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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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There is something funny going on around here; and I don't- think I am going to like it!

July 7th 2011 5:28 am
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I don't no whats up but their is something going on and I can not put my paw on it. Mom keep pulling out these huge black rectangle things and putting cloths inside them, but I don't see any Doggie stuff in there, and then yesterday we went over my cousin Drew's house and mom drop off a bag of my kibble, can kibble,wee wee pads, my old Dog crate, and my best friend Mr Noodle. And she left him there. I was so upset that I didn't even play with Grumppa when he got home from work. How could I grrr Grumps when I was so concerned for Mr Noodle. I hope Drew doesn't chew him up or anything, I have heard tails about some of his stuffed animal and it would not be pretty for Noodle. She said we are going over today again, and I am going to put my paw down and demand that he come home with us. I love my cousin and all but giving him Mr Noodle is out of the question!

Well I'm off to skulk some more and make mom feel guilty.

Mr Mad Head
Colin Doggie


Mommy I miss you!

July 14th 2011 1:28 pm
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I just don't understand whats going on. I know that I have been visiting my Aunty Donna alot, and as much fun as it is too spend time at her house and play with my cousin Drew, I so miss my mother, and do not understand why she has left me here and doesn't come back for me. I know that she missed spending time with her grandchildren, but that is no reason to leave me all alone here, and not even tell me she was going to do it. Well okay, maybe I remember her telling me that I was going for a sleepover at my cousin Drew's but enough all ready lady, it's time to come home to me.

It's so not fair to be the Doggie! Hurry home to me mommy.

Tail hanging,
Colin Doggie


All I can say is if they have them those little mad- munchkins better send her back to me!

July 22nd 2011 12:38 am
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I am so sad, it has been almost two weeks now since I saw my mother and the boys. Life is just not the same with them around. Oh sure, it nice here at my Aunty Donna's house, and it nice of her to take me so many places with her but it is not just not the same as hanging out with my mother. I tell you that women has some explaining to do when she gets home to me. Auntie Donna said something about Lepricons but I'm not wearing any of my Irish hats so she can not be there with them. All I can say is if they have them those little mad munchkins better send her back to me.

Please mommy, please come back to me.....


After a long wait, mom has returned and I am back home where- I belong!

July 28th 2011 6:04 am
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At last Diary,

After a long wait mom has returned and I am back home where I belong. I have been home since Saturday but this is the first chance I have had to update my diary. In case you did not know I was staying at my Auntie Donna’s for a couple of weeks while mom and her boys ran off to some Dog forsaking land to visit with our grandbabies, and as usual I got the short end of the stick, (being only about 6 inches or so tall I am kind of use to the short ends of things). But things are back to normal now, or almost normal because boy was only back for about a day and a half before he left me for my cousin’s Dunkin and Wills house. Oh well at least I still have mom and Grumppa to play with. I am still not exactly back to myself yet. Mom thinks it because I am afraid I will be banished to Auntie’s house again if I do something wrong here.

Auntie house was really an interesting place, and she had all sorts of people and animals there. I got to play with my cousin Drew, well okay, so I bullied my cousin Drew, and then almost got swallowed by a Dane mix, good thing I tasted so sour because he spit me out. I also got to use my Shrunken Boarder Collie skills on the baby goats there. I only jumped out of my pen once and it was just to talk with the goats, wanted to see if I could use the bar ram u line on them from the movie “Babe” to see if it really worked. Auntie Donna caught me however before I had a chance to test it fully. And the grub there was the best, no dry kibble for me, can kibble in the morning and a hotdog or two at night. I was trying to drown my unhappiness in food. If only I could get mom to let me eat that stuff here I would be the happiest doggie alive!

Well that’s it for now Diary, I off to sun myself in my window, like Dorothy said, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!!


Wow, thanks everyone for making me a diary pick today!

August 1st 2011 6:26 am
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Wow, thanks everyone for making me a diary pick today! It’s nice to know that all my loyal fans have not forgotten me while I was unable to post.

Things are starting to return to normal around here, my grand-girl Jay came over for a sleepover this weekend and I have my god-boy Zack over now for me to grrr; and I have already entered a contest to try and win some money for the shelter mom found me at. They are going to announce the finalist on August 5 so keep your paws crossed for me. I would so love to win some money for the Taunton Animal Shelter to help them out.

Speaking of the shelter, they are having a benefit on WED, AUGUST 17th from 11am - 11pm; Chili's Restaurant (500 South St W, Raynham, Mass) will be sponsoring a "Give Back Night" to benefit the Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility. 10% of your bill (Dine in and/or To Go) will be donated to the Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility. Flyers will be available at the Taunton Animal Care Facility, Robin's Corner Flower Shop, Leahy's Liquors, Ventura Grain, and Raynham Town Hall PLEASE bring the flyers to Chili's if you go! If you want to go and can’t pick up a flyer drop me your email address in a Dogster mail and I will send the flyer to your email.

Well that’s it for now, time to chase my god-boy till he squeals like a girl; life is good at home when you’re the Doggie!


Grumppa, he’s a lot easier to put under my Doggie spell.

August 2nd 2011 3:52 pm
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Good Evening Diary,

I was just hanging out on my mom lap so I thought I would take the time to update you. No too much new has been happening here, but it is very nice to be lounging around home doing nothing with my family again. Grump thinks I miss all the animals from Auntie Donna’s house; but I will take a quiet evening at home over a sleepover at Auntie anytime. I do so miss the grub there, I keep telling mommy that I am wasting away to nothing here but she doesn’t believe me. She always was a hard one to fool, hum, maybe I will work a little harder on Grumppa, he’s a lot easier to put under my Doggie spell.

Hope you all still have your paws crossed for me, I find out in a few days if I am a finalist in the contest I entered. I hope so. I know the shelter could use the money it would bring them, so keep pulling for me guys. Well I’m off to see if I can hit Grumps up for some treats.

Colin Doggie


Things are pretty quiet around here this weekend!

August 6th 2011 6:34 pm
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Hey Diary,

Things are pretty quiet around here this weekend because for once Jayden didn’t come for a sleep over. At least my boy came home this week, and it is certainly good to have him home again because I don’t get stuck home alone when Norna goes out with grumps with boy to lounge with. I think he might be sick or something however because he’s been overly nice to me since he got home. I am going to have to talk to Norna about maybe worming him to be on the safe side. You never know and I would hate to catch anything off him. Its bad enough that I on mom’s dodo list from the walk earlier, I don’t need to get sick too.

What, why am I on the dodo list you ask? After my walk lately mom has been letting me run around in the yard to blow off steam, and I usably turn right around when she calls me, but I hadn’t been out for a few days and the girl downstairs threw some food out for the squirrels, and I guess I didn’t pay attention to mom when she called me. I heard her tell Grump that I lost my yard rights for a few days. Well golly, how was I suppose to resist going to peek at what was out there. It’s not like I ran off or anything. Oh well, maybe if I turn on the Doggie charm I can win her over.

Well got to run and start doing a little kissing up to get on Mom’s good side again.

Till next time diary
Colin Doggie


She may as well have painted them pink on me!

August 9th 2011 9:21 am
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Hey Diary,

Man, sometimes my mom can be so heartless, like yesterday when my Auntie Laura came to pick up our god-boy Zack. I was wagging from head to toe because she came up to say hi to me and adore the Doggie, as she should. And out of the blue I hear those dreaded words, “can you trim Doggie nails for me while your here”? What was I to do; I was trapped on her lap. Oh the shame of it all, Grumps tried to help me but those heartless women both told him to hush and they continued to torture me. Then as if that wasn’t insulting enough, mom made me sit still so she could file them down after, right in front of Grumppa. Nothing like snatching my manhood out from under me, how is he going to take me serous now during our grrr sessions? She may as well have painted them pink on me.

Head hanging
Colin Doggie


So all I can say is I’m keeping my paws crossed over here- that Irene won’t be so scary in person.

August 27th 2011 4:13 pm
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Hey Diary,

Hey did you guys here, somebody named Irene is coming by. Boy is she slower than I thought because it seems like we have been waiting for days for her to get here. I can never figure out what makes some good guest and others not: they all seem to smell the same way to me. I’m not sure what I think about her yet but it doesn’t sound like the family thinks highly of her, but I keeping an open mind about her. I mean I did get to go outside and roll around in the grass while Mom picked up the yard yesterday; plus then she stayed in with me all night because she was tired and didn’t go out with Grumppa. There’s all ready two points in her favor, and plus she picked boy up a day early as well so she wouldn’t have to leave at all tomorrow.

So all I can say is I’m keeping my paws crossed over here that Irene won’t be so scary in person. Hope all are safe on the East Coast.

Till next time Diary
Colin Doggie


Visit with Irene

August 28th 2011 9:16 am
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Well everybody, she is getting closer. I was just thinking it wouldn't be a bad visit because the power went out so my bath got cancelled, yea!

Then the lights came back and we took a peak outside to see what it looked liked. Yucky and Wet that what it looked like, and then to make things worst mom tricked me when I walked back inside, Well your already wet she says, may as well take a tubbie?

Starting to not like Irene so much!

Colin Doggie

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