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My new home with my mommy and daddy

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gotta have surgery! bummer!!!

August 1st 2012 6:23 pm
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Well mom found a knot under my tail where i go potty. So she hauled me off to the vet man. The regular vet man wasnt there but they determined that i need surgery to remove the knot. But we will wait til the regular vet man comes back next week. AND while there, they are gonna do a dental thing so my teeth will be nice and shiny.
UPDATES to come when we know more about the knot on my hiney.
Love to all,


Gosh it sure is hot

July 4th 2012 5:38 pm
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It sure is hot here in the south. Mom says the air smells like it is burning. But we get to stay in the house as much as we want. We gots a doggy door.


adopting a new brother, Eli

March 7th 2012 12:37 pm
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Us basset hounds are good couch potatoes on most instances and love to get out in the yard to chase the leaves or a bird or whatever BUT mom says we aren't good dogs for going horse back riding with her or going swimming. You see, we don't care for water too much other than for drinking.
BUT she has now rescued a jack russell terrier mix and has named him Sir Eli Dasher. Mom will announce him soon but is currently working on a horse fence so she can bring her new horse soon. Mom thinks Eli will do great going horse back riding and swimming as soon as she has time to work with him on a long leash.
So watch for Eli's new page soon.

The Bagby hound matriarch, Lucy


our new doghouse

December 24th 2011 1:47 am
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Our human daddy died 6 months ago on June 18, 2011.
Since that time, mom found us a new dog house to live in and we let her live there too. It is a brick house and she has a place to put her vehicle that she drives to work. We have a new big fenced yard to play in to keep us safe from the cars and any other dogs that come thru our area.
We are happy here and maybe mom will post some pictures of the new house soon.
Merry Christmas everyone!


A new foster hound?

December 3rd 2010 11:48 am
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mom tells us we are going to share our home with a needy basset soon. Gracie will arrive from a Hattiesburg Mississippi shelter soon as transport fills to get her to mommy.
We here she's tiny at 22 lbs. We don't know if she needs to gain weight or if she's just very small but we will love her regardless.


enjoying Mom full time

January 16th 2010 8:36 am
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Our mom is no longer with a rescue. She just spends time with us hounds when she isnt at work. Mom resigned from rescue last summer. Since them, she spends alot more time with us hounds. When the weather allows, she takes us for walks in the pasture. She is hoping for some drier weather this spring and also throughout the rest of the winter to get out for walkies in the pasture.
Mom's horse died in the early summer too so now i dont have any horses to bark at. BUT there are deer that come around and we bark at them.
Mom let a man bring cows down to the pasture but they arent by our fence so we dont bark at them much. But she is happy that there are animals to eat the pasture when she cant get out to cut it.
Now that mom is spending more time with us hounds, we dont have to share her anymore with other hounds. She is going to places like Georgia to see other bassets and we get to go with her. That is fun.
See ya later.


pesty new brother

March 10th 2009 8:50 am
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Not long ago, my mom brought home this pitiful big doberman boy. He was pitiful too. Well now that he is feeling so good, he sure is a pest. He runs at me barking and tries to make me play. Well i am a short lady and i am set in my ways and prefer not to play so rough. So i fuss at him and he finally leaves me alone so i can rest in peace.
I wish mom could make him behave but he is still so young and full of himself.
Maybe after he has been with us a while, he will settle down and learn to be a couch potato like us hound dogs.


sharing our home

January 1st 2009 7:05 pm
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My mom volunteers with Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama as medical coordinator and foster home coordinator. Sometimes the other foster parents go out of town and need a place to put not only their foster kids but also their own dogs. So my mom keeps their pets for them.
This time, we are keeping Stanley, a nice sweet 4-5 year old male basset for his foster mom. Stanley is a special needs boy. He has had yeasty issues with his skin and his ears but he is doing very well now. So now he is having some issues with his eyes and is going to the doggy eye doctor this next week. Stanley is a sweet loving boy who needs a special home in the area where he is being fostered and our rescue is maintained.
I like Stanley and like to play with him. He is so sweet and is nice to have around to play with.
He is good with cats too.
We wish someone would come forward and want to adopt him who would give him just the right home.

Have a Happy New Year, Lucy


Diary of the Day

December 26th 2008 12:53 pm
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I am so excited. My diary is the diary of the day and i am getting so many pup pals and gifts.
I would like to thank everyone for their gifts and being pals with me.
Life is a blast. Lets play!


Christmas Day

December 26th 2008 5:58 am
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When we got up Christmas morning, we found we had presents to play with. There were lots of squeeky toys and some treats too. We love our squeeker toys and love to get them and make noise at each other.
Gosh i am tired today from all the excitement of playing on Christmas Day.
Today, mom is home with us all day. We love having mom home.
Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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