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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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Happy Valentinews Day Everyone.

February 14th 2010 5:22 pm
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Wow, it has been so long since I etched anything on my journal. Mommy’s camera busted so she hasn't been doing the photo op with me. And no I did not break the camera before somebody thinks up that old joke. However, today for Valentines Day she made boy snap some pictures of me so she could email out some cards for friends and family. I don’t know how she lasted this long devoid of up to date fresh Doggie Pictures.

I still knew just what to do for mommy. I hopped up on the treat chair right away in costume so they could do their photo op. I am an old pro you know. I held my head up high for them so they could get just the right shot in no time at all.
Nobody take a picture like me Doggie!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


Birthday Question

June 25th 2010 5:51 pm
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Boy it has been a while since I composed anything on here.

So my birthday is coming up tomorrow and I just want to now why if it is my birthday I do not get a say in if I take a bath or not. I liked the way I smelt and I sure my girlfriends would not mind a modest musk fragrance.


Colin Doggie Turns 3

June 26th 2010 7:30 pm
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So all and all it was a good day to be the Doggie.

Mommy called today my birthday, but Boy said it was my adoption day. I do not care what they call it as long as it will get me more of those magnificent pup cakes. Mom makes them special just for me and my Doggie acquaintances. This year the aroma was almost beyond description because she made some peanut butter frosting for the tops, and it tasted even better than it had last year. I might even go as far as saying the pup cakes made the bath worth taking. I’ll get fresh and sparkling clean any day for pup cakes.

Birthdays are good at my forever home!


Colin Doggie Turn 3 Part Two

June 29th 2010 7:53 am
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I uploaded a picture of me enjoying my Birthday Pup Cake. I just celebrated my 2nd Anniversary here. The Pup Cake mommy made for me and my friends were really good this year. They were "liver chip, with peanut butter frosting. My girlfriends from down the street came over with presents for me and to help me eat my pup cakes. I did not really need the help with eating the pup cakes but mommy always reminds me to be a gentleman so I shared with the girls. We ended the evening by taking a lovely stroll together. I can not think of a better way to spend a birthday. Well I'm off to try and beg the last peace of pup cake off mom.
Wish me luck!


The things I do to be a star!

July 22nd 2010 9:42 pm
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I know I haven't written in a while but things have been crazy around here this summer. Mommy just got a new camera so she promised me she would start taking more pictures of me for all my loyal fans out there. She has a couple of movies she is working on. This first one I did not want to star in but I guess I had to. The show must go on and all that. It should be up soon, so we hope you all enjoyed new the movie.


No not again Mommy

July 23rd 2010 2:31 pm
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Hi everyone it's me Doggie again. I am trying to remember to be a more zealous poster to my diary here on Dogster: so since I was hanging around home killing time I thought I would jot down a diary entry. Things are a little quiet around here tonight. I was watching my boy all day long for mommy while she was at work, but now he's off at his friend’s house for an overnight. My boy is getting big now, almost thirteen and he has the attitude to prove it. Mommy is always saying how glad she is that I am past my terrible teen years, being an adult dog of three now, because she could not handle two teenagers in the same house. Now I am not that old that I don’t still like grring Grumppa’s feet every night when he comes home, but I am sure I will never outgrow playing that game with him. Grumppa is still at work right now and it is Friday so he will go out after work and have a couple of beers with his friends when he gets done so it will be awhile before I can grrr his feet.
It's always nice and tranquil when it's just mom and I. It would have been a perfect night if it wasn’t for the bath she made me take. Yes I know I just had one, and I most differently told her that again and again while she was getting the stuff ready. It is an on going battle with her and me, right now she is ahead but someday I will win. Like a couple of days ago she gave me the last Bath even though it had hardly been a month since my last bath. Then yesterday she was outside cooking out on the grill, and getting the yard set for when our grandbabies come for a visit at the end of the month, with me in my pen enjoying some fresh air. I decided to put on a little doggie colon to impress my girlfriends up the street when I saw her come check out what I was rolling in. She gets real funny about what I wear for cologne; I don’t know why, maybe she has allergies or something. All of a sudden I hear Doggie Leave it, Code for stop whatever I’m doing, and she runs to pick me up. At first I thought she just wanted a better sniff of my macho new scent, but then she grabbed the dead bird I was rolling over and threw it out of my pen. She really has no taste in toilet water: like no dead bird scent, no poison ivy scent, no trash sent, no stink grass, the list goes on and on. And now no dead bird with bugs on it, how am I going to get girlfriends smelling so clean. Oh well I guess you have to take the bad with the good. Speaking of good, she just cooked me a wonder mallow bone with just a pinch of garlic, just the way I like it. Now that I think of it I believe I will be off to gobble my bone, have to keep up my strength for Grumppa feet later. Maybe I can swivel around over it first.


A day at my favorite walking spot.

July 24th 2010 6:00 pm
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Oh boy what a day I had today with Mom. It was Saturday and since boy was still at his sleepover we got to leave earlier than normal for our fun day walk. Today’s destination was our very favorite place, Borderland State Park. I don’t know if any of you dogs have ever been lucky enough to visit there but I think it is really impressive. There are all these really great trails through the woods, so it is nice and shady, it has a couple of ponds that the dogs can go swimming in, and a several good fields were you could play Frisbee with your person or just chase a couple of birds to keep them on there toes (or is it wings).And there are always tons of really cool dogs there with there people. Mom says the dogs are all exceptional because their people take them out to places like Borderland, not like the poor dogs that never get to leave their yards. I know a few poor dogs like that and they seem really unhappy, barking all the time and stuff. Good thing mom adopted me and not somebody like that!

But anyways, like I was saying about the noteworthy dogs I meet there. Last weekend I spotted a boarder collie that showed me a new trick. It was really hot so I hopped in one of the ponds to join him. And what do you think this Boarder collie was doing? He was herding fish! His person was a little surprised about it but it made perfect sense to Mom and me. I mean, what else would a Boarder do with fish. Today while we stopped at another one of the pond I met three grand dogs that were fetching a sick for one of their persons. I manly just got my feet wet and watch because I figure if the person was dumb enough to keep throwing the sick back out into the pond he did not deserve it back. Frankly I never got that fetch thing at all. The people seem nice enough though and they had good taste because they fell in love with my breathtaking looks, and cool name. I let them oh and awl over me while I dipped my feet to cool off. I did not dare go for a real swim living since I live with the bath crazy lady and all.

Before we left for home some incredibly friendly women took a photograph of mom and me for us that I will post later, along with a movie of our wonderful adventure today. Well, I am getting a little drowsy after our three mile tramp today. That’s a lot of steps for a diminutive chi mix like me so I’m off to catch a few zzzs and dream about my magnificent life at my forever home.


At Last My Friend MR. Noodle's Dayveiw!

July 28th 2010 5:45 am
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Have I ever told you about my best friend Mr. Noodle? He was the first toy Mom and boy ever bought for me at my forever home. I remember that day well because mom introduced me to the wonders of the "Pet Store". Oh what a wonderful place this is, with every toy a doggie could imagine and they have this wonderful salad bar of treats put out, though mom will not let me eat them there, she says that she has to buy them first, whatever that means. And all the girl fawn over me because I put them under my magical doggie spell and nobody can resist me when I turn on my charms.
Opps I got sidetracked there, back to Noodle. Now this is not my first Mr. Noodle, I would have to guess he is about my third; because I bestow so much love on him that he kind of wears out. Mom won’t let me play with him when he starts throwing up stuffing, and I always pout when I am without my friend, so mom replaces him right away. I have other toys but none is as dear as Noodle to me. He sleeps with me all day while mom is working, and helps me beet up Grumppa when he is sleeping on the couch and I want to play. I know if I drop Noodle on Grump's head enough times he will wake up and grrr with us. I have even broken down and played fetch with Noodle to amuse my people: they seem to get a kick out of me running around the house with Noodle in my mouth. Humans can be funny some times. Maybe someday mom can snap a picture of me running and jumping with Noodle for you so you can see how athletic I am. But for now just be sure to watch the new movie: Doggie and Noodle.
Till next time fans, your favorite used dog


Hurry back to me mom !

July 31st 2010 5:04 am
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That's not fair.
Today is suppose to be my fun day walk with mom and now I find out she has to go have her car worked on. How am I suppose to have fun hanging around the house with Grumppa? I will not even grrr feet when mommy's not here, because I am too upset. Thank God, it's nice enough to have shut off the AC's , at lease I can sit in my window and wait for her return.

Hurry back to me mom!!!


I have the best mommy!

August 1st 2010 8:03 pm
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I have the best mommy. Yesterday she had to have her car worked on and I was afraid that she would be gone all day but she was not; she made sure she made the appointment early enough so we could take our walk at Borderland. It was a good thing too because we ran into a lot of my doggie friends there.
Like my friend Tye from school who is getting a little brother next week. His mom told us about it while she was rubbing my belly. It's going to be an adopted dog like me but he is coming from down south, can not wait to meet him. A boy can not have too many doggie friends you know.
Then I spotted the fish herding Boarder again, only yesterday he was playing that dumb fetch game. He must have been humoring his person. We have to do stuff like that for them once and a while. I watched for a bit and then we got down to so serious play bows and romping. While I was playing with him, mom spotted her daughter Ianne and my girl Jayden, she lives right next to the park. (The new picture on my blog is Jay and me.) I was so happy to see her that I got right into covering her face with my wonderful doggies kisses, afterward I introduced her to my Border buddy, because she is a dog lover in training you know.
After that we wandered the rest of the park together. Mom invited them over Monday because our other grandbabies are coming over. I can not wait; it has been a long time since I have seen them. Mom say's we have our work cut out for us because my youngest grandson Brad is afraid of dogs and it is my job to win him over. Mom knows if any doggie can do it is me. I will let you all know how we make out.
So after we said goodbye to the girls it was of to the car for the ride home. I was so tired from my long day at the park that I hardly looked out the window before I fell asleep in my car seat, dreaming of the good life at my forever home.
Till next time dairy.

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