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Days In the Life of a Non-Herding Herder

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My Favorite Author

June 16th 2011 1:01 pm
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I thought I would share the website of my favorite author with all of my Dogster pals:

(Sorry I dunno how to post links!) Trixie is one heck of a doggie, and boy, can she write! Even from the Bridge, she can write books that are very entertaining an inspirational. If you're ever lookin' for a good gift, table book, or a smile, you should check these out!

Now, for you humans reading this, Trixie is Dean Koontz's pup. He is Ma's favorite author, and she was thrilled a couple of years ago to discover his love for all things canine. He often writes "dogs are awesome" plots into his books. (Two are "The Darkest Evening of the Year" and "One Door Away From Heaven".) I think Al and Chauncey have a good quote from one of the books on their pages. Anywho, I thought I would share this stuff for you avid readers out there!


We Had No Bananas!!!

February 16th 2011 6:05 pm
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And there were flying monkeys (as one of our furiends calls them) EVERYWHERE!! Like, all over my house! Ma and Myles had one of those playdates again, but with way more people today! The four women Ma has Bible Study with came over with their kids today. There were two pre-schoolers, three toddlers, and two babies. I was soooo busy! So many to look after! Ma says I was really good and didn't try to heard any of them. I really liked the older girl named Anna - I wanted to play with her a lot!

Then, after everyone left, it was SUPER warm out, so we went for a walk. It got up to 59 DEGREES. ABOVE ZERO! That is crazy for up here in February. Everything was all melty, so Ma got out her plaid galoshes and the jogging stroller. We only walked the half-circle cuz it was hard to push the stroller through the slushy stuff, but it was so fun. Ma was glad that we got to get out to walk. I enjoyed sniffing, peeing, and splashing! Ahhh, it was a perfect day. I'm ready for bed!


Baby Invasion!

January 9th 2011 7:13 am
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OMD! I was SO busy yesterday! The doorbell rang in the afternoon, and there was a lady and a BABY at the door!! Ma said they were friends of hers and Myles, then when I was sniffing, I realized I had sniffed the lady before. She was in my obedience class with her Swiss Mountain Dog, Arlette!

She brought her little girl, Violet, to play with Myles - they were born on the same day, two hours apart! I was running around for TWO HOURS trying to keep my eye on them both. Those kids can MOVE! I really had a lot of fun with Violet because she wanted to play with me lots - Arlette doesn't really like to play with her. But I did!! We did a lot of running around and I kinda barked at her a lot, which Ma wasn't so impressed with. I was just so excited!! At the end of the playdate, we all got a little treat, then it was time for Violet and her mom to go home. Ma said they will come again sometime, so I am happy!


Happy New Year....

January 1st 2011 7:23 am
[ View A Comments (1) ] my BELLY!!!! OMD! Last night was sooooo pawsome! Ma and Dad ended up having a little party of sorts. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brendan, and Auntie Eszter came over for supper. Ma made steaks, baked potatoes, corn, and Texas Rolls. Dad bought a lemon meringue pie for dessert. Auntie Esztie brought over a Hungarian pasta dish (garlic sauce and chicken!) and it was all smelling so good!

Well, after the humans got done eating, Grandma and Grandpa started talking about how good potatoe skins are for doggie coats, so Ma and Dad thought they would give me some. And THEN Dad grabbed my bowl, ripped up some skins, chopped up some steak, AND threw some pasta on top!! I WAS IN DOGGIE TASTY FOOD HEAVEN!!!

Oh, yeah, 2011 is gonna be GREAT!


They are up to something!

December 10th 2010 1:34 pm
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I'm not sure what, but I will find out! Last night, when I went into the living room to assume my night time position of curling up on the couch next to Dad, I found something CRAZY! Dad was in Ma's computer chair, and Ma was in Dad's spot on the couch! OMD!!! I looked around, I didn't know what to do. It was all very weird.

I finally decided it was probably ok to go to my spot on the couch - after all, Ma wasn't in MY spot, so maybe it was ok. I curled into a ball, and kept flicking my eyes back and forth between them. What could they be up to? What does this MEAN?!

Just about the time I was getting ready to herd them into their correct positions, Dad got up to go to work. So I'll let it slide for now, but I won't stand for that kind of malarchy in my house!!! (Bonus points if you know which TV show I just quoted!)


Snow Princess!

November 22nd 2010 8:18 pm
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Well, it is snowing again and has been all day! Ma decided we should go and play in it, so she took me (only me!) for a walk! I had sooo much fun prancing around in the falling snow! I found some deer tracks to sniff and follow, too. I really wanted to jump in a big snowbank along the way, but Ma said no because she wasn't wearing her boots. Well, Ma, if we're gonna walk in the snow, come prepared! BOL! I did some snuffling and sniffing and had lots of fun. It's still coming down!


Teaching All My Wisdoms...

August 18th 2010 6:48 pm
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This afternoon I was teaching the baby some stuff. Like, how to sneak up on the couch, and how to stealthily chase the Muffin.

I called him over to me while I was guarding the basement door. Muffin was sitting at the top of the steps, staring at me. (The door is blocked so dogs and babies can't get down there. Boo.) So, Myles and I kept watch and stared back. Then I showed him how I poke my nose into the crack to freak the Muffin out. He followed me by sticking his hands in there and flailing.

Then Ma came and ruined all our fun! She told me to quit teaching Myles my bad habits. Like my Twin Teddy said, this information will be useful to him one day. Like when a jungle cat comes by and he needs to catch it! Sheesh, Ma - think about it!


A Meaty Weekend!

July 4th 2010 7:27 pm
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Woohoo! I LOVE spending days at the shack, and that's where we were all day yesterday and today! We will probably go tomorrow, too.

I managed to tree a couple squirrels, did some wading, chased Callie all over the place, and ran like a nut! Today I managed to get a grape and a chunk of porkchop. Yesterday, I hit the motherload.

I walked into the cabin all nonchalantly, and no one paid much mind. Everyone was sitting in the porch, waiting for supper to be done. I stayed there for a bit to make sure the humans were engrossed in their conversations, then snuck into the shack. Sitting on the table was a tray of 8 New York Strips. I figured one must be for me, so I helped myself! That was a delicious treat!

(Note from Ma: We don't have any conclusive evidence that Shula was the one to be blamed for the missing steak. She was completely silent if she managed to put her paws on the table, not knock anything over, and remove a steak from the platter without anyone knowing a thing. My husband walked in on her sniffing at the edge of the table a licking her lips. The world will never know...)


Crunch Time?

June 11th 2010 8:41 am
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I don't know about you guys, but I think my ma is nutso sometimes. Before bed, she lays down on the bedroom floor to crunch something. I haven't figured out what yet, but I always go over to investigate. As far as I can tell, there is nothing getting smushed. Hmmm...

So, last night I was getting all in her face as usual and she was laughing and trying to push me away while crunching. Then Callie decided she wanted to play and was attacking her feet while they were moving up and down. Ma said we weren't helping her be very productive, but I didn't see how what she was doing was productive anyway!

After awhile I thought "Enough of this nonsense!" and I flopped myself down. Right behind her head. On top of her hair. And refused to move.

That was the end of the crunching.


So Long and Thanks For All the BBQ!

June 3rd 2010 9:01 am
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Our family just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to all our furiends who left us goodies. It got a little out of control (in a good way!) so it's too hard to send individual thank yous! We are fat and happy!

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