almost as long as I am. See mom told me Saturday that we were going fishing. Now I had no idea what thay was  and iy didn't seem like it would be much fun at all, cause mom keep tucking me in my doggie bag while we went to Walmart and then Dick's so she could get her fishing license. Mom wouldn't even put the top down for me because those are two of those dumb stores I am not suppose to go into. But it was really hot and mom sneeks me in so I won't have to stay in a hot car.

It started getting a little better when we pulled into this place call a bait store; cause mom left my bag in the car and just carried me inside. That place was amazing diary, everything smelt so wonderfully smelly in there. Boy oh boy, you should have smelt the scents there, my nose was in sniffing overdrive. I could have stayed there all day but all to soon mom purchashed her night crawlers and off we went.

Why I was already worn out from this fishing thing and we hadn't even gotten to the fishing hole yet. God it was a nice day at the pond, and even though none of the ducks were around for chasing, lots of dogs came by with their people so I got to play with them and be adored by their people to help pass the time as mom fished.

Then it happened, I saw mom's pole bend a little, and I watched mom work the line till she managed to real in the kitty fish. And I was right diary, it didn't have any fur at all, just the strangest looking whiskers I have ever seen. It was still fighting ma by flopping all around while she tried to get the hook out of his mouth; so while they were both distracted I inched in to give it a more thorough inspection. At first I just nosed it a little to see how it felt. It was all smooth, and slimey, and and not even a trace of where it's fur use to be. As I was c onducting my exam mom told me to leave the poor kitty alone cause it was having a bad day.  Then I started to feel bad for the poor guy, so I gave him a little kiss just like mom does to cheer me up, hoping it would help the kitty out. And it must have helped because next thing I knew mom was releasing him back into the pond. Poor kitty, I don't know how his fur is suppose to grow back if he stays in the pond all the time.

All I can say is fishing seems like alot more fun for ma and me than the fish.

Colin Doggie B


Diary, does your mother make you run errands

July 13th 2013 3:58 pm
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I was wondering Diary,

Does your mother make you run errands with her? The weekend before last it seemed like that was all me and my mom did. Ever since my mother's friend gave us her granddaughter’s old car seat, mom's been taking me along with her every chance she gets. For the most part I don't mind at all riding shotgun for ma cause it usually ends with something really good for the doggie, and that’s me. Like a few weekends ago when we went to pick up Mr. Noodle, may he rest in pieces, or when we go to Frates to pick up clam plates and mom and I split a bubble gum ice cream cone while we wait. Or better yet rides to Gooseberry Island's beach or the doggie park. However you have to be cautious cause sometimes it's a bad thing, like the vet they hide behind the rawhide bar at Pet-Co, or worst yet the tortious pedicurists that trims your nails or even worster when they are in a evil wicked mood and they decide to use the machine that sands the nails down. That always spooks me right out when they use that thing, and no matter how many of my finest Doggie kisses I give them they never fail to recall their task at paw. I'm shuttering just thinking of it. And did you notice that rides in the good weather are always better than rides in the yucckie weather; cause when it's nice mom always puts the window down a little so I can stand up on my car seat and can take a good sniff of everything going on outside. It's all about the nose for us doggies.

Anyways that weekend, mom and I were on the run all weekend long. It started on Saturday when we had to proceed to the bank so mom could deposit her paycheck. I always adore the bank, well I guess to be truthful I fancy the pond that is right across the street from the bank cause we stop there so I can stretch out my legs, water a couple of tree and dash and bark at the ducks. Not to hurt them or anything like that, just make them fly around and get some exercise. Then after the banking we were off to Pet Co to purchase some new fish for out tank at home. Did you know that they have these really weird looking catfish? Yea really, I'm not pulling your leg diary, but these poor things only have whiskers and no fur left cause they remain in the water all day and night. See I figure that's why they don't have any fur at all; it all rotted away and fell off from being in the water so much. That's why I get so upset at my mother tubbes me so often. Why, where would I be if my fur did that? I don't want to end up looking like a Chinese Crested, though I must admit I love Chow Mein kibble night.

But anyways, Sunday off we went yet again cause mom invited me along with her, this time to the bakery where mom pops in for that great smelling not for doggie stuff, and then the garden patch to pick out some plants for our yard. I offered to water all the plants there, but mom wouldn't let me lend a paw. Nope instead I had to stay in my duffle bag, but because I am such amiable little gentleman mom opened the top for me so I could at least bestow all the worker with Doggie smooches, and shake a paw or two. Everybody always believes I'm merely a puppy instead of a dignified dog of six. That's okay you could say I'm the canine version of Nermal from Garfield; and I am not above exploiting it any chance I get. But that’s enough jabbing for now Diary, just talking about that demanding weekend has me famished. Think I will attempt to work a little of my Doggie charisma on mom so I can get some Pup-Peroni.

Talk with ya again later
Colin Doggie CGC


had a great time doing all sorts of Doggie things....

July 7th 2013 5:43 am
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Hey Diary,

Got to hit the beach yesterday with mom and had a great time doing all sorts of Doggie things. Just had mom upload a couple of picks for ya.

Colin Doggie


My archenemy Mr Noodle

June 30th 2013 7:09 am
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Hey Diary,

With all this birthday stuff I forgot to tell you about my tried and true nemesis, Mr. Noodle. Admittedly I haven't spoken about my evil friend in a while, because I haven't seen him hanging around since my last birthday when I walloped him good, even though mom read his tag and it said three time as tuff. Mother and I think they meant three times as tuff as a feather because I was ripping out his guts in no time as all. Anyway, I received a coupon in the mail for a free toy for my birthday so mom told me that I could go with her last weekend to take care of a few things mom needed done, then off to the pet store to take care of mine. So as mom was pushing me threw the toy isle, hey don't laugh that I was being pushed around cause being less than a foot high it's the only way I see what’s on the shelves. So as I scanned the toys and tried to find something that caught my fancy I thought that I spotted out of the corner of my eye him lurking down at me. At first I wondered if it was him, last time we battled he looked all pumped up, but if it was him he had lost a ton of weight. I'm not sure if he went on the Catkin diet, or maybe he had that gastric bypass that everyone seems to be getting because he had lost a ton of weight. Nonetheless I sure wasn't going to leave him behind for some other doggie to get.

Of course I had to wait until I returned home before our battle might commence, however as soon as mom let him escape from the bag they imprisoned him in it was on. I vaguely remember hearing mother tell grump how happy I appeared that the Noodle had returned so I ensnared him and brought him over to Grump so he could get a better look at his latest disguise and even though grump tried to pull him away from me I kept a good grip on the tricky villain. Later that evening I overheard mom tell grump how sweet it looked caus I was sleeping on top of him. She doesn't understand how truly evil he is. I didn't tell ma it was for her own safety because I new how devious and dangerous he could be, let her believe she was safe.

The long battle was viciously brutal for a solid day, but as I rested with him trapped underneath me I got to wondering how it was he loss such a considerable amount of weight in only a year, so I decided I had to perform an Endoscopy on him to see for myself, enquirering Doggies wanted to know if it was a bypass or Catkins. Well I guess mom didn't want me to get into trouble for practicing medicine without a license, cause as soon as she saw I opened him up to insert the scope she made me drop him. At, first she only put him on the coffee table so as soon as she left the room I grabbed him back to try and finish my little exploratory surgery, but she caught me and again I had to drop him again. Only this time she put him in an ICU where I couldn't reach him. Darn that women, I don't know why she won't let me settle my curious mind. She said I could have him back after she stitches him back up, but it ended up being an amputee of my unfortunate acquaintance’s head.

Till our next conflict Noodle, I will prepare myself.
Colin Doggie


Did ya know it's my birthday

June 25th 2013 8:03 pm
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Hey Diary?

Did ya remember that my birthday is tomorrow? Yep, I am going to be an old Doggie of six, who woulda thought that five years would go by so quickly. Why it seems like it was only yesterday when I first came to make my mother acquaintance at the Taunton Animal Shelter. Looking back, I can say that I was really shy and timid, having been adopted out once only to be returned the very next day. So I didn't have high hopes she would return especially cause I nipped at mom fingers,justs a little, but she did come back the following day to introduce me to her boy, and take a stroll with them. I must have passed the test cause they came back later that day, and of we rode in car to my new forever home. I remember that Grump was just returning home from work as they pulled up with me in tow. Mom introduced me to Grumps as his shrunken border collie. She must have had ESP cause hearding people by nipping at their heals was one of my specialties.
That was the first of many things that mom labeled as a bad habit and started working to put an end to them. That women has no idea of what is endless fun to a young doggie, vause most of my favorite things were on that dumb list of hers, like no eating tissues, even the really yummy used ones, no stealing food off plates even when it's doggie height, and no running off with grandbabies toys till the whole family cased you around the house to retrieve it. Yep the more fun it was the quicker it made the list. Looking back on it now it doesn't seem like much to give up to have a family to watch over.

And did ya remember the pup cakes with pup-peroni chips in them with a peanut butter glaze over them that mom bakes just for me and my puppy friends. Why just the smell of them cooking is almost as good as the pup cakes, almost as good! Yep it's going to be a good week to be the Doggie.


Colin Doggie CGC Has a nice ring to it doesn't it......

June 15th 2013 5:07 pm
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Wow diary,

The 5th annual Paws-a-itively Purr-fect day the best one ever. And there have been some really good ones too. Like the first one mom and I went to, where I introduced mom to my Auntie Nadine for the first time. Mom told me later that she knew she had to be Auntie Nadine cause I dragged mommy to her so I could lavish her in Doggie kisses. Then, the next year we attended I saw my other Auntie and met my new friend Baily, then, the following year the dogs from my old dog club started going to do Canine Good Citizen testing, so we hung out the whole day together. But as wonderful as they all were none of them compares to this years! But let me start at the very beginning of the day.

See mom had been telling me for days we were going and both of us were excited about it coming up. Mom had been making me brush up on all my Doggie manners, but I didn't think much about that caus mom likes me to behave very good in public so we can show everyone how great us used doggies really are. So the morning of the big day finally got here, and I got really anxious when she started packing the car, you know afraid she would leave without me. But not mom, she packed me and my bag too at last. After strapping me into my car seat we were off to the benefit.

I spotted my old friend Fly and his person Ann first, and later our friends Bruschi, his sister the yellow lab, and cousin Brady and their person Linda. And Goliath, with Gloria along with Tyler and Jodie, just like old school days but even better because we had no lessons to interfere with our socializing, sniffing and humping. I ran into my friend Bailey and he had his brother Copper with my auntie, and at last my Auntie Nadine showed up so I could shower her in Doggie kisses. Enough to last me till next year. Yep, it was a wonder day, sunny with a nice breeze to cool us pups and people off nicely. Then near the end of the day mom surprised me by having me take my Canine Good Citizen test. And do you know what, I passed the test with flying colors. Mom was so proud of little old Colin Doggie. Then to celebrate mom and I and Gloria and Goliath, went to our favorite Ice Place. Yum, bubble gum ice cream for the Doggie.

Yes by far it was the best benefit yet. Life's good when your the Doggie!

Till next time,
Colin Doggie CGC



May 11th 2013 7:12 am
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Hey Diary,
Wow, can’t believe it’s been another year and that it’s time for The 5TH ANNUAL PAWS-ITIVELY PURR-FECT DAY on SUN, JUNE 9th from 10AM - 3PM at BOYDEN REFUGE, 1298 COHANNET ST,TAUNTON, MA. Here’s a link to the shelter’s website if you want more info.

It’s put on by The Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility, so please, if you live near by PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THE DATE AND STOP BY TO SUPPORT THEM!

The Mom said that she may have me tested for my Caine Good Citizen this year, whatever that is. I just hope it doesn’t hurt like a rabies or heartworm and Lyme, yuck. For me as always the best part of the whole day is that I get to see my Aunty Nadine again and give her Doggie kisses in person again.

Bark at ya later


Wow diary, You would not believe the year I've had. ( part- one)

March 10th 2013 7:34 am
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It started back in January and it happened so fast that I wasn't even close to ready for everything that went on. But let me start at the beginning for ya. I had an idea something was up when I overheard Norna and Grump talking about who was going to take me. Well this got my ears tuned in, take me where and with who I ask ya? Then I saw Norn take out the dreaded suitcases, now these things I remember because last time they came out I was stuck at my kissing cousin Drew’s for two weeks while they went away. And I noticed there was a new strange looking suitcase with them. Guess what, in that strange looking one I kept finding treats, and Norna kept throwing all my chews in there. So every once in awhile I kept checking it out, because it was pretty nice inside all pimped out with my favorite blankies and all. Then one night mom packed this thing up and took me and it for a ride to my Aunty Laura's house. At first I didn't recognize the place cause she moved, but once I spotted her dog and kitties I knew whose pad it was. Now while I was looking around I noticed this tiny kitty in a cage. I thought to myself it must be really wild if they have to keep it locked up. Laura called it Moose the gunnies pig, but you can't fool me, though it did smell a little strange. And then it happened, I stuck my nose in the cage for like five minutes and I heard the door open and close. So as I look to see who entered I noticed Norna was gone. Without as much as a pat on the head or a peck on the cheek mind ya. Now don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun at Aunty Laura's and she must have though that I looked a little on the skinny side cause she gave me a whole can of mighty dog every morning instead of just a third like Norna. And I could case those kitties all day and night and never get tired of that game, and having another dog around all day while the people are at work is nice. However I still checked that door a hundred and one times till Norn came back for me. I knew she would but I have to admit to wondering now and then. Then once she came back I hopped into her arm and held on for dear life. There was no way she was sneaking out again on me. I was the happiest doggie in the world that night when I went home with her and Grump, and thank dog she put those dreaded suitcases back in the closet. That reminds me I really need to find a way to lock that thing so I don't go threw that again.

It took awhile for me to settle back in again, and Grump keeps telling Norna that I am broken because I don't grrr him anymore. I guess I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things around here. Heck it took me a couple of days before I even starting scattering my chews around the house. Norna did leave that funny looking one out for me and when I kept looking at it she explained to me that it was a doggie pet carrier that she bought for me. She told me that if I can get use to it that she would take me on the next trip to some place called Florida that she went. I knew she’d miss me. Once you have had some doggie loves it's hard to go without it.......

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