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Days In the Life of a Non-Herding Herder

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What a good week! (And it's only Wednesday...)

September 10th 2008 9:32 am
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Sooo....on Monday night Ma and Dad were laying all cuddled up on the couch watchin' the football game (which was all kinda bad...*covers eyes with paw in shame*). I REALLY want to lay on the couch, but they always say nononono. Something about fur and slobber everywhere. Anyway, I stuck my head on the couch next to them and gave them my pouty face. They still said nononono. So then I put my paws up and gave them my BIG smile! And they still said nonono. Well, I started gettin' distracted by the kitty, and I was chasin chasin chasin and I got soooo excited that I jumped on the couch on DAD!!! I thought I was in for it, BUT Dad said, "Ok, Shula, lay down on the blanket." I GOT TO STAY ON THE COUCH!!! It was soooo great - Ma and Dad pet me and pet me and cuddled me til I fell asleep!

And today, my sis-fur Muffin is Catster's Diary Pick of the Day! How cool is that? I hope that doesn't mean I hafta stop trying to use her as a chew toy...hmmm...


In - sul-a-tion??

September 5th 2008 7:05 am
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Sooo...Ma was runnin' 'round the house last night like a crazy person. Grandpaw was over again and he was using stuff to make a BIGGER hole in the wall...still haven't figured that out. I asked, but they said they weren't makin' a Shula Door.

So, I was investigating and found some yellow stuff that looked kinda like cotton candy, so I took some. Ma came runnin' right away and took it and said NONONONONONO, that's not good for you!!! And then I got to go outside so I couldn't get into anymore troubles. Ooops.

Grandpaw said he was coming back today to put a REALLY big hole in the wall and a new door. I'm excited to watch!



August 21st 2008 10:01 am
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I was sooooo excited last night! First, I got to go for a walk. There were geesies by the pond!!! I pointed and stared at them until they flew away. Hope they come back to visit. I would LOVE to sniff them!

So, then when I got home, Mom left me outside to play. Then her and Dad were coming in and out of the house; I wasn't sure what they were doing. Mom was taking chairs off the deck and putting them in the yard. Hmmm...

THEN Auntie Brynn and Eszter came walking into the yard. I WAS SO HAPPY!!! They all sat down and I dug into a big pile of sticks Mom stacked up. I assumed they were for me to eat! While that was going on, Dad started a FIRE! Doesn't he know he's da fire chief and is supposeda put those OUT? Put everyone was just sittin' around there and talkin' so it must've been OK.

After everyone left, Mom put me inside so she could clean stuff up. Well, I didn't WANT to go in yet, and I made my displeasure known by taking their shoes and throwing them around the kitchen!! By the time Ma came in to see what the noise was, I had 5 shoes scattered around the house and had shredded Dad's work schedule off the fridgerator!!! BOL! I gots in a little trouble, but then I got to go outside again!

I hope they do that again - it was soooo fun! Maybe next time I'll get to roast a marshmallow??


Hint, Hint

August 8th 2008 6:32 am
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Well, I am feeling soooooo good now! Mom was getting kinda mad at me again last night because I was being pretty rammy. I wanted to PLAY! And she kept saying "No, no, Shula. You hafta relaaaaaax and let your feetsies heal." And I said "NO WAY! Look at my DUCK! Throw my SQUEAKY! Let's play TUG!" And she wouldn't! Meanie mommy. Well, not really.

She was laughing at me this morning cuz I started taking my bed outta my kennel and dragging it around the house with me like a big toy! So mom would put it back in, and then I would drag it back out! She thinks I'm telling her that I don't need to be in my kennel anymore. Mom and Dad have let me have the run of the house ALL WEEK and I have been SOOOO good! Maybe now they can just put the kennel away??


I's a smarty!!!!

August 7th 2008 10:12 am
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Well, they may have put this stupid thing on me, but I found a way to work around it!

Mom was getting mad at me last night cuz I figured out how to work around my "cone" and lick my stitches! Hahahahahaha.

That'll show them! Now I'm going to find something to chew up...



August 5th 2008 8:50 am
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Well, I am recovering pretty well from my surgeries, but you won't BELIEVE what Mom and Dad DID to me!!!

On Sunday, Grandma dropped me off at home and Mom and Dad took off my bandages so they could see what my stitches were lookin like. They weren't too good. Then I started lickin lickin lickin lickin and wouldn't stop. THEN I decided to do a self-removal of the stitches in one foot - and Mom yelled for Dad and I got bandaged again.

So on Monday Dad says "you're going to the vet" and I thought "YAY I LOVE my dogter, Chip!" cuz he gives me lotsa hugs! So we went there and they took off the new badages and inspected and said "Ok, you're good" and gave Dad some stuff. Well, when we got home, he started puttin this plasticy thing together and then he PUT IT ON MY HEAD!!! I have a CONE ON MY HEAD!

I was soooo embarrassed that I just sat in the middle of the living room for ten minutes looking at Dad. And when Mom came home from work I hid behind the bed instead of greeting her as usual - she didn't even know I was home until I started moving around! I'm feeling a little sheepish...but I did get to go for a walk this morning!


Goin' to the Dogter!

July 30th 2008 7:45 am
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Mommy and Daddy said I get to go to the dogter today! I don't mind so much because he is REALLY nice and I like him! 'Cept they said I hafta stay overnight...I'm scared....I'll miss my mom!! She told me my walk this morning will be my last one for a day or two cuz I'll hafta take it easy...whatever that means! She told Daddy to bring my duckie, too, so I hope he gets to come with!

Wish me luck!


Work, work, work

July 9th 2008 12:34 pm
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Well, you know how we border collies love to keep busy! I was sooo busy yesterday. I had my morning walk with Mom, then Dad was home ALL DAY! I went running errands with him and went to the fire hall for awhile. Then Mom came home and she said I had to do my chores today, so we brought my dog bed and blankie to the laundromat (Mom says our washer is too small.) She told me my bed was making her bedroom stinky - so mean! Then after THAT we went for a looooong walk cuz I had sooooo much energy to burn! So we walked to Grandpa's, but no one was there. :( Then we kept walking...and walking....and walking....and walking....

We walked ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER END OF TOWN! It was so fun! So many new smells! Then we continued the circle and went to put my bed in the dryer - it smelled so good! After that, Mom thought I would be SO TIRED and would nap, but nope! I chased the kitties, and went outside for awhile, then I chased Mom around with my duck! Then Uncle came over and I played with him!

After everyone left, I went to my kennel and slept and slept. It was such a fun day!


Fun & Sun!

June 23rd 2008 11:09 am
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I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! I got to go to some softball games with Mom and Dad! Well, Dad was playing in some of them, so I sat my Mom and watched. I got to meet some people and walk around a lot and sniff new stuff! I even made some new fur-friends! Mom was getting mad at me though because I kept knocking my water dish over so I could chew on the bowl...oops. But I did find a really good-tasting stick! It was nice and warm and sunny, but every once in awhile we got rained on. Like five times! Luckily Mom brought a really big umbrella for us to hide under. I don't mind getting a little wet, but then I smell like a barn and the humans don't like that for some reason. Reminds me of where I was born! I hope I get to go again this week!


Life of Luxury

June 5th 2008 6:34 pm
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Ahhh....I am FINALLY big enough to jump up on the BED!!! Daddy forgot to put the gate up today when he left (Mommy was not happy, but I was!!) and I went into the bedroom and LEAPED onto the bed. It's sooo high up! But once I was up there...whoa....soooo comfy! So I got to spend my afternoon lounging on the queen-sized pillow-top with 400 count sheets....every pup should be so lucky...

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