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A Dog's Life by Suzy Q

Christmas Time

December 12th 2006 6:52 am
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Well, mom plays that Christmas music all day long. Then she sets the player to play it until she falls asleep at night. Just between you and me, I think mom likes Christmas music. I must admit that I like it too.

The other day mom spent the day and part of the next day wrapping presents. I'm getting excited, I hope I have something good under that tree!
Maybe I'll get two, three, four or maybe even five presents.

I had to have surgery on the 27th of November. I had a problem that just wouldn't go away, so I had to have surgery to take care of it. I had to have my anal glands removed (Saying that in a whisper). I had my stitches taken out on the 7th of December. I was so embarrassed, there is just no way to maintain dignity when you go into the hospital. I'm sure there are some of you out there that know exactly what I'm talking about. Then to top it off they sent me home with one of those "lamp shades" and I had to wear it until my stitches came out. "Oh, the humiliation!" Well, the doctor said that I have healed up very nicely. I am so glad that wh0le experience is over!

Well, I am praying that everyone here at Dogster has a very
"Blessed Christmas" and a New Year that is even better than the last one.
Also praying that every pup out there finds their own loving furever home.


Suzy Q


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