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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

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A little about me

September 1st 2008 4:36 pm
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Hi everybody, I am the new Doggie in my house. My people caught sight of me at the local animal shelter and decided to adopt me. I’m about a year old, and some kind of Chihuahua mix. Mommy thinks I am going to be a good little dog, but no Doggie is perfect, and even though I am small I still have to learn the rules. While I am talking about rules, we sighed up for puppy school in August, at Mommy’s old dog club Pocksha. She keeps telling me I will like it but I not that sure yet. My Mommy said I am doing well at school, but I still whimper all the way to class on school night.

I even help my Mom recycle by giving her another use for plastic bags from the market, and not to mention all the newspaper and flyers that come to the house. She's trying to paper train me now and even though I am getting used to it I would much rather go out side and pee like the big dogs.

So far I think this family stuff is pretty cool. I even have a boy here named Trent. He’s a lot of fun to play with, and I love to go places with him. My people learned I like to dig when we went to a park, and one day I went to the beach with Trent and Mommy and it was great fun. Today we tried out a dog park in Foxborough and we all had a great time. Everyone always thinks I’m a puppy, so I always get a lot of attention. Let’s just say I soak up all the attention I can get.


A Doggie’s grasp on back to school

September 9th 2008 7:30 pm
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Oh boy, what a week, it was just awful! I thought it was bad enough that my new mommy made me go to doggie school once a week but last Wednesday was even worst. It started with mommy waking me up really early to eat and do my business on the morning papers, and then my boy and mommy got all dressed up. I wondered what was up but they put me on my leash, and I guessed we were all just taking a walk together.

It all started out well, we walked around the corner and down the road, me peeing and marking everything standing when all of a sudden we stopped. What was going on I thought to myself, I had enough ammo for at least another block or two. Then it happened, this big yellow thing pulled up, mommy said goodbye to our boy, and the squeaky yellow thing swallowed up the kid. I could see him in its stomach, waving his hand for us to save him. I barked and yelled at the thing to let him go but it just ran away with him. Mommy said he had to go to school, then she took me on the rest off my morning walk like nothing was wrong, what a brave mommy. Next we got home, I hopped up in my favorite window to look for my boy and the next thing I knew my mommy grabbed her keys, told me to watch the house and off she went.

I worried about them all day, who would protect them, lick their faces and gurrr their feet or jump on their legs to let them know it was time for their walk. I could barely get in a four or five hours nap that day because I was so distressed. I was just about to jump up and bark a 911 on the phone when at last my mommy came home, and she had the nerve to act like nothing was wrong. An hour or so later my boy must have won his scuffle with the yellow monster because he returned also, looking astonishing happy and unsoiled for his struggle. I kissed his face at least a hundred times to show how happy I was that he made it back to me. But then it happened yet again the next day and the next.

I have started to show my displeasure by sulking on the couch nowadays after my morning walks in protest of this awful phenomenon that happens on the weekdays. I think its working because I heard my daddy tell mommy he thought I was sick the other day when mommy called from this place called work. I may have to try a little harder to convince mommy though because I could here her laughing on the other end of the phone.


Doggies Graduation Day

September 18th 2008 8:02 am
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Okay, let me just start out by barking out that I received my Certificate of Completion” from mommy’s dog club Pocksha. I still can not believe it, but mom said it had to be mine because it has “Colin Doggie” written right on it. All my new people are so proud of me! But let me start out this entry from the morning. It kind of long so come back later if you do not have time to here my story now…..
It started out really good because mom had it off so we got to walk my boy all the way to the battle field. When we arrived there, other children were getting ready to prepare for their daily struggle. A couple of these kids were of the girl variety that I really like. More often than not, they bend down to tell me “what a cute doggie” I am; and when I have them under my spell I sneak in a ton of kisses. Too bad the yellow monster showed up just them to swallow the combatants to run away down the street with them. So mom and I finished off the block for a morning walk.
I thought I won the daily double at the track when I got home because Grumps had the day off too. So after even more kisses I got to show him this crazy new ball thing that mom got me. It works like this; you push the bright orb all over the floor till it begins to formulate funny noises. Then after it cries enough, it spits a treat at you so you to back off. That toy is always worth a good roll because you never know when it’s in a spitting mood.
Before I knew it boy was back to refuel and start his preparation for tomorrows encounter. Then food for me, some of that not for doggie stuff that smells so great but I never get to try. I took mom on our after dinner stroll; then off for a ride with mom and my kid. We boys are always working.
I absolutely love rides in the car because I have this pimped out boaster seat. Well really it’s my godsons Zack’s, a godson is a borrowed boy in case you did not know, but it’s awesome just the same. It lifts me high enough so I can see out the window; mom belts me in for safety and it is all recycled stuff. I am the green doggie.
Only too bad for Doggie because today was Tuesday and rides always end at Doggie School on Tuesdays. No dog parks, no pet stores, no friends houses just dumb old school. This school of ours is what gives mommy all those stupid “rules thing” ideas. I mean Place, heal leave it, down and sit. What are these people barking about? I will just never understand it. For example my sits are not real pretty yet, why I am expected to just stay there till mom says okay. I still not completely convinced of this “she the boss thing” in the first place. I do really well at home, but with so many other dogs with their people, and their kids how is a doggie going to listen.
But Mom and I stuck it out together and I got my diploma. She mentioned something about advanced training but it went over my head. Most things do only my being only about 12 inches tall and all. Well I think I am off to roll my ball again.
Till the next time diary.


Oh no the B*** word!

September 24th 2008 7:42 pm
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Just when I thought I was living the good life here, I found out my mommy had a big fault. She can not seem to stop using bad words around me. Here I was, innocently chasing the spitting orb around the kitchen floor, minding my own business when I heard it slip from her mouth. I could not believe my ears; I mean she seems like such a sweet-tempered, compassionate person. Just when I think I’m living the good life out it slips from her gentle mouth. You know the really terrible ghastly appalling B word. It is the one word that can leave a doggie shaking and quivering in their fur.” Doggie, time for a bath” mom said all cool, calm and collected. Sometime it seems like she has a heart of stone. This was already my third bath this month, and being a graduated doggie I can count that high now. My mom just can not comprehend how many times I have to roll around in stinky grass, and rotting rubbish to get to smell this delightful. Not even my heartrending looking puppy face was enough to deter her from her dreadful mission. I had to mope and sulk in my sun-drenched kitchen window the rest of the day. It is soooo hard to be a doggie these days!


Happy Anniversary to Me

September 27th 2008 6:35 am
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Yesterday was my 3 month anniversary with my new people. I can not believe it has only been three month, most days it seems like I have been here forever, and life is going pretty well for me here. For my special day mom cooked my favorite treat; a new marrow bone, exactly the way I like it too. It was a wet rainy day but mom left my window open for me anyways because she know how much I take pleasure in watching the world go by. When my people got home there were tons of kisses, liver treats (yum), and even a long nap on the couch under my beloved blankie with mommy.
Mom says that I am a smart little doggie and that I have learned a great deal of doglish already. I know, ride, up, off, papers, sidewalk, wait, sit, down (I know down I just don’t like it) hurry, easy, and the one that mom says is the most important, leave it. Oh yea I also know all those dumb words from school too, but I am not even going to justify them by mentioning them.
I’m off to gerrr Mister Noodle so that’s it for now diary.


Part Chi part mountain goat?

October 14th 2008 6:58 am
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Mom thinks she knows what kind of mix I am. She’s now believes I am part mountain goat. She also says I am having something called a set back, but let me explain. Mommy tells me all the time that kibble doesn’t grow on trees and she has to go to work so she can buy me all my food, toys, and pay for Doggie school. Now I would be happy to skip dog school if it would help, but I not so willing to give up the other two. When I first got here she use put up a couple of small obstacle to block of the rest of the house and leave me with just the hallway and bathroom to play in while she was gone by; but I’m a smart little doggie and it did not take me long to figure out a way to penetrate these barriers. Soon I was lounging on the couch by the time she returned from work, sometimes leaving little present for her because it was too much effort to rescale the barriers to reach my papers in the bathroom. As a result she started leaving me access to the kitchen as well so I could lounge in my window while home alone and I was fine with that until the weather started getting cold. Then she had to shut the window before she left, which left me with no chose but to infiltrate the living room again.

Though I enjoyed this daily exercise mommy clearly did not. So my mommy thought she would put and end to my fun by buying two extra high gates (33 inches high) and once again try to keep me in just the kitchen and bathroom while she was gone. For a while it worked, and I would stay were I was placed, but as the days went on, about a week to be exact, I would once again great mommy at the door when she returned. As good matured as mommy is she was not looking forward to her daily dance with the rug cleaner so she thought she would outwit me again with these dreaded gates. This time she wasn’t playing around and she started leaving me in just the bathroom with one gate on top of the other. Clever mommy and at first it worked but me not being a Doggie to take things lying down I spent the next couple of day planning my next great escape.

Mommy figure it wouldn’t take me long and it didn’t. Though she expected me to use my mountain goat skills and climb over I tried a new means of attack. You should have seen moms face the first day she came home and I met her tail wagging at the door. I had worked at the gate till I pushed open the bottom gate. Boy did I give that gate a thrashing; it looked like a grate dame had pressed through it. Mom thought maybe she didn’t set it well and tried again the next day. She tried hard and I felt so bad for mommy that the next day I pulled the bottom gate into the bathroom so I could escape. That way right after I greeted mommy at the door I could ran back into the bathroom and lay down on my pillow like a good little doggie. That made her feel much better and we both had a good laugh over how thoughtful I was.

So as things stand now mom and I have reached a compromise. She knows I recognize what the gates are for because when she’s home I will not got over, under or though a gate when they are up, even if she leave them open a little on one side to test me. Mom now leaves me with the kitchen, bathroom and hallway so I can investigate any noises I hear, and be at the door a pond her return. So far so good, but the weathers been nice and my window has been open. Time will tell diary, time will tell.


Doggie's thoughts on Ugly Sweater Night!

October 31st 2008 6:17 am
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Happy Howloween everyone. This is my first one with my new people, and I am really looking forward to it. I never knew doggies got to dress up for it too, but mommy told me all her dogs dress for Halloween every year. I was a little skeptical at first about the ugly sweater (costume) she made for me just for this holiday, since boy and she could not stop laughing at me in it, but I am starting to see the advantage to it now.

It started last Saturday when she packed up me and my ugly sweater and off to the car for a ride to Pet Co. I love taking trips to pet stores, however when we got their instead of picking out rawhide chews at the doggie salad bar she put me in my ugly sweater, there were people all around pointing and laughing at me , how uncouth. Just when I thought I would die from embarrassment, I spotted my doggie girlfriend Daisy from up the street, and she had her ugly sweater on too. Daisy looked very cute in her butterfly sweater and I gave her tons of kisses to cheer her up, not our fault our people have poor taste in clothing. After looking around I noticed that all the dogs there had on their ugly sweater as well, Stacey and Clinton would have a field day with these people. One by one they called out the dogs and made us walk the runway for everyone to laugh at us. When Mom and I were done with our walk the staff gave mommy a huge bag of Halloween Sugar Cookies and these really great chews. Boy they were scrumptious. Mommy though they smelled just like the real thing so I had to tell her they were not for people they were doggies, at last revenge for all the good stuff on the table.

I thought that was the end of that stupid sweater till Tuesday rolled around. Yes, Tuesday means doggie school night and all the dreariness that goes with it. This week I thought it was going to be even worst because I saw her pack that stupid sweater again. What was Mom thinking; I know all these dogs and their people and Boy came along with us this time, just to snicker at me, I’m sure. How would I ever live this down? Mom and Boy were in high sprit on the ride so I should have known something was up. When we arrived there Mom made me put on that vulgar sweater again, and I walked in with my head low. Just as I was consoling myself with a payback plan of peeing on the rug when we got back home, something caught my eye. It was my buddy from puppy class, Brandy and she wore an ugly sweater too, as a matter of fact all the dogs did. Was this an epidemic of bad taste? Oh, the shame of it all. Soon Boy was walking me around the mats in a “the parade of horribles” with all the other dogs. Just when I was about to start a mutiny the parade ended, and I was allowed to hide under mom’s chair. But then I heard my name called and Boy dragged me back out in front of the whole crew again, but instead of being arrested by the fashion police I was given a prize for my costume, another bag of great smelling cookies yum yum, and a new squeaky toy. Who knew bad taste paid so well, and because of the parade we only had to do our lessons for about 20 minutes instead of the normal hour.
I have begun looking at this dumb unsightly sweater with new eyes. People can not seem to resist giving you wonderful things when you wear this ugly sweater. Why I have more cookies than I could eat in a year now as a result and Mom said she’s taking me out again tonight in it. So let me just end by telling all my doggie friends out there to bear with ugly sweater night for your people’s sake. Just go out with heads and tails held high glowing with the certainty that you are not alone and good treats come from ugly sweater.


Merry Christmas to All from Doggie.

December 25th 2008 5:53 pm
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Oh boy what good fun Christmas was with my new family! I got to do so much stuff this holiday season. It started right after Thanksgiving at the Middleborough parade. Pocksha my dog club marches in it every year and this was my first attending. I got a see all my dog friends with their people while we waited for it to start. I set eyes on the funniest looking bred of dog there, tallest dog I ever saw. Mommy said it was a bred called horse, and to be glad we were walking in front or them. It was a long three miles, but I was in high spirits because I heard all the kids in the crowd calling out “look at the Doggie.” How did they all know I would be there?
Next were pictures with Santa, you know the Big Guy? I thought he was kind of scary when I met him at school. But by the time I took pictures with him again with my grandbabies at the mall I was an old pro. Jayden needed tons of doggie kisses to calm down after the photos opt though. I was only happy to help out. Then the next night mom put me in my Reindeer hoodie and off to school with her and boy. It was our Christmas party, so all the people got to eat some of that not for doggie stuff food, and treats for us doggies. Then boy open a great gift for me, a huge canister jam-packed with yummy dog cookies. Mom made me share with the other dogs at school but I still ended up with half the jar full after showing my politesse.
Christmas eve my girl and her mommy came to sleep over. Mom spent the whole night in the kitchen working on the feast, so I had to keep my self busy by chasing my girl. That thing never runs out of energy. Mom tucked them all into bed but Boy kept trying to get up that night. Then it happened, it was here. Did you know that guy in the Red suit bring you stuff on Christmas? I got all kinds of cool tasty stuff in my stocking. And the best part was I got some of that not for doggie stuff in my kibble. Mom mixed homemade Ravioli in just for doggie. You could not have found a happier dog this Christmas, or a more tried one. I think I had a Christmas hangover.


Somebunny Wanted to say Hi

April 12th 2009 12:51 pm
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Just wanted to wish everybody a happy Easter from my people and I. Time keeps hoping by here, I can’t believe I have been with my people for 10 months now. Life is good for Doggie. Well it will be when I get this stupid Bunny ensemble off. Well I’m off to see if I can steal the ham bone. Hope the bunny was good to you all.


Happy Birthday to Doggie!

June 28th 2009 6:15 pm
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OMG, what a great first birthday I had at my "Forever Home" with my people. I can not believe it's been a year already. Mommy kept telling me summer was almost here but with all the rainy weather we been having I thought maybe she was mistaken. Summer time is my favorite time of year because my boy Trent and Mommy are home all week long since Boy gets all summer off at his school. (I’m bringing this up with the other dogs at Doggie School this week; maybe I can start a riot.) But I woke up the morning of my birthday with the sun shining, and bird song filling the air. Mommy had made the greatest pup cakes ever seeing that they had liver treats for chips. Best of all they were for my doggie friends and me, not the people. My friends and I though they were mouthwatering tasty.

My people even got me a birthday present which I open all on my own I’ll have you know. Mom does not typically let me rip up paper but I finally showed her how handy it can be when I attacked the wrapping, and I had the gift out in a jiffy. I could not believe my eyes when I say it was a brand new Mr. Noodle. Mr. Noodle was they first toy mommy got me when I got to my forever home. He was my best friend and I played with him all the time, well until I ripped off too many of his body parts and mom could not sew him back together any more. Boy and I played with the dazzling new Noodle all day. Let me proudly tell you the new Noodle is all ready missing some of his beard fuzziness. I hope Mom bought in bulk.

Everybody here furnish me with tons of kisses and oodles of extra walks all day long. Life is so good now it’s getting hard to remember my life on the streets and then the long lonely stay at the pound. I’ve settled in nicely with my family here. For my birthday wish I wished all the dogs in the shelters could find their forever home like I did. Remember you can not beat a recycled doggie.

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