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Dream Hugs and Kisses

From the Eye's of a Pop's

June 8th 2008 6:51 am
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I'm here to tell you, i don't make a very good Foster Pop's.. No way No How.. all i want to do is whip the tar out of anyone who could ever miss treat any living thing..

My heart just breaks as i watch Kiki exeperince things for the first time.. It's Bitter Sweet.. My Heart is full as i see her get to experience all the things we take for granted.. Hugs, Kisses, Food, Air Conditioning, Treats, Good Food, Extra Attention..Heck any Attention, Toys, Green Soft Grass, Playing, Companionship, Soft Voices, Soft Beads, Soft Hearts, Smiles, and so much more..

and My heart just breaks to think of 5 long years she spent completely without any of these things.. I can't even go there if it were not for neededing to feel it, so that i can get more busy in the fight against this type of thing.. or for the needing to visualize this type thing to get more compasion and patience with the living things that as Kiki says, just never knoweds"

In the past 2 1/2 days i have been realy blessed.. i have got to admit, i am anyways, but i learned that blessings can come at any time from any place.. i realy want the families who are thinking of adoptions to meet kiki from my eyes.. I will try and tell it like i see it..

Kiki is wonderful.. She is so affectionate.. She doesn't appear to have a single mean bone in her little tiny body..

Kiki deserves alot of attention.. evrything is 100% new to her.. so if it feels good and makes her tail wiggle, she will respond in a very loving and Positive way..

Kiki is like a new born baby.. every single thing seems to make her happy and amazed.. she is playful, and gentle, and an all around sweet personality..

She is awesome with other dogs off all sizes, breeds and temperments..

She seems to learn real fast.. She has a great sense of enviroment, and adapts easly..

She is very healthy from all reports we have and what we can see...

Kiki is House trained all ready.. Not because someone worked with her, but we started taking her out often from the start and realy praising her when she goes outside.. she also watched the other dogs and just picked up instantly, that this is the place to go.. NOT one single incident in the house yet.

Kiki also has a realy real soft demeanor.. Not one single sign of agression from her in all this newness.. Thats being swarmed by other dogs, new people, Being Lifted, played with, etc..

Zero signs of any Food Agression.. in fact she kinda invites all the dogs over to eat with her.. she'll drop a treat and let anyone have it ... I have taken food away from her in a testing enviroment and she's like, "I know ya will give it back"..LOL

she's just awesome from what i see...

She does Need and DESERVE a lot of attention and training on the basics.. Sit, stay, No and such..

Regena and i have started that and will keep you updated.. What she realy needs most i think..Oh we are in trouble when i think.. but i do thinkshe needs people with patience and tollerance and just Kind Loving hearts.. she is smart and will learn well and loves the praise of sucessful training.. so it will be great if she finds someone that will be consistant and just work with her..
so far as i see, she Loves it!

Well i better go check out the Pack.. Feel free to contact Regena or me about more info any time...

Thanks for all the wonderful kindeness many of you have shown as we share our lives with kiki and share her with you...

Have a Geat Day!



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