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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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Happy Father's Day & Thanks to All~

June 21st 2009 7:23 am
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We can't begin to express our thanks to all you wonderful pups, kitties & families who sent support to our family this past week when our Daddy had another (the 3rd) heart attack. He is home now and doing very well...except for the struggle to quit smoking (it makes folks cranky)....but he must quit as his doctor said that's what has torn his heart apart and it's doubtful he'd survive another one.

Thank you Buhens little corner of hope for all the messages, phone calls & flowers and the love & support you give us each & every we treasure you all! Flicka & Lucas Mom & Takoda's Daddy, oh how much those calls meant & the sweet cards from Rocky & Sarge!

Bless you all for the rosettes & pawmails from DarlaMae, Daisy & Ella, Baxter & MacKenzie, Maxwell, Roxy & Kodi, Kubbi & Toffi Bear, Petunia Grace & Phoebe, Dixie Black Pearl, Zaidie, Rocky & Sarge, Willie, Savannah Blue Belle, Samoa & Lil Dubs, Biscotte, Crouton & Tippy, Nelly, Redford's Pack, Kirby & Tribe, DaisyMae & Annie, Snappy, Russell, Tilly & Toby, Darby & Mom (Mom tried so hard to find everyone's name to thank, but if she missed any...please forgive & know how much we appreciated your thoughtfulness!).

We hope all the Dads have a very Happy Fathers Day !!


Our Daddy Is Coming Home Today!

June 18th 2009 10:32 am
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As many of you know (though Mom was too frazzled to put this in our Diary when it happened), our Daddy had a heart attack on Monday, June 15th. He was taken to our local hospital by ambulance and was airlifted via helicopter from there to Fairfax INNOVA hospital in Fairfax, VA. His heart had to be shocked twice in the helicopter and then twice more in the Cardiac ICU unit (for irregular heartbeat) following work done on him in the Cath Lab (where they put in two more stents in his arteries). This was Dad's third heart attack & Mom was terrified that he may not survive another one, but thankfully, he did. He also has an aneurysm in his groin which will need to be addressed once his heart heals, but we'll deal with that later. Mom is just so grateful for the outpouring of support & prayers from all you wonderful Dogster furiends and we believe all the prayers are what pullled Daddy through.

So, our Daddy is coming home this afternoon, but he's developed an infection in his left arm at the site of some injection or drip & severe pain in running up his arm (wrist to elbow), so the arm is pretty much unuseable for now. They took him down & did a sonogram on his arm this morning, which (we assume) is how they spotted the infection.

Doc is releasing him with antibiotics & pain pills & instructions to keep the arm elevated. We do feel that Daddy will be better off at home and he's so anxious to leave. We're waiting to get the go ahead that he's cleared to go...looks like its building up to storm again and is hot & humid as blazes...thank goodness for good a/c in the van!

We all got a good night's sleep here at home,thankfully and with a little help from Xanax! Mom woke up with a migraine, but took meds so it's better (and she's not driving).

We know that Sully & Socks are going to be elated to see their Daddy...we've had to give Sully homeopathic "Calms Forte" as he's really been restless and worried about why his Daddy isn't here. Socks has been better off...she sleeps most of the time anyway.

The gratitude we feel is beyond words for all of your prayers and continued support.

Much love,
Sully & Socks


R.I.P. Sweet Geoffrey

June 15th 2009 1:09 pm
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It is a very very sad day. Our little friend SWEET GEOFFREY went to the Rainbow Bridge last night. He was such a sweet little guy. Geoffrey had a very hard time finding his furever home, but when he did, he hit the jackpot! He had a wonderful mom and brother. I am so thankful to them for letting SWEET GEOFFREY know what it was like to have a home full of love. We will miss you so much SWEET GEOFFREY. Run free now little boy. You are whole and well again. We will always love you and never ever forget you!


URGENT...please do what you can for Meatball...Things Needed- for His Auction!

June 7th 2009 10:57 am
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Meatball is a wonderful Boxer who lives in Buffalo, NY. The vets have just found a cancerous tumor on Meatball's face which, if caught in time, could save his life by being removed. However, the surgery needed is not within the family's economic capability.

To help this precious pup & his family, a website has been created where you can either donate monitarily or offer something you have for auction (all funds will go directly to Meatball's medical costs).

We're certain that everyone has something that they could offer for Meatball's Auction (if you're unable to donate).
There are lots of neat things already in the Auction (which you can see by going to this may even see something you'd like to bid on), but the more funds or auction items received, the better the chances of the family being able to care for their beloved Meatball.

We all know how precious our pups are to us and how devastated we'd be to face something like this (having to make a choice on saving our pet due to lack of funds). So, let's show what we can do here on Dogster to help this family avoid the pain of saying goodbye to their precious Meatball!

Here's the website that's been made to help Meatball:

We can do this if we all pitch in just a little!

Thanks in advance for your compassion & help!!

Sully & Socks


Cancer in Meatball...Please Read!

June 5th 2009 10:59 am
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This was copied from my Dear Friend Flicka's Diary. Please, Please read.

Crosspost Permitted in Diaries and Groups ONLY for now until- full permission granted by HQ
June 4th 2009 10:17 pm

This is from my friend Meatballs Diary.. please go and read more in his Diary section. Please crosspost... but NOT in the forums until HQ give permission... Groups and Diaries have their permission at this point.

Meatball.. AKA Meaty

Thanks to Baxter,MaKenzie and their Momma we now have a BEAUTIFUL website to help raise funds for Meatballs CANCER surgery and after care.
We are just waiting on Dogster HQ for permission to post its link in forums so for now we are restricted to posting in groups and diaries.
Please fel free to crosspost this link :

Meatball 's Website

We need donations of goods for auction. All the information to effect a donation is on the site. You can even subscribe to follow progress ! The site has literally just gone up and we already have 4 donors ! How fantastic are Dogsters ?!

Baxter & MacKenzie are 100% in control of this site and monies received. They have even graciously offered to transfer proceeds directly to Meatys Drs as needed so that we can focus on Meaty.

We have so much to be thankful for ...... cancer be damned!

As for Meaty --- I am obsessing. He is experiencing his 3rd bad day in a row. He is a trooper though and is trying to play and please.
I will admit that with every thing he walks into I can hear the specialist sayin *watch his eyesight ---- it could signify that he is worsening and its starting to terrify me.. He has hit 2 things in the last 2 days ........ and he has been in this same home his entire 7 years.

I cannot let him pick up on my worry ..... easier said than done!

Not to rudely cut this short but Meaty is feeling particularily needy right now and I am off to lay some love on him {as he rakes his nails down my leg!} LOL

Please visit,crosspost, get people talking. Anything you can do as pals would be greatly appreciated.

We promise to catch up on p-mails and Rosettes tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime know that we love you back and appreciate all the sentiments we are receiving.


Kat,Meaty & Family


Zippety Doo Dah, What A Wonderful Day!!

May 30th 2009 12:02 pm
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What a wonderful day today has been!

We had our very first visit with one of our dear Dogster pals, "Takoda" and his Daddy who came to our house this morning. Takoda, as you may know, just won the "Adopt 09" Contest and was so deserving of that honor! His Daddy is an ardent activist against puppy mills and pets stores that sell puppy mill dogs and Takoda has been through so much that they really earned that win!

We've been pals with Takoda and his Dad for a long time now and have been trying to meet up for quite a while, so this visit was a long time coming but simply wonderful! We had coffee & doughnuts (and of course each of the pups got a few pieces of the doughnuts...hey, it was a very special day for us, so treat were warranted)!

Sully and Takoda became instant pals...Takoda even gave Sully a kiss! Socks was a little standoffish, but Sully couldn't get enough of Takoda and even tried to get into their car when they left. He barked and barked as they were driving away!

Takoda is a gorgeous Doberman (who happens to be blind & have diabetes insipidus) and he had a little trouble navigating our stairs which you have to go up as soon as you enter our house (oh, we wish we had a one story home!). But, his Daddy carried him up the stairs and then Takoda was comfortable and is the sweetest and gentlest dog! And when they left Takoda navigated going down the stairs just fine!

We all had great conversation and Sully & Takoda really bonded. We took pictures & put two on our page (though getting 3 pups to even look at the camera, much less be still was like trying to nail jello to a wall)!

Takoda's Daddy had a fantastic surprise for us when he left. He is an artist who carves eggs with special dental tools and does lots of pups & kitties and just about anything else you could dream up. He gave us an egg for each Sully & Socks and you wouldn't believe how they look exactly like them. If you ever want to check out these beautiful carved eggs (and you really should), go to this website:

This has been such a special day and we were even blessed with beautiful weather!

Just PAWSOME!!!!

Hope everpup is doing well and enjoying the Springtime!!


To All The Wonderful Mothers~

May 8th 2009 1:37 pm
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We wanted to wish each and every one of our pals' wonderful mothers a Very Happy Mothers Day on Sunday and we hope all of you give you Moms special licks & extra lovin' cause they do the very best for you they can each and every day!

Everybody have a fantastic weekend!

Sully & Socks


Love the new "comments" feature!

May 7th 2009 12:07 pm
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We sure are happy to have the ability to leave comments on the diary pages now as Mom's time on the computer is so limited!! Thanks to Dogster HQ for making this available to us pups! So much easier than going to each individual page and forgetting what we wanted to say by the time we got there!

Hope all our pup pals are doing great and heavy hearts for those who have recently had a loss in their family...too many this year already!!
Their families are in our prayers.

Sully & Socks


Watch Your Pups like a hawk...there's DANGER afoot!!!

April 25th 2009 12:17 pm
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This is a horrible message, but one we must all be aware of (we borrowed this from Pita's diary and thank them for posting it). We have been hearing this on the news, but want to be sure every pup pawrent knows about it:

It is Spring and warmer weather is coming. I would like to remind everyone: NEVER EVER leave your dog(s) outside when you’re not home. Keep them in the house or a safe secured place out of the view of the public eye.

There are what is called “B-Dealers” 0r “Bunchers” that are continually out patrolling for dogs and “your” dog is not an exception. B-Dealers steal family pets. When they get a “bunch,” they sell them to research for $200-400 per dog. Domesticated dogs make the best dogs for experiments. These ruthless people monitor your area, your routine and watch for dogs for when they are left outside. They normally travel in pairs, one buncher drives, the other jumps out and snatches the dog.

They’re also used for Dog Pelts: Last month in Ohio, 14 dogs were found skinned and animal control believed their pelts could have been the reason. Pelts are put on cloths and are popular in many foreign countries.

There are also dog fighters that gather dogs and cats and use them as baits to get their fighting dogs practice on them. Dog fighting purses range from $20,000-$50,000 per fight.

There are also ruthless people that would snatch your dog and sell him/her on the black market for pets, especially if the dog is a purebred and/or unaltered.

The economy is an issue and many are looking for ways to make money. I can’t stress enough how important it is to secure your pets when your not home and watch them when you are home. A dog can be snatched in a matter of seconds.

One of my neighbor’s dog was stolen from her yard – they cut the padlock and took her dog. Luckily, our friend came home just as a "buncher" was walking away from the house with her dog! When she shouted, the guy dropped the leash and ran away.

For the same reason, please do not tie your dog in front of a store. People reported to us that their dog was gone while they were inside the store for 20 seconds. One in particular case, which you may have seen in the news, was the dog who was stolen while the guardian watched through the glass window of a store. He rushed out of the store, but they quickly drove away.

We hope this story will make everyone aware before we actually hear the news that it has happened to one of our beloved furs!!


A Dear Friend of our Went to the Bridge Today~

April 12th 2009 6:00 pm
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"Boss" a beautiful boxer suddenly passed away and went to the Bridge today...he was fine this morning, the family went to Walmart for a short time and when they came home they found him in the yard.
It appears he may have been poisoned. The loving family of "Boss" and many other dogs live in KY and are very sad at this loss.

If you get a chance, try to stop by "Boss's" page (Dogster ID#606334)
and send some comfort to the family. We are so very sad for them.

Sully & Socks

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