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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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Levi's 11th Birthday Pawty is Sunday, January 25 at 4- pm..Y'all Come!!

January 22nd 2009 11:57 am
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Many of you know Levi's 11th birthday is tomorrow, January 23rd, but please remember there's a big birthday bash for him THIS Sunday, January 25th at 4pm EST!

Levi hasn't been feeling well and we think it would really cheer him up for as many pups as possible to come to his pawty! Levi always does so much for others, let's show him how VERY much we all love him this Sunday!

Levi s Birthday Invitation

Click on the following link to join us:

Buhens Thread for LEVI's BIRTHDAY PARTY

We'll see you there, k?

Sully & Socks


Come Celebrate "LEVI's" 11th Birthday With US!

January 18th 2009 7:16 pm
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Come one, come's Levi, PAWS 11th Birthday Party Celebration on Sunday, January 25th at 2:00 pm EST!

Levi s Birthday Invitation

Buhens Thread for LEVI'S PARTY (Go to the end of the thread to join the pawty for "Levi"!)

Let's really show Levi how much we all love him by celebrating his birthday together!

Y'all come!

Sully & Socks


Please Leave a PoP Message for Levi on Forum!

January 9th 2009 6:49 am
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Dear pals~

As we said in our diary yesterday, our dear friend, "Levi, PAWS" had surgery yesterday and part of a tumor was removed and found to be malignent (they couldn't remove it all). A page has been set up in the Power of the Paw forum called "Prayer for Levi". The more of us who post on that page will strengthen the Power of the Paw for "Levi, PAWS"!

Please go to this link to add your message of support for dear "Levi": aw/thread/587892/2

We thank you and know how much this will mean to "Levi" and his family!

Sully & Socks


Levi, PAWS Needs All Power of the Paw!

January 8th 2009 2:26 pm
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Today, our dear furiend, Levi, PAWS (Dogster ID#299966) had surgery to remove a large lump from his leg. The results are not what everyone had hoped for as it was found to be a "spindle tumor" that the vet was unable to remove completely and said it had attached to a blood vessel & is sure it is malignant. Awful news for all.

If you can, please stop by Levi's page and offer him and his family a kind word of hope for this beloved dog.

Many thanks~

Sully & Socks


We Wish All Our Dogster Pals A VERY HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW- YEAR!

December 31st 2008 2:30 pm
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The greatest thing that happened to us in 2008 was finding this wonderful place called Dogster! We have met so many wonderfully kind and compassionate new friends and treasure each and every one of you. This is our place to come when all around us is in turmoil, to find comfort and peace and we feel truly blessed.

We want to thank each of you who have extended the paws of friendship to us and welcomed us so warmly. We truly believe there are more good people here in this community of Dogster than we meet in the "outer world" and wonder how we managed stress or shared joy before coming to Dogster.

You are all so very special and our greatest hope is that each and every one of you will find happiness, maintain good health and keep sharing so willingly with one another throughout the coming years.

Blessings to all of you as we enter a new year!


Sully & Socks & Family


Did ya see it???

December 19th 2008 2:32 pm
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OMD, Socks is SO happy with the beautiful new pink fur lined jacket that Dixie Black Pearl sent her (we received it right before it started raining for days on end). We put pix on our page of how pretty Socks look in it! That was SO pawsome of Dixie & her Mom. Keeps Socks so dry & warm (great for her not getting soaking wet & warm for her arthritis)!

She's also now sleeping in our precious angel Buddy's bed (we got it new just before we lost him in 2005). It's got a special orthopedic pad in it and she loves it...we can hardly pry her out of it 'cause it must feel so good to her old bones (Buddy would like that 'cause Socks was his best friend all through his too short life).

Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday season!

Sully & Socks


A Poem of Hope....

December 17th 2008 10:20 pm
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Our dear friend Angus the Warrior sent us this beautiful poem of hope in the darkest of times and we wanted to share it with all:

The Darkling Thrush -- Thomas Hardy

I leant upon a coppice gate
When Frost was spectre-gray,
And Winter's dregs made desolate
The weakening eye of day.
The tangled bine-stems scored the sky
Like strings of broken lyres,
And all mankind that haunted nigh
Had sought their household fires.

The land's sharp features seemed to be
The Century's corpse outleant,
His crypt the cloudy canopy,
The wind his death-lament.
The ancient pulse of germ and birth
Was shrunken hard and dry,
And every spirit upon earth
Seemed fervourless as I.

At once a voice arose among
The bleak twigs overhead
In a full-hearted evensong
Of joy illimited;
An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,
In blast-beruffled plume,
Had chosen thus to fling his soul
Upon the growing gloom.

So little cause for carolings
Of such ecstatic sound
Was written on terrestrial things
Afar or nigh around,
That I could think there trembled through
His happy good-night air
Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew
And I was unaware.

Isn't this the lovliest poem? We thank dear Angus and his Mom so very much for sharing it with us!

Sully & Socks



December 15th 2008 11:52 pm
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If you take action NOW by simply corralling 3 dogs (listed below) there's a chance to raise $1,000 for Mica's IMHA Research don't have to donate (though donations are welcome)...ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TAKE A
FEW MINUTES OF TIME TO CORRAL "Mica the Wonderpup", "Mirra" & "The Purple Girls of Oregon"...that's it! IF enough pups do this, Mica's Research Fund could win $1,000. Here are links to the pages of pups needed to be corralled....PLEASE, IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO NOW: ANGEL MICA - the wonderpup MIRRA The Purple Girls of Oregon

As many of you know, Mica lost her battle with IMHA in a short amount of time. In her memory, a fund has been established for research on this deadly disease. You can help Mica's Foundation and it won't cost you a cent (unless you choose to donate). All you have to do is go to 3 Dogster sites and corral EACH of them (listed below), and you only have to do it once! The more times Mica, Mirra & The Purple Girls of Oregon are corraled, the higher their chances of winning the funds (from a generous don0r) for IMHA research.


NOW, we have LESS THAN A MONTH to help win $1,000 for Mica's IMHA fund, if we all work together we can do this! It ends midnight on JANUARY 1, 2009, that's the donor's day to decide what cause gets much needed funds (which Dogster's page(s) have been corralled the most...Mica, Mirra & The Purple Girls of Oregon combined). WE CAN DO THIS IF EVERYONE IS WILLING TO HELP (for ALL our beloved dogs' can affect cats as well!)

Mica's *IMHA RESEARCH FUND is promised $1,000 if Mica, Mirra & THe Purple Girls of Oregon's dog pages make the top 10 dog pages CORRALLED on DOGSTER & half that amount if Mica & Mirra combined succeed.


THANKS TO EVERYPUP WHO CORRALS THESE THREE PUPS AND HELPS RAISE THE FUNDS FOR IMHA RESEARCH! Of course, donations would be gratefully accepted (details on donations are on Mica's page), but if you can't donate, please just to corral these & easy and very possibly LIFE SAVING. God Bless you real good for helping!!

Sully & Socks



December 3rd 2008 11:42 am
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From Hannah's Mom:

Hello to all my pals. I have a favor to ask. Care2 is holding a shelter contest. The prize is $10,000.00. Would you please copy and paste this link and vote for Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue Group. They are in Clarksville Georgia. Without this wonderful group, Phoenix, Atticus or my fursis Hannah would not be here. This would help Atticus so much. He still needs over $4,000.00. Thank you all so very much. Love to all!! r=4208.13.1228237622.7757

Thanks pals!

Sully & Socks


We copied this from Daisy Mae's page....

November 28th 2008 11:32 am
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Before I was a Dog Mom: I made and ate hot meals unmolested; I had unstained, unfurred clothes; I had quiet conversations on the phone, even if the doorbell rang.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got to bed . . . or if I could get into my bed.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I cleaned my house everyday, I never tripped over toys, stuffies, chewies, or invited the neighbor's dog over to play.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I didn't worry if my plants, cleansers, plastic bags, toilet paper, soap or deodorant were poisonous or dangerous.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I had never been peed on, pooped on, drooled on, chewed on, or pinched by puppy teeth.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I had complete control of my thoughts, my body and my mind. I slept all night without sharing the covers or pillow.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I never looked into big, soulful eyes and cried. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop a hurt. I never knew something so furry and four-legged could affect my heart so deeply.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I had never held a sleeping puppy just because I couldn't put it down. I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was well. I didn't know how warm it feels inside to feed a hungry puppy. I didn't know that something so small could make me feel so important.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache, the wonderment, or the satisfaction of being ... A Dog Mom


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