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Only One More Day

October 25th 2010 4:41 am
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It getting closer and closer. Mom did a little work on my costume last night but I need to stay on her so it will be ready on time for tomorrow night. I must keep her focus on the prize!!!
Till next time diary
Count Doggular


"The Last Ugly Sweater Night"

October 24th 2010 5:48 pm
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It’s almost here. The last “Ugly Sweater Night” at school. Mom only has a couple of day‘s left to fine tune my ensemble for me for Tuesday Night. We still can not believe that there will be no more Pocksha Canine Club anymore. We will have to try to outdo ourselves this time. If I can triumph one more time I can go down undefeated there. I will have to keep mom busy to make sure I am victorious. Keep your paws crossed for me.
I’ll keep you informed of the outcome.

Yours truly,
Doggie or should I say
Count Doggular From Tailsylvania


Pocksha Canine Club is going out of business

October 20th 2010 4:54 pm
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Oh my God we are beside ourselves here and I just had to tell somebody about it! Pocksha Canine Club is going out of business. We can not believe it. Tuesday nights are not going to be the same when this transpires. Okay I know I know, I was under no circumstances the best scholar at Doggie School,( I still don’t sit at the end of a heel, and speaking about heeling, well now that’s another one that I have yet to master) but it was the only social hours I had with all my doggie friend and their people. I have girl friends there that I flirt with, and I had my eyes on the new Newfoundland I noticed last week at school. I have always had a thing about those lofty black hair canines: and the way this mademoiselle could salivate is indescribable; but I regress let me get back on the topic here.
What is mom and I going to do on Tuesday nights once this happen? Mom said I was just starting to get the hang of this school stuff, and in another year or two I would have become a great little working dog. Gee, if she had known this she may have been a little stricter about my studies. Furthermore it means no more doggie parties like were use to attending there. We have the last Costume Contest and parade of horrible at the end of the month then that is the end of those festivities for ever and ever. No more Christmas parades, or Yankee swaps, or even pictures with Santa. How will I ever ask him to bring me a new Mr. Noodle for Christmas now?
Whatever is a little Doggie to do!!!


Sunday again…

August 22nd 2010 4:49 am
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It looks like it is going to be a long week this week. They have rain down for every day in the forecast. How am I and mommy suppose to get our walks in if it's rainy all week. Oh yea, Mom will try to walk me, her in her rain coat and me in mine; but it will just be around the block not our good walks were we are out for an hour or so. Oh please go away rain1 It's bad enough that it's Sunday and Mom has to work all day, so I am stuck home with the boys. And I know Grump has to work on his car so I will not see a lot of him.

What's a poor little doggie to do?


Things are starting to get back to normal around here

August 18th 2010 6:31 pm
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Things are starting to get back to normal around here, and it about time too. I love when our grandbabies come to visit but it really takes a toll on our life. It seem like it was non stop for at least three weeks around here. Now I 'm all for a fast pace, but most of the time I got stuck home all alone for most of the day while mom and boy were off with the other grandbabies. Mom keep telling me that she was going places Doggies were not aloud, but I not sure I buying that excuse. You tell me how I suppose to believe Doggies' are not aloud at the zoo. What are they looking at, pictures of animals? I think not. And why go out to eat when you can cook at home were your Doggies around to help clean up any spillage. Having a warm meal is highly over rated when you have your dog's feelings to worry about!
But that's over now because they all flew back to Germany and it's just us again. I must say things are a bit quiet around here but I'm sure we will get use to it again. I been trying to keep mom busy so she doesn't think about the kids being gone. Like yesterday we took a walk with boy to the library to pick up a book for him. Mom was going to drive but Grumppa dropped the walk word out, so mom felt bad and made boy walk with us so I could go. Mom did not even get mad about it even though we had all ready taken a walk that day.
I am hoping to get a lot more walks around here because Mom broke down and bought one of those square monster for the bathroom. I heard her yelling at it earlier today. Something about it must be wrong and there is no way she weights that much. Yea more walks for Doggie. It's good to be the workout buddy. You should have seen the look on her face when I hopped on her stomach when she was doing her work out. She said something out jumping on her head was not helping but she was laughing too hard for me to believe her. Isn't yoga suppose to be done with dogs? Why not, they call it the downward dog.
Till next time dairy...


Why did it have to get so warm today!

August 9th 2010 5:55 pm
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Mom had to close all the windows today so she could put the AC's on again. I hate it when she has to do that; because I can not peek out my window and monitor the neighborhood. We were going to go to Borderland State Park after she got out of work, but she told me it was too muggy for that too. I don't get it, I was not complaining and I am the one that has to be in the fur coat all the time not her. Oh yea, sure, I got to grrr Grumppa's feet when he got home and had a play session with Mr. Noodle; but it's not the same. I have not been any where good for over a week and if this keeps up I am going to go on strike. She'll be miserable when I stop giving her Doggie kisses, or paw. And wait till I make her guard the house herself. Yep she'll be sorrowful then.


Did I tell you how much fun Monday was….

August 5th 2010 5:53 pm
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Hi everyone it's me Colin Doggie again. Did I tell you how much fun Monday was here playing with the Grandbabies? They have gotten a lot bigger since I last grrr their feet. The youngest boy did not seem real happy to see me, I think he must have been sick because he was delirious or something. He keep crying about how he did not want to come into my house cause of some mean dog, so I keep looking around to chase this dog away for him, but the only dog here was me Colin Doggie, and I know he could not mean me! It did not take him long before he started feeling better and I had him under my Doggie spell, and I heard him tell Mom how I was a good doggie.

All of the Grandbabies have gotten a lot more nimble since we last saw them too; I had a heck of a time chasing them around the house. We all had a lot of fun frolicking together, not to mention the vittles. Boy can my Mom mix up some cuisine because the Ravioli kibble was simply superb. Both the young boy and I did not last long after the ravioli's, something about having a full girth that put us boys’ right to sleep! Can not wait till they come over again to clown around with us. I love my big boy but being a pre teen we do not play around as much as we use too. Once and a while he let me drag him on the skateboard but that's about it. Maybe I can get Mom to rent me a little boy or girl when the grandbabies return to Germany so I can get a little more exercise in. I will have to run the idea by her and see what she thinks.

Will have to see how I make out with that. Goodbye till next time.


Keeping my paws crossed!

August 2nd 2010 6:06 am
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Today should be a busy day, because mom said my grandbabies are coming over for a visit. Mom is going to set up my pool for the kids, not me thank God, cause it's like an outside tubby. What would my girlfriends from up the street say if they saw that, I ask you. I would never here the end of it. And she is setting up my sandbox too so I can dig with the babies. Then we are all having homemade ravies, well I hope I am having home made ravies. She said she made them for the family and I am family aren't I. I'm going to keep my paws crossed. I will yet you know how I make out.


I have the best mommy!

August 1st 2010 8:03 pm
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I have the best mommy. Yesterday she had to have her car worked on and I was afraid that she would be gone all day but she was not; she made sure she made the appointment early enough so we could take our walk at Borderland. It was a good thing too because we ran into a lot of my doggie friends there.
Like my friend Tye from school who is getting a little brother next week. His mom told us about it while she was rubbing my belly. It's going to be an adopted dog like me but he is coming from down south, can not wait to meet him. A boy can not have too many doggie friends you know.
Then I spotted the fish herding Boarder again, only yesterday he was playing that dumb fetch game. He must have been humoring his person. We have to do stuff like that for them once and a while. I watched for a bit and then we got down to so serious play bows and romping. While I was playing with him, mom spotted her daughter Ianne and my girl Jayden, she lives right next to the park. (The new picture on my blog is Jay and me.) I was so happy to see her that I got right into covering her face with my wonderful doggies kisses, afterward I introduced her to my Border buddy, because she is a dog lover in training you know.
After that we wandered the rest of the park together. Mom invited them over Monday because our other grandbabies are coming over. I can not wait; it has been a long time since I have seen them. Mom say's we have our work cut out for us because my youngest grandson Brad is afraid of dogs and it is my job to win him over. Mom knows if any doggie can do it is me. I will let you all know how we make out.
So after we said goodbye to the girls it was of to the car for the ride home. I was so tired from my long day at the park that I hardly looked out the window before I fell asleep in my car seat, dreaming of the good life at my forever home.
Till next time dairy.


Hurry back to me mom !

July 31st 2010 5:04 am
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That's not fair.
Today is suppose to be my fun day walk with mom and now I find out she has to go have her car worked on. How am I suppose to have fun hanging around the house with Grumppa? I will not even grrr feet when mommy's not here, because I am too upset. Thank God, it's nice enough to have shut off the AC's , at lease I can sit in my window and wait for her return.

Hurry back to me mom!!!

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