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“Colin Doggie” A Recycled Dog’s Story!

Doggies Graduation Day

September 18th 2008 8:02 am
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Okay, let me just start out by barking out that I received my Certificate of Completion” from mommy’s dog club Pocksha. I still can not believe it, but mom said it had to be mine because it has “Colin Doggie” written right on it. All my new people are so proud of me! But let me start out this entry from the morning. It kind of long so come back later if you do not have time to here my story now…..
It started out really good because mom had it off so we got to walk my boy all the way to the battle field. When we arrived there, other children were getting ready to prepare for their daily struggle. A couple of these kids were of the girl variety that I really like. More often than not, they bend down to tell me “what a cute doggie” I am; and when I have them under my spell I sneak in a ton of kisses. Too bad the yellow monster showed up just them to swallow the combatants to run away down the street with them. So mom and I finished off the block for a morning walk.
I thought I won the daily double at the track when I got home because Grumps had the day off too. So after even more kisses I got to show him this crazy new ball thing that mom got me. It works like this; you push the bright orb all over the floor till it begins to formulate funny noises. Then after it cries enough, it spits a treat at you so you to back off. That toy is always worth a good roll because you never know when it’s in a spitting mood.
Before I knew it boy was back to refuel and start his preparation for tomorrows encounter. Then food for me, some of that not for doggie stuff that smells so great but I never get to try. I took mom on our after dinner stroll; then off for a ride with mom and my kid. We boys are always working.
I absolutely love rides in the car because I have this pimped out boaster seat. Well really it’s my godsons Zack’s, a godson is a borrowed boy in case you did not know, but it’s awesome just the same. It lifts me high enough so I can see out the window; mom belts me in for safety and it is all recycled stuff. I am the green doggie.
Only too bad for Doggie because today was Tuesday and rides always end at Doggie School on Tuesdays. No dog parks, no pet stores, no friends houses just dumb old school. This school of ours is what gives mommy all those stupid “rules thing” ideas. I mean Place, heal leave it, down and sit. What are these people barking about? I will just never understand it. For example my sits are not real pretty yet, why I am expected to just stay there till mom says okay. I still not completely convinced of this “she the boss thing” in the first place. I do really well at home, but with so many other dogs with their people, and their kids how is a doggie going to listen.
But Mom and I stuck it out together and I got my diploma. She mentioned something about advanced training but it went over my head. Most things do only my being only about 12 inches tall and all. Well I think I am off to roll my ball again.
Till the next time diary.


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