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Black Pearls of Wisdom...

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The rarest of Lymphomas

November 8th 2012 7:51 am
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From the National Canine Cancer Foundation:

Extranodal lymphoma- It is the rarest among all lymphomas and can affect areas like the breast tissue, cutaneous tissue (skin), hepatic tissue (liver), ocular or orbital tissue (eyes), osteo tissue (bone) and oral tissue (mouth). Patients with extranodal lymphoma show degeneration of the organs involved (0rganomegaly).

Prognosis- Extranodal forms of lymphoma has not been thoroughly investigated with respect to the prognosis.

So, Dixie's cancer is as unique as she is...


my eye is soft--it's a good thing

November 6th 2012 6:12 pm
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The Mom took me in to see Dr. Jackie because my eye looked more cloudy today and I tried to scratch it (I know, bad Dixie). Dr. Jackie fit us in to her busy schedule.

Bad news is there IS more protein in the fluid behind the cornea. So my vision is more compromised.

Good news is the drops are keeping my eye "soft" so the drains in the inner eye are still working and haven't plugged up. Plugged up = increased pressure = blown pupils = loss of vision. My pressure is 4, which is lower than normal, but makes Dr. Jackie happy.

I'm still on track for staple removal this coming Monday (on the Mom's birthday-how's THAT for a present?).

We should hear back on Thursday with the biopsy results. Paws crossed...


The Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party!

November 3rd 2012 5:04 pm
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Back in March of 2008, a dear pup named Hayden decided to throw a pawty after finding out that a bully buddy named Buh-ens had an inoperable mass on her heart, and sadly would not be with us for too much longer. Four and a half years and 1,591 pages later, the Mitey Mitey Buh-ens Party (in the Party Time & Virtual Play Dates forum) continues to give companionship, love and support to all that drop by.

As you know, Dixie BlackPearl developed Secondary Glaucoma in her left eye, possibly from a blood cancer. She lost that eye on Tuesday. Today we posted this in the Buh-ens forum:

beloved Buh-ens family... words cannot begin to express our thanks for your prayers, kind words and continued support for Dixie BlackPearl and her family. Today we received a package from Buhens. Big, but light. My heart stopped when I thought it was a stuffy. Should have known that you would know and remember that the only "toys" Dixie ever plays with are blankets (a hold-over from when she was riding the roads as a trucker's dog?). When we opened the box we found a beautiful red dog-print blankie, with wonderful big fringe, the perfect size for tossing over Dixie for play.

bless you all, and please continue your support as we fight the good fight with our darling girl.

with much love,
Rhon & Lar


she's a little stinker...

November 1st 2012 1:19 am
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about taking her antibiotics and pain pill. Dixie has always been quite the gourmand when it comes to food. If you offer her something by hand, she'll lean in, sniff it, and gingerly take it into her mouth. If she's not sure about the taste or texture, she lowers her head & drops the food onto the floor, then sniffs it again. If it passes the second sniff test, she'll eat it.

This doesn't bode well for us sneaking Clavamox, Doxycycline & Tramadol past her! She used to take pills with cheese. But, because she ALWAYS chews her food, she caught on fast about that, and stopped eating cheese.

Then we tried liver sausage. We'd give her a piece or two sans pills, then the loaded piece. Dixie would chew each piece before swallowing, and then pittooee, out would pop the pill.

We tried the pill pockets yesterday. Chew, chew, chew, swallow, pittooee! Deja Vu! What a little stinker!

Picked up a feeding syringe today. We tried cream of chicken soup with dissolved pills. Worked somewhat. Tonight, her Daddy tried tucking a pill into the end of a mini-egg roll (paws crossed no Pancreatitis). Of course, it worked!

Can we say "spoiled Daddy's girl"? BOL


she had an accident

October 31st 2012 3:44 am
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after she got home and made her incision bled a bit. 12 hrs later, there is no oozing, no discharge, but the area above the staples looks red. Her poor Daddy is beside himself, blaming himself. It's hard to say if it looks better, worse or the same. Both her Daddy and I were shocked by how she looked when she came out of surgery and both of us avoided looking at her poor face. It was that, or break down and bawl like babies. She's not pawing at her eye, which all the literature says is a sign of infection/irritation, so maybe it ISN'T worse. Or are we seeing what we want to see again?


successful surgery

October 30th 2012 4:32 pm
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Dixie came through fine, no problems. Some trouble when we got home, but she's resting comfortably now.


Surgery & Blood Cancer

October 29th 2012 11:45 am
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Dixie will have Enucleation of her left eye tomorrow morning at Veterinary Vision in Glendale Heights. The pressure in the eye keeps increasing and the pain is increasing. Removing the eye will instantly ease her pain.

Dr. Vernot believes when the University of Wisconsin biopsies Dixie's left eye they will probably find cancer, specifically cells from some sort of blood cancer. We will have a path to follow for treatment going forward.

Dixie has something starting in her right eye. Dr. Jacqueline Vernot started to treat that eye today. I said "to save her sight" and Dr. Vernot corrected me: "No, to save her life". Truth.


we didn't see what we thought we saw...

October 22nd 2012 9:37 am
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Well, Dixie had her follow-up with the ophthalmologist this morning. Apparently we saw what we wanted to see the other day when we thought we saw reaction in her eye.

Even though Dixie's eye is less swollen and is more comfortable, her eye is still non-visual and her pressure is actually slightly worse. So, the meds helped with the Uveitis, but did nothing for the Glaucoma.

We've added another medicine to the mix, having Urine Blasto Antigen testing done, and are going to have the abdominal & thoracic xrays and ultrasound repeated, looking for the systemic disease or neoplasia that's causing the Glaucoma.

And so it goes...


The white of my eye is white again...

October 19th 2012 1:22 am
[ Leave A Comment | 6 people already have ] something is working!!!!! It was blood red since last week. Here's hoping the drops continue to work and the pressure comes down.

A big thanks to Dr. Jamieson from Animal Eye Consultants for hauling Dixie's file with her to Elgin today so she'd have it, just in case. Another big thanks to Brenda from Banfield Schererville who texted our vet, Dr. Mullings, that Dr. Jamieson needed to touch base with her about Dixie. And the biggest thanks to our favorite vet, Dr. Trudy Mullings, who took time out of her vacation to call Dr. Jamieson to go over Dixie's case.

We're so very lucky to have such caring professionals in our lives.


Might lose the eye

October 17th 2012 6:17 pm
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We needed a dictionary to translate Dixie's diagnosis:

Uveitis-nonvisual, negative dazzle & menace, pupil fixed & dilated, moderate aqueous flare, central hypopion, fundus visable, optic nerve appears slightly inflamed, pet has 1 month history of weight loss & elevated liver enzymes, ddx: systemic disease, neoplasia (possible cancer at bottom of eye--not primary, but secondary spread from an unknown location. Dixie just had ultrasound and xrays last month & nothing was seen).
Secondary Glaucoma - mild bupthalmic.

3 medicated drops to try and reduce pressure, inflammation & possible underlying infection. If no results by Monday appointment, we are looking at taking the eye. Paws crossed...

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