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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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What's that I hear?Thank Dog-ness it's silence!

April 27th 2011 12:46 pm
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It's so nice once the dinosaurs decide to call it a day. At last, I can lounge in my open window in peace with no banging thumping booming or excavations sound to interrupt my Doggie dreams...Now it’s time to get in a powernap before the boys get home.



Happy Easter Diary

April 24th 2011 1:44 pm
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Now I know why they are called mystical creatures, I mean, how else could he have slinked in, me being on my Doggie guard and all. Mom and I were here all night too; because she was the prepping for our Easter Dinner so she wouldn’t have so much to cook and clean up today and we could nap off our feast together; so he couldn’t have tiptoed in then. After that I was watching very, very, closely from my garrison, between moms legs under the blanket, so there’s no way he bounce in past me then. Yet one way or another, by some means he managed to come anyway. What can I call it, paranormal, enchantment, or magic; there the only things that could explain it! That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

Though, now I see why mom lets him dance his way through the place, because I guess while he was waltzing by he dropped a few of the basket’s he was juggling around or maybe he is performing some kind of ceremonial dance, maybe a “stay away rain dance”, because one by one as my household awoke, they each grabbed a dropped basket and started digging in as if to finish the ceremony. Both Grumps and boy were deep into their offering when I notice some pup-ironies in Grumps bounty, so I being a clever little Doggie danced over to complete my part of the ritual, by eating a stick and running off with my Doggie biscotti. So far it’s worked too because even thought they said rain my window has been open all day and it is beautiful outside.

What a great day diary, cookies, chews, a great bow; of Easter Dinner Kibble, and a nap with my family. What more could a recycled doggie ask for. That’s everything for now diary; I hear my window beckoning….

Happy Easter Everyone


Bark, Bark, Easter Bunny

April 23rd 2011 7:37 pm
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Diary, did you hear that I made diary of the day pick again! I cannot believe how kind everyone is at Dogster. Mom said that she was going to have to get a bigger scrap book for me, cause I was getting so pup-ular. I think she just wants the room for extra Doggie pictures, being that I am so photogenic and all. Speaking of picture, mom just got done uploading my new Easter Pictures to my Dogster site. Really, she put up a few of them so everyone could see all the hard work I put into one of my photo shoots. The things I have to do to earn a liver treat of two around here. At least it was a Saturday and those rotten creatures are hibernating till Monday. At last a little shut eye. I have to keep on my paws tonight if I am going to guard against this Hip-Hop character tonight. A doggie’s job is never done!



some guy named Murphy?

April 22nd 2011 5:58 am
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Do you know this guy named Murphy, and where are all these outlandish individuals emerging from? This morning, I heard mom say it was this Murphy’s gent‘s fault that the monsters where bellowing and jigging outside her bedroom window at seven o’clock this morning. At least that’s what she disclosed to Boy when he complained about me springing all over his head and chest to bark a high pitch warning to him of the approaching beast. At least my woofing worked, because they were only out there for about 15 minutes, just long enough to awake the whole household during spring break from school, and then go perfectly quiet. It a good thing she has a doggie alarm around here or else mom would have them here sipping coffee around the kitchen table with the three musketeers. When will she ever learn?

Well I am off to take a nap so I can look my best for later. Mom wants to take Easter pictures of me and boy and I have to refresh for our headshots.


Doggie being deprived of a beautiful spring days.

April 21st 2011 2:53 pm
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Okay I am starting to think that they will never finish up working on the road by my house. The sun decided to grace us with its presence this morning and I was hoping we could go outside and toil on my enclosure to get it spruced up for spring; but mom said it was way to dusty and noisy in the street for us to hang around outside. She opened up my bedroom window, but it is not as delightful as the real thing. I wonder if it would help if I write my local officials and complain about all the deafening commotion. I bet it wouldn’t take that long if it was his Doggie being deprived of a beautiful spring days. Why I haven’t even taken a walk in days because of the giant cavities their making out there. Good thing my god-boy was over so I could at least take my mind of it by chasing him till he squealed; now that’s a clatter that I can listen to over and over and over. I wonder if I could get a copy on cd so we could listen to it on long rides in the car on Mom’s stereo. Think I will go ask her.
BAYL Diary


You wouldn’t have a good Rabbit Stew recipe would you- diary?

April 20th 2011 3:53 pm
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I tell you diary, I am not sure how much more I can take from those noisy beast outside. It was bad enough when they were working at the end of the road, but now they are right in front of my abode and the whole place trembles and shakes all day while they are laboring out there. I hope that they finish soon so I can get back into my usual routine around here, because struggling to survive on a mere 12 hours of sleep a day is not cutting it at all. How am I going to concentrate on my grrring if I am not totally revitalized? Grump so looks forward to our grrr sessions that I would so hate to disappoint him. Also, tomorrow my god-boy is coming over and I need to be on the top of my game so I can keep that boy in line around here. It’s not easy being Colin Doggie let me tell you!

Speaking of visitors, have you heard of this bloke called Peter Rabbit? I heard mom tell Grumps last night that he was coming this Sunday. I mean first she lets that old fat cookie bandit wearing the red suit in the house, and now she is going to allow a peculiar creature to hop on through her house. Good think I am up to date on my vaccinations, because god knows what I could catch off him. I keep telling her to get another lock for the door but she won’t listen to me, and someday she will be sorry.

You wouldn’t have a good Rabbit Stew recipe would you diary? Oh well, that’s all till next time diary.


I made the Dogster Daily Diary Pick today!

April 19th 2011 7:34 am
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Wow, Mom just told me I made the Dogster Daily Diary Pick today! I really didn’t believe her at first and I had to hop on Dogster and check it out for myself, however she was right, there I was, in the middle row. You could have knocked me over with a chew toy, I tell you. Now, I am not much for speeches; but I would like to thank all of my wonderful readers for making this possible, and it’s nice to know that so many people read about my adventures here at my forever home. Hopefully it will help show people how wonderful a used dog can be, and they will think more positively on adopting an older shelter dog as opposed to a puppy. Ask my mom and she will tell you that you can never match the magnitude of love and devolution that you receive form a secondhand dog.

Thanks again everyone, and I hope that you will keep checking back to read the epic escapades of little old me, Colin Doggie.


I could use a little workout

April 17th 2011 7:21 am
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Good Morning Diary, it’s another beautiful start to our morning here in New England. Mom just got a phone call and that means that my grand-girl Jayden, is coming over to our house for a sleep over, and I cannot wait. We haven’t seen her in a couple of weekends, and I could use a little workout from chasing her throughout the house. See, I am trying to get back into bandana shape for our summer treks to the beach, have got to stay in shape for the girls you know. Speaking of workouts, I’ve got to run and do a few limbering up stretches before she gets here, I have to stay in top shape for our slumber party, no way I am going to let the pintsized lassie get the best of me!



Big Boys can’t multi-task!

April 15th 2011 5:51 am
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Thank Dog its Friday, and it looks like it is going to be a really nice day outside too! Yes, you have to love it when you can get a sunny spring day, with a bit of luck the rowdy beast outside will keep there hullabaloo to a minimum so I can spend some quality time with my window till boy gets out of school. He’s going over his favorite cousin’s house after school and I am hoping that I can go for the ride with them. In any case I think it’s time to go plot my Doggie scheme for the afternoon in my window and observe the street at the same time. Who said Big Boys can’t multi-task!


Finally got to see Lily today...

April 14th 2011 5:42 pm
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I tell you, New England has no sense of humor at all. I recognized I went too far with that post that spring has finally come to New England; but I clearly said “ALMOST”! Today is nice enough nevertheless yesterday was a wet drizzly mess, which threw a hitch in any outdoor plans. At least the torrent rain kept those boisterous yellow dinosaurs away from our place and I could catch a nice, long-drawn-out nap without being disrupted. It enabled me to awake reinvigorated and put 110% into my grrr, good thing too, since Grumppa came back to the ranch at a fairly decent hour for a change. So I was honored with a full grrr session in the bedroom with Grumps, just us boys you know. Mom calls it my Grumppa time, then mumbles something under her breath about it being a boy thing.

Moms, who can figure them! Talking about mom’s that reminds me why I am writing today diary, we finally got to see Lily today. Mom and I were just starting a walk when we saw her mom, Pam in their yard. She brought Lily down so I could give her some kisses, sniffs and tail wags; and I was very happy to see her doing so well. She is such a pretty little dog that once her stiches heal she will be a thing of beauty once again, even with only one eye. She seemed a lot happier than she had been before the operation too, so we were glad for her. Mom said we could break into the flower cookies next time we frolic together. Maybe we can invite her sister Daisy as well, just to be polite of course!

Well I have to run along now dairy, mom’s making suga and I want to make sure that I get suga-flavored kibble tonight. I’ve been a really good boy today, and didn’t even put up a fight when mom vacuumed me today. Mom tells me it cuts out the middleman to simply vacuum me instead of the furnishings, just what we needed around here another unemployed worker…

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