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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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Maybe mom will let me roam around free in the yard

August 29th 2011 6:16 am
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Hope everyone made it threw Irene's visit okay. Seemed like the worst part of it over here was the bath thing, and having to take my outdoor pen down. Maybe mom will let me roam around free in the yard while she cleans up today. Wish me luck with that.

Your Weather Doggie


Some days it’s good to be a Recycled Doggie.

September 1st 2011 8:58 am
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Yea, Mom and I are taking a walk to the farmers market today. I so can not wait till we go. I will be sure to update you later with a Doggie update. Be sure to gander back in. Some days it’s very good to be The Recycled Doggie.


The timeworn old days, when I was still just a young little- Doggie…

September 1st 2011 3:31 pm
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Hey Diary,

Wow, what a week it's been. First it was the uninvited guest, braving the wind to post a local weather report, then tubby after tubby. I tell you mom has no sense of humor about scratching, whatsoever, at all. It’s only Thursday and I have had two baths already this week. Sometime I don’t think she gets what it’s like to be a dog at all. I mean like it wasn’t bad enough I had to take the second tubby but she read I wouldn’t be so itchy if I didn’t use a dryer. I mean really do you have any idea what my fur looks like when I let it do its own thing. Just look at the photos of me with noodle and you will see what I mean. The only bright note was I am a big boy now and don’t wine when Mom turns on the sprayer and the tubs go so much quicker now. Mom was proud of me, wonder if it gets me brownie points? So maybe that why I got to walk to the Farmer Market with mom today.

Oh yea back to the photos that reminded me Boy went back to school this week. Mom got me into a football jersey in his schools colors so I could show, don’t tell anyone but my “Tiger Pride” It’s about time that Boy went back to school, it makes it a lot easier to keep track of him during the school year and he has to stay around home a lot more too. We are having a hard time believing boys getting as big as he is, all ready in high school, what happened to our little guy?

Think I will hop up in my window and muse over with Mr. Noodle about the timeworn old days, when I was still just a young little Doggie…


But Mom told me it was a long weekend this weekend...

September 3rd 2011 5:52 am
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I been so cheated, I tell you life is not fair. Mom told me it was a long weekend this weekend, and what do I see when I wake up? Grumps gone off to work, now what’s up with that? He should be home lazing with me like we do every weekend. The man has some explaining to do when he comes home, we will see then if I even feel like welcoming him home with a grrr session. Sometimes you have to suffer to make a point!


The sooner Boy gets over this whole adolescents thing the- better!

September 9th 2011 4:17 am
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Hey Diary,

Wow I can’t believe that it’s Friday already? Where did the week go? We seem to be falling back into our old routine here fairly easy. Boy’s getting so big it’s a little scary at times. I have to grrr him every once and a while to keep him in his place so he doesn’t start thinking he’s old enough to try bullying and bossing me around. Just because I’m on the petite side doesn’t mean you can take me lightly. And you know how teenagers are, always trying to rock the pecking order. Mom, Grumppa, me then Boy, that’s how it goes around here, and sometime I still try to nudge Grump down a peg, so the sooner Boy gets over this whole adolescents thing the better. Then we can all go back to our favorite activity, loving and adoring the Doggie.


It’s a somber Day today Diary

September 11th 2011 5:44 am
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It’s a somber Day today Diary,

I am laying here on my moms lap licking the tears from her cheeks as she remembers all that happened on 9 11; so, to all that lost there lives on that day you are in our prayers. May our people never forget what happened that day but always grow from what they learned. And to all my Doggie friends give your people pack a little extra Doggie kisses, they are going to need it.

A somber,
Colin Doggie


So not Fair!

September 17th 2011 10:15 am
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I would like to know why Grumppa works on his car on Saturdays instead of lounging on the couch with Doggie. Doesn't he understand that it's our bonding day! I mean sure I love mom and all but I see her all week long, and I only get to hang with the boys on the weekend. It's just not fair I tell you. Next weekend I am going to have to hide all his tools on him, than we will see if he abandons me to work on the dumb old car instead of adoring the Doggie.

Till next time diary
Mad Little Colin Doggie


Are you ready for some football?

September 18th 2011 7:54 am
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Yes Doggies, it’s that day again, Football Sunday. Do your people watch football? My people over here are so addicted to football that they are glued to the TV’s around here. Me, I only like watching the teams in blue uniforms, good thing the Pat’s are the home team, because my eyes are fixed to the set with the rest of the pack here. Mom always makes a great game day meal for Sundays so that means I get really good kibble on Sundays because mom always mixes a little people food in with the doggie kibble. Yum, that woman makes the best kibble ever. And them there’s the popcorn with extra virgin olive oil during the games, my job is to cleanup all the dropped popcorn. Playing vacuum is my most favorite job of all, especially when there’s popcorn involved. Oh Dog, I can’t wait till game time, as for now, I am off to lounge on the couch and be completely adored by Grumppa. Ahh, all’s right with the world around here.

Colin Doggie


I would like to welcome fall in....

September 23rd 2011 4:10 am
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Good Morning Diary,

Wow, I can not believe that it is fall all ready. Mom was right when she told me the older you get the faster time goes by. It seems like summer just started, and it gone with the wind. Not that I have anything against Fall, because a lot of my most favorite things happen in fall, like Football season starts, Halloween is around the corner so I have my yearly date at Pet-Co’s Costume contest with the sister girlfriends up the street (wonder what I will be this year), and best of all mom starts utilizing the oven again. I tell you there is nothing more superior to lounging in my window sunning myself and having all the wonderful aromas from the oven lure me off to slumber. And now the weather is a lot better for long walks with mom. So I would like to welcome fall in with an extra excited tail wag, and now I am off to christen a few leaves, in the sprite of autumn of course.

Colin Doggie


At last I get to have a sleep over at my house.

September 23rd 2011 8:05 pm
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It’s been a long day Diary,

Mom wasn’t feeling well today so we both got up really early and ended up seeing boy off to school this morning updating my diary while she waited to get into the bathroom. She left me real early this morning so she could put in an application and run errands around town, without me I may add. Then when she finally pondered back to me I notice she smelt like my cousin Drew, but she still had her head ache so she went right back to sleep before I could ask here what was up. So poor little Colin Doggie had to wait to get all the info from her that I needed. I thought that she just went for a visit without me and I was going to sulk pretty bad so she would feel my disgust at being forgotten at home, but then she gave me and Boy the good news. Are you ready diary, Auntie Donna asked us to babysit Drew for her and Uncle David. He gets to come for two weeks to play with me and the pack. Mom asked Grumps and he said it was fine with him. At last I get to have a sleep over at my house. Boy, or boy are we going to have fun and maybe, if we are lucky mom will grill us some hotdogs if we have good enough weather, though even if it’s not the weather is always fine in my window and it’s big enough for two. Poor Drew though, wait till he see what we get here for food, not that mom doesn’t mix a great “kibble a la supper”, but we don’t get hotdogs every night here like at Aunties. Oh well, I’ve never starved yet, come to think of it nobody ever does here, bmto! ;)

And that wasn’t even the end of my day. Mom and Grumppa went out tonight so I had to babysit Boy for them. And then guess what phenomenon happens, he’s not only nice to me but he even put my Taunton Tiger Football jersey on me so we could hang out together while he was using the web cam. Mom told him that someday he would benefit from the fact that I was a chic magnet. What girl can resist a little Doggie charisma when I turn it on? Turns them to putty in my paw. Grump and Norna laughed and hooted once I greeted them at the door to tell them how well Boy minded me looking equipped for game day, however I didn’t think it was funny at all.

Oh my dog, Look at the time, I’ve got to run and catch up on my sleep, all this typing without thumbs has left me dog-tired.
Sniff ya on the flip side Diary
Colin Doggie.

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