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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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Wow can not believe that it is almost here.

December 24th 2010 3:33 am
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Did you know Santa Paws was coming tonight! I try to guard my house for Ma but she told me I could let the Fat Guy in tonight. It is hard to remember my days before I join Mom's family. Here the Dog always get's something good. My stocking has been hanging with care now for a few weeks in waiting, and Mom was making up the goodie bags for my doggie friends at her job last night, so I know it's close. I hope Santa does not think gerring Grumppa's feet bounces me of the good list. Come on Christmas hurry up and get here.
Happy Howliday Guys and Gals!


been a long winter so far and it is only February

February 5th 2011 4:17 pm
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Wow it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. It does also seem to have been a long winter so far and it is only February. The snow bank at the front of my house is almost as high as the garages roof, and we haven’t seen any sidewalk in a while. Mom say’s it a good thing I’m paper trained because there is nowhere to walk out there, we live down the city so it’s not safe to walk in the roads either. I am so board and am willing to take my chances on a stroll in the road but mom keeps telling me we have to wait. What will all this yucky weather we’ve been having she hasn’t even been able to take her car out, because it got iced in in the driveway and Grumps been working late all week so he couldn’t help her get it out either. She’s been telling me she wants to take a ride to the pet store so I can get a pedicure, have to look good for the ladies for Valentines Day you know. Mom been layoff from work so she said she would make some homemade doggie cookies for me and my friends this year. I can not wait to test them for her, scrumptious. I am not a big cookie fan but I think if I give her my cute look she may let me lick the beaters. Scrumptious, boy gets to do it when she makes them goodies so if it’s good for boy, it good for Doggie too, right.
Well I’m off for now, bark at you later…


Wow, I’ve never seen so much snow.....

February 8th 2011 5:44 am
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Okay, now I know why I haven’t been walking outside. Wow, I’ve never seen so much snow. Mom said it was such a nice day out yesterday she would take me for a walk, because you never know when it’s going to be that nice again in New England. We had to walk down the center of our town though because most of the sidewalks are still covered, and it’s not my favorite walk because of all the noise from the greens traffic, but at least we are not risking our necks when I take a sniff, or reestablish my relationship with a couple of trees.
I was hoping to see my girlfriend from up the street, but they were not around when we walked by. Just as well I still have to go out and have my pedicure down before I see them, Have to look go for Valentines Day you know! Mom tried to find the carbo chips at Petco yesterday but they did not have any, so she said we can look for them today when we go out. Yea that’s right, be jealous I get to go for a ride today. Speaking of ride I believe I hear the beautiful melody of the car keys now. Got to run….


Sometimes having a boy really comes in handy...

February 9th 2011 1:10 pm
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Sometimes having a boy really comes in handy. I was starting to think that now that he’s a teen ager that he wore out his usefulness, but every once and a while he still helps a furry guy out. Like today, it was starting to seem as hoe hum as usually just me lying around watching the house like mommy asked; when all of a sudden boy calls and asked to stay after school. You might not think this is such a great thing but it means I get to ride to school with mommy and pick boy up. Hip hip hooray, a ride in the car today and I don’t even have to have my nails done to earn it.

See that’s what happened yesterday, the beautiful melody of the car key deceived me; because mom took me to Pet Co to have a pedicure done. There I was, thinking she was being nice and treating me to lunch at the rawhide bar there, but no, sneaky mom hid a groomer instead. I was mortified, my Aunty Laura normally does my nail, not this perfect stranger we were talking to there. Then the mysterious lady started grabbing my feet and chopping away. I tried to whimper my way out but the heartless women keep to their mission, so I gave her one of my toughest grrrs, you know with one fang showing and all, but the clipper welding torturous only laugh at my act. After they were done having their way with me they tried to win me over with a wee cookie but I would not be bought. Okay I would not be bought for a miniscule cookie, I held out for a soft liver treat. Even we Tuff Doggies have our limits on willpower, a doggie could starve on principles you know, and I can not starve because who would watch the pack if I were not around.

Speaking of the pack I have to go jump on mom to remind her to take me with her. I am off till next time diary…


Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13th 2011 9:18 am
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In case I don't have time to write, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!


What did I get for Valentine you ask?

February 13th 2011 5:22 pm
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So I got my Valentine present early this year. What did I get for Valentine you ask; I got to see my grand-girl Jayden. Norna and Grumppa had her come over this weekend for a sleep over, boy was it fun. Every time she comes over Norn pulls out the kiddie toy box for the little one to play in. You would not believe the great toys that she keeps hidden away in there. Now I know I have my own toys and my own toy box, but I get to play with those all the time; these only come out for the grandbabies.

One of my favorite games is to watch the girl play, and then as soon as she picks out her desired toy, I sneak up and seize it from her. It’s the funniest game in the world, cause not only does it get my girl to chase me around the house but if Grumppa’s home, like he was this weekend, I can get him to join in the game with us. Now it’s not just me that finds this funny because Norna always laughs and laughs when she see’s Grump running through the house flapping and gesturing his hands bellowing at me to stop. Let me just state to you, for a petite little dog with only six inch legs I can really get my speed up. I must admit that I do not believe Grump and my grand-girl Jayden find it as amusing as we do. Oh well there is no accounting for taste I guess.

Not only did we play that fun game, but last night we made Valentine cookies, and Norna let Jayden feed me a little bit of the cookie. They were only sugar cookie, not those chocolate chip cookies that she and boy make all the time that smell so wonderful but she won’t let me consume. She always say’s that it is because it would make me sick but after observing everyone here eat them I would say it is because they taste too good and they do not want to share.

I can not wait till the next time Jayden comes over. Well I worked hard guarding Jayden all weekend so I guess I am off for a long deserved nap. Bark at you later diary.


I look at it like a Doggie Beauty Competition

February 15th 2011 4:36 pm
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Can you believe my Norna made me watch the Westminster Kennel Club 135th Annual Dog Show last evening! Me not being a pure bread puppy, I look at it like a Doggie Beauty Competition. I kept trying to go into hiding under the blanket and sleep through the whole thing. Okay, I must admit I did peek at a few of the girls that were on it. Norna kept telling me that I was a lot cuter than the dog in the show, but I am not sure I believe her. I mean if you have a handsome guy like me at home why would you even bother to watch junk like that. Is she shopping around for another dog or something? Should I be nervous?

I heard her tell Grumppa that it was on again tonight, so maybe I should stay on the outside of the quilt tonight to keep an eye on her and Grump. I don’t want them getting any silly ideas or anything. Everybody knows that I am dog enough to go around. Plus, I hear that the terriers are on tonight, and what dog can resist a scruffy looking lady with an attitude. I know I can’t! Well I have got to run diary, I have to practice my pathetic look before the show starts….


I tell you the fun just keeps on rolling around here

February 17th 2011 12:52 pm
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Boy have I been having a fun week so far, well other than the stupid dog show Norna made me watch on TV it’s been pretty good. Today is the second time this week that Norna has had her godson over already, and twice I got to go with her to pick my boy up from school; then I heard Boy say there was a dance tonight at school, so you know what that means. Yes, road trip again for the dog, yea, yea.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet, yesterday Norna and I had to run a couple of errands and not only did I get a ride in the car, but we went over my Aunty Donna’s after we finished the tasks and I got to meet my cousin Drew. I thought it was a little weird when I got there because Auntie had a bowl of water, and some yummy food all set up in a dog bowl there. At first I thought that she had put the spread out for me to cerebrate the fact that I went over for a visit, but then Uncle David came in with his sister and Drew. When we first meet I wasn’t sure if I liked him or not, but in no time at all were having so much fun frolicking together at auntie’s house. I haven’t run that many laps in a long time; though I kind of felt bad for Drew because Auntie kept yelling at Drew for playing roof with me. Norna and I told her it was okay, Drew is only a little Beagle and I use to play with much bigger dog than that at school. Why one of my girlfriends there was a Great Dane, I always did like them really leggie and you can not get any leggier than a Great Dane, that’s for sure. Why we ran around so much that both Drew and I were down for a long nap as soon as we left.

Boy, I can not wait for some of this snow to melt so Drew and I can go outside and really run off some steam. I don’t get to play with a lot of dogs now that Doggie School closed. I might even go so far as to say that I am starting to miss doggie school, but if you tell Norna I will deny I ever said any such thing. Well got to run, I think it’s time I chase my god-boy around the house till I can make him squeal like a girl, nothing personal ladies. I tell you the fun just keeps on rolling around here. BAYL diary


This month always seems to fly by

February 18th 2011 4:57 am
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Wow, I can not believe that February Vacation is almost here already. This month always seems to fly by; and this February seems to be going even quicker than normal since Norna is on something called a lay-off at work. I do not really understand what the word means, but if you ask me it means Norna gets to stay home and adore me all the time now.

Why I even heard her tell my Auntie Donna that she now knows how I feel being home all the time and never going anywhere. Maybe that is why she has been borrowing so many kids lately, just to give me somebody different to chase. That’s extremely considerate of her don’t you think. Plus as an added bonus, she made Auntie Laura come up stairs to get her boy yesterday so I could give her all types of face licks and tail wags. It is funny though because even though the boys here seem very happy about vacation coming up, Norna and Laura did not seem to be as happy about it.

I know that we are going to have our god-boy again next Friday because I heard the boy talking about it all day yesterday. I am going to have to work out all week so I can really give him a good chase next time he comes over. Somebody has to keep that boy exercised, well speaking of exercise I have been awake now for almost an hour now so it is time for a nap, don’t want to ware myself out before the weekend really starts. Till next time diary….


Then I got the bad new, that Boy was something called- contagious...

February 20th 2011 7:30 am
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A lot can happen in a short amount of time here let me tell you. Like last time I wrote I was just getting ready for a long nap, and then mom get’s a phone call from the nurse at Boy’s school. Boy had tried to stay home from school that morning but mom told him he had to go because he was well enough to go to the dance the night before, so she thought he could make it threw one more day at school as well. However the nurse told Norna that she thought Boy was really sick, and that she should take him to the doctors, (you know, a human vet). Poor Boy, nobody likes having to go there and I felt bad for him just hearing that.
I thought that Norna would let me go for the ride so that I could help protect boy, but she said Doggie’s were not admitted at the doctors, darn I wish Doggies were not permitted at the Vets either but that’s a “pet peeve” for a different day.
I was starting to get really worried while she was gone because it took a couple of hours before she returned with the ailing boy. I was imaging all sorts of thing happening, like the vet holding him down and muzzling him so they could give him shot’s and take blood, or even worst cutting his nails. Norna can be a little heartless about some things, but when Boy walked in he didn’t look all that frail or broken. I hopped up on him to give him all sorts of healing Doggie kisses to help him feel better, and laid down with him to stand guard, well okay, sleep guard. And do you know the lucky boy gets to get his heart worm chewy two times a day for ten days, I wish I could get that fortunate.
Then I got the bad new, he had strep throat and that Boy was something called contagious, and we would not be able to get our grand-girl for the weekend. Oh dear, how will my grand-girl get over not being able to see me and adore me. I know I would not get over something like that too easily. I am going to have to give him lots and lots more of healing smooches so Jayden can come over this week during vacation. If a Doggie kiss can’t make you feel better nothing will. Till next time dairy!

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