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My New Family Love's Me!

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Skin Dad Is O.K.!

August 5th 2012 8:12 pm
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I kept my visual on Dad while he went through the operation. And now he is fine. I had sent down my special angel sprinkles to all who had to do the operation on his heart and they did a great job! Now my Dad is out of the Intensive Care Unit and into the step-down unit to get even better. So my 1st year in heaven has been a blessing for Dad with me here to do what I had to do. Being the angel to watch over him and having him get well.

The other fur angels came onto the bridge too and helped to send down their love and well wishes for my Dad and sprinkled their special dust down to help. Too many to thank for their help.

My Mom also would like to thank you all for remembering me on my 1st Anniversary at rainbow bridge/heaven too. Thanks again pups and purrs for your love and prezzies and thoughts on my day.



1Year Anniversary

August 3rd 2012 10:03 pm
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My mom has been busy today. and I can understand. it seems that my skin dad had an emergency operation on his heart! it was a triple bi-pass done on his weak heart. Thereforre skin mom had to take the best terms of what was really important to deal with. So I do understand that mom couldn't get on my page to wish me happiness at the bridge. Mom, I was on the bridge and looking out the special window to try and make you feel comfortable about Dad's surgery. I saw he doctor's take Dad's heart and make it new again. when they finished with the surgery, very late, I stuck around at the widow to let you know that all is well with Dad and I will be by his side in spirit to ease your stress. don't cry anymore mom, dad will be just fine. I am giving him my special kisses sent down to him. may my anniversary bring you joy, happiness and love from me to you and dad. D miss you and the family very much.

Love from the bridge,


It was my "Gotcha Day" on May 23rd

May 27th 2012 9:23 am
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and my mom again is behind with all days! Sheesh mom, you could of have taken the time out to acknowledge it! *shaking my head*
anyhow, the weather at rainbow bridge has been marvelous. all the sunshine and all the water in the clouds give our rainbow a most beautiful color here. I have welcome newer dogs and cats that have come here recently and I fly around to find dogs and cats/kittens who didn't have a family to love them and give them my love. Yes mom, I do that and for that I am totally grateful to be here and help these furs over come their scariness and to not be lonesome.

I have tried my best to send down my compassion to the family who have lost a fur and try my best to wish anyone of the furs a happy memorization to the ones who "gotcha day" or birthday with my love for them. What did I get in return for the rainbow bridge babies for my day. Except for Crystal to remember me and sent me something. The rest of the furs in the group....nothing :~(
I'll just not say or do anything anymore in the group(s).
Thanks for being a furiend to me and mom. (a kick in the pants to all of you at this remark).


The New Year 2012

January 16th 2012 6:40 am
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I have met so many furs this past year that has come to rainbow bridge. And ones that have already been here before me that I have come to meet too.

Mom, I still see you cry. Even more as you come into my corner of the computer to type in my diary for me. I am sitting there in the spirit to try and give you encouragement. I have even made the little girls come in to bother you so that you don't get too upset.

Athena & Zeus is fine too! Athena said to write in her diary. Zeus said that you don't need to do anything in his. He understands.

Make this New Year a happier one for you mom/dad. Let the sorrow you have go away and let my passing be a joy of celebration. For you have to realize that I was grateful that you have taken me in. And this, I could never ever repay back except to tell you to keep hope alive that one day, we will all be together again.

My love always,


Checking In With Love

November 3rd 2011 6:40 pm
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It has been 3 mos. since my departure from earth. I sit at the window near the bridge to look down on my skin parents. Mom and Dad has had a bit of ups and downs with their health. And I wish that I could fly down and be with them. But I know I can't. So the only thing that I can do is to keep on showering them with my love from here and asking "G" to help out in some way so that they can keep on getting better.
I also see through the window that they both miss me. Mom goes by the picture and starts crying again. Dad, I've seen him touch the picture and says secretly, Brew you are surely missed. I miss all of the family and furs. We will all be together some day. So for now all I can do is blow a little dusting of kisses down to them. It will blow around with the wind and encase my family with my love.
Be strong mom, get better dad. Behave all the furs. I'm always with you in your memories of me.



How Much Is Too Much?

October 4th 2011 5:59 pm
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Good question to ask, but hard to answer. Why this question? Here's why. Mom is still sad that I am at Rainbow Bridge. She looked up into the sky and she was crying while waiting for the metro subway to get home. She asked me to forgive her for sending me to this wonderful place. I hear her heart breaking into little pieces when she thinks of me and why she claims that she had to send me along. Mom, I gotta tell you, I am FINE! O.K.? You did right. And I am glad that you made that decision. So stop belittling yourself and be happy for me. I know that it has been 2 mos. since I have gone to be with the other furs that you had in your life.
To all my furiends on earth, be happy with the skins who love you and cherish you. Be happy, and most of all be safe. For I am loved, not only in the mind of my skin pawarents, but here at Rainbow Bridge too.
So how much is too much. It all depends on how you can take it and how you can return it. LOVE! HAPPINESS! FUN!

Shalom, Brewster


One Month Ago

September 4th 2011 2:09 pm
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I left earth to be with other pups and purs. Amazing how the time has gone by.
I saw that mom/dad rec'd a painting in oil from a lady name Kathy Porter. It is the most wonderful painting that this lady has done. Mom has just got to get it on my site here for all to see this wonderful work of art.
Mom, I know that you still miss me and how I wish that I could come back down to earth for you to pet me again and snuggle next to you. I miss your arms around me and I miss your smell. Your kindness, loving, wonderful outlook to let me be who I am and just letting me be an indoor dog like the other furs in the house, well I'll never ever let that go. Please know mom that I will always be looking down at you through the rainbow bridge window. And if you happened to look up at night and there are shooting stars, that's me flying around having fun. You will always be close to me, in my mind and in my heart. I'll never forget you mom as I know you will never forget me.

I love you mom forever.......

Love you too Brew....Mom-Debra


Diary Of The Day!

August 14th 2011 2:24 pm
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Oh wow, I've only been gone a week from my mom/dad and mom gets an p-mail that I have been picked as the Diary of The Day! Woof!
It is still hard for mom to look at my page and start crying (mom don't start again), oh there she goes, crying.
Thank you Dogster for giving me this honor. I don't know what else to say about this. I do know that I am a big guy here @ Rainbow Bridge, and I have met others to hang around with. Right Wrinkles, Roscoe, and of course Ms. Lexi,(pretty lady)and of course Ms. Jenna Pooh. I'll try my best here and mom, one day we will meet again. I love you and I know that you love me mom. Thank you again for giving me the home, the snuggles and a life that I would never had have.

Thank you all here in Dogsters for being a furiend to me.



I'm In Heaven Oh So Sweet Heaven

August 11th 2011 6:26 pm
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*shuffling along the clouds as I dance to the tune*....

Oh, hi *waving my paws* to all of you on earth. Hi mom, Kimmy, Mollie, Lucky (and that little twerp) Matilda. Oh and "hi" also to the cats, Ms. Athena (bowing down to the Queen of all), Binx, Casper, & the new little girl, Penny.

O.K. It's been a week and I'm getting around to see everyone here that knew me from Dogsters/Catsters. (you know there are so many that have come here too and I'm not lonely)I miss my furamily & mom/dad, but I don't want them to be crying anymore. Really, I'm fine and doing what all furs up here do, being happy!, We are running around, barking, meowing, and just having a grand old time. I'm trying my wings on mom and I have extra ones too just in case I do some crash landing. BOL. Well, just wanted to stop in and let you all know that it's o.k. here and I'll be fine. You keep your eyes from watering too much mom. I know you, well enough that you will, but I do know that in time, they will dry up and all you will do is smile when you think of me.

Thank you mom for all the love and happiness that you have given me. I'll never, ever forget. Until the day that we will see each other again.......

Love, Brewster


It's Time For Me To Leave :`(

August 2nd 2011 3:19 pm
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Today will be my last day on earth. I'm tired, can't stand up which leads into not being able to walk and do my business. I'm just worn out and can't breathe. So tomorrow, my mom will take me to a special place she said and there I'll finally be able to go to sleep peacefully. She told me last night and this evening that where I will be going is so nice! I looked at mom and told her with my eyes that I know and one day in the future, we will see each other again.
This is going to be very hard for mom to do what she knows and I know that can't be put off. I feel her pain and wish that I could give her licks to ease her pain, but I can't even lift up my head.
I ask all of you that will read this diary to give my mom strength through your prayers tonight and send your virtual hugs to her.
I'll try sometime later on to let you know how my send-off to Rainbow Bridge was.

Good-bye all

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