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Days In the Life of a Non-Herding Herder

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October 22nd 2008 9:50 am
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I have FINALLY won couch priveleges!!! Ma realized that there was NO WAY to keep me off the couch while they weren't home, so she heaved a BIG sigh and gave in. I now have my very own Twins blanket that is put on the couch where I am allowed to go. SO HAPPY!!!

In other toy destruction news...

Pheasant: Beheaded

Loofah Dog: Destuffing in process

Cheeseburger: Destuffed and disposed of

Duckie: Destuffed and diposed of

Rope toy: One piece

Kong: Tasty with chunky peanut butter

Refrigerator magnets: 4 down, 5 to go

Flower vase: Muffin did it


Ma Went Shopping...Again...

October 19th 2008 1:42 pm
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Giant. Pink. Squeaky. Loofah. Dog.

NOM. :)



October 14th 2008 11:25 am
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OMD, Ma came home yesterday with NEW TOYS for ME! She said something about me having more stuff so I quit destroying things. Little does she know I will still do that, too!

But anyways, I got a new rope toy (I already killed two of them), two big rawhyde bones (one at a time), and she said I got a "Kong" (whatever that is?!) but I had to wait until she was home to have it. I also saw a bone with something that smelled like chicken inside of it, but no one gave it to me. Hmm...


Mystery Pup?

October 7th 2008 10:45 am
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Somefur left me a beeeaaaauuuuutiful rose on my page! Thank you so much, Mystery Furiend! It looks so nice! I'm such a lucky pup!


What a Weekend!

October 6th 2008 12:35 pm
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Well, I'm all settled back in with Ma and Dad now. I had fun this weekend, but I'm glad they're back!

So, here's what I was up to:

~Kept everyone awake lots my first night by harrassing shih-tzus and stickin' mah nose in Grandma's face
~Chasing shih-tzus
~Runnin' from Grandpa to see the kiddies playin' on the playground. He was none too happy, specially when I was trying to chew his hands and popped a blister...
~Went runnin' at the shack
~Met a weinie dog named Kermit and went for a walk with him. He was pretty cool!
~Went on lotsa walks and met lotsa doggies
~Chasing shih-tzus
~Playing with duckie
~Playing with tennis balls
~Stealing clothes while Grandma tried to wash them
~Stealing clothes AFTER Grandma washed them
~Chasing shih-tzus
~Made oatmeal-raisin cookies. Taste-tested 'em too!
~Discovered the "spray bottle". Grandma was spraying me when I was bad. Wonder if I can learn to use it on the kitties??
~Slept lots when I got home.



October 2nd 2008 7:19 am
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Well....I might have been a little naughty yesterday....Ma says I'm backslidin' cuz I've been soooo goooood lately.

Dad was home with me most of the day, but while he was gone, I got a little bored and a little annoyed that he left me. So I ate the TV remote. And after that I went into the basement and left some pressies. Neither pawrent was too happy. Ooopsie...


All better!

September 28th 2008 6:03 pm
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Well, I am back to 110%!! Solid poos all weekend, so I'm good to go! BOL! No more ham hocks for me! I did get some smoked marrow bones while Ma and Grandma were painting again, though. Yummy!

AND I found out today that I am considered THE most intelligent breed of dog. How COOL is THAT??? Ma and Dad are looking at getting me a doggie sibling (need a pal to help keep the kitties in line!) and they saw that. They said that explained why I trained so easy! Ma is working on some other stuff with me, so she said I have no excuse not to learn it! BOL!

Anyway, I had a fun day today. I got to go hunting with Dad and then got to visit Grandma and Grandpa's house and play with golf balls. And I met GREAT-Grandpa! And he is pretty great! Then I got walked home and had my dinner and now I'm curled up on the floor by Dad. Ahhhh....I love my life!


Kitty disease?!?!

September 24th 2008 7:09 am
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Some of you may know that my fur-sister Muffin was having stummy troubles earlier this week. Well, now I am. First, Dad got called away on two EMT calls and then a search yesterday, and while I was let out enough for and average day, turns out I got the runs. So I broke into the basement (I'm not supposed ta go down there) and went on the floor (left a couple pee puddles for good measure, too.) Ma was not too happy 'bout that, but said I was smart for going down there!

Then last night poor Ma had to let me out 5 times to go to the bathroom. I felt real bad cuz she was so sleepy, but I had ta go reeeeaaaallll bad!! Then in the wee hours of this morning, I (as my furiend Ella would say) "urka-gurkaed" all over the bedroom floor and the carpet by the door, then outside. Then I went to sleep on my bed.

Ma is kinda worried about me, but I did eat some kibbles this morning. She gave me less than usual and I scarfed 'em up! So, I'm wondering if maybe I caught a stummy virus from my kitty sisfur?


Busy Day!

September 20th 2008 7:53 pm
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So, Ma and Grandma got an EARLY start this morning, but I was READY for 'em! We went outside so they could paint again. I got my rope moved to the OTHER side of the house, so there were new sniffs to smell!! Trees to attack! Holes to dig!

Grandma even brought me a big rauhyde stick to chew on. That was FUN! Ma was laughing at me cuz I kept trying to bury it in my holes. I don't usually do that, so it was entertaining, I guess!

Well, after all THAT Grandpa came over and took me for a walk in the field! Then he played with me LOTS! And then I went outside AGAIN! And after they had cleaned up all the stuff, I got to go for ANOTHER WALK!!! Wowsa, it was a busy day. I'm just gonna lay on my blanket and chew my bone until bed time. Phewphta.


Sticks: Friend or Enemy??

September 13th 2008 6:09 pm
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So, I was outside today, supervising Ma's painting job, just chewin' on some sticks. THEN all of a sudden....I had a branch all wrapped in my roped and somethin' was stuck IN MY MOUTH!!! I couldn't get it out, but I was tryin' not to make any noise so Ma wouldn't bothered!

But it WOULDN'T COME OUT!!! I didn't know what to do!!! I tried gettin' it out with my paws, but it wouldn't work! Ma noticed I was flailin' all around, so she came off her ladder to check it out. First, she untangled the stick. Then I ran to the door. So she followed me lookin' to see what was going on.

Then she noticed I wasn't closing my mouth, so she tried to look in their but I wouldn't let her. (I was kinda embarrassed...) So she just shoved a finger in there and felt a piece of stick rammed onto the roof of my mouth! And she took it out for me! YAY FOR MA!!! She told me to go inside and rest for a bit after that, which was probably good. My Ma is so good to me!

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