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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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Thank you all so much~

November 15th 2012 6:18 am
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We want to thank each and every one of you who have sent cards and gifts to us in honor of our Angel Socks. Your sweet support means the world to us at this difficult time. It means more to us that we can say.

Much love to you all~
Sully, Angel Socks, Mom & Dad


Socks Has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge...

November 14th 2012 12:08 pm
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You'd come to us when no one cared
you were skin & bones and, oh so scared...
we'd feed you and brush you and keep you warm
all those times you had to fend on your own.

And when you'd leave us to return to your plight,
we'd cry and worry for you every night.
We begged that man to let us take you,,
but he never relented till he got his due!

You and our Buddy were such fast friends
you stayed faithful to him right to the end.
We know he's been watching from up above
and is happy to see you have so much love.

Your younger days were filled with fear...
why, we never once saw you raise your ears!
Your tucked in tail never raised high...
and nothing but fear filled your eyes.

After you came to us to stay
we saw the changes, day by day...
Soon up came that beautiful plume of a tail,
wagging and wagging like it was a sail!

And what a surprise it was to our eyes
when those big perky ears began to rise!
Gone were the days of neglect and abuse,
'cause you knew in your heart you'd come home to roost!

Your eyes, once so downcast and hurt
were now shiny, smiling and oh so alert!
You knew in your heart that here you'd remain
and your life would be filled with love, no more pain.

You loved when we'd stroke your soft Golden head
and you slept in pure peace in your own warm bed.
You now had a home that would be yours forever,
and even a brother who'd protect you whatever!

We've been blessed by your presence for over 4 years
and try hard not to show you our hearts filled with fear.
We've aged together, our sweet Golden beauty
and treasured each moment we've had as a family.

Those sweet times you come to my side
and lean your soft head on my leg with a smile..
As I stroke you sweet head and you look in my eyes,
I try and choke back the tears I will cry.

And, when the time comes when you must depart,
know, sweet Angel that you're taking our hearts.
But you will live on through the memories we've made
All the joy, love and comfort you so willingly gave.

We know Buddy will be there to meet you
and all the other angels will help him to greet you.
Fly free at the Bridge, run happy, be healthy & strong,
and we'll all be together again before long.

Your sweet presence gave us love beyond measure
and it's those precious memories we'll always treasure...
Thank you for all the joy, love & happiness you gave us
our beautiful Golden girl, those memorie will save us.

Mommy & Daddy are so very sad at what we must do,
but it's not about us, we're doing it for you.
We gave you your favorite treat today...
A Frosty Paw as you're going away.
Just know, sweet girl, as you depart...
It's best for you, but breaking our hearts.

(Our precious "Socks" went to the Rainbow Bridge at 6:30pm on November 12th, 2012.)


POTP Candle Lighting for Dixie Black Pearl...

October 30th 2012 11:48 am
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A dear friend to many on Dogster, Dixie Black Pearl, had surgery to remove her eye this morning. The eye had developed Glaucoma and the vet said she was in so much pain caused by the pressure in her eye (and possibly an underlying disease such as blood cancer). Rhon, Dixie's Mom, has done so much to help others and is a friend to so many, we're asking that as many of you as possible go to the following website and light a candle to show your support and prayers for Dixie and her family:

POTP Candle for Dixie Black Pearl

Thank you in advance to all who show their love and support to Dixie Black Pearl and her wonderful family!


Thanks for the balloons pals!

October 2nd 2012 11:40 pm
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We sure appreciated all the balloon prezzies from our pals! Thank you all for thinking of us!

Sully & Socks


Thanks pals for all your good wishes for our Dogs of the- Day!

September 24th 2012 9:56 am
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Dear Dogster pals~

We were so excited to be chosen Dogs of the Day yesterday, September 23, 2012 and want to thank
Dogster for choosing us & gifting us with 25 zealies and all of you wonderful pups for sending us pawmails & rosies to help us
celebrate our special day!:

UCH Onyx for our pumpkin rosie
Sarge, Abby & Rocky family for the beautiful big vase of flowers
Zadie for the trophy cup & big heart congratulations picure
Annie for the maple leaf & beautiful message
Maddi, Murphy & megan & Molly at Bridge for the Trophy cup
River & Trickles for the lovely golden crown
Flicka & Lucas & Pam for the Golden Heart and installing DOD pix on our page
The Barking Machines for the pumpkin
Redford & pack for the sweet pawmail with the beautiful Fall picture for DOD
Fitzcairn for the sweet pawmail
Chloe for the nice pawmail
Harley Diva-Girl & Jazzi Dans'r blue ribbon rosie
Lexi, Lulu & Romeo for the yummy steak rosie
Muffin for the forever golden crown
The family of Sammy Jo, Toby Jo, Cory Jo, & Joey Jo for the pumpkin rosie
Coco Rose, Logan Benwizzen, Simba Blue & Bay Ling for the pretty trophy cup
Darby for the lovely golden crown
Abbie for the Congratulationss pawmail
Dozer, Sasha, Cheyanne, Lucy Kitty & family for the pretty acorn
Stella for the nice Congratulations pawmail
All our Buhens pals for their wonderful congratulations & treasured friendship!
(We hope we didn't miss anyone!)

You're all very special and we appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!

We had a nice day, beautiful weather for our walks, a big dinner,
and then Mom had to give us our Heartguard
Plus...but we know she is only trying to help keep us healthy!

Hope all have a great day and thank you again for your kindness!

Sully & Socks


Thanks, mateys!

September 19th 2012 5:40 pm
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Thanks to all of our pup pals who sent us pirate prezzies & thinking of us!
Mom tried to send all our pals a pirate flag several times and the gift shop just crashed every time. SO, Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day to all...


Sully's Being A Sweet Brother to Socks...

June 6th 2012 7:28 am
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It's awfully hard to watch Socks aging and Mom's been taking loads of pictures of her lately (want to have those memories). Her back legs are weak & we have to help her up and down the stairs, but she's taking Previcox which is helping her alot. Mom wanted to post some pictures to show how sweet Sully is being to her (they know). He stays very close to her and it's so heartwarming to see this aspect of his personality. We hope to have Socks with us for a long time, but we're being realistic and won't let her suffer if/when she no longer has a good quality of life.
As you can see from her bright smile, she still has a happy spirit and is eager to go on her walkies very slowly or (especially!) car rides. We're very proud of Sully for looking after her and being such a sweet brother...:)!


Fly free, sweet Jenna~

May 22nd 2012 12:47 am
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On May 21, 2012 one of our dearest pals, the beautiful Golden Retriever, Jenna (Dogster ID#811524) made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.We are heartbroken at her loss and so deeply sorry for her family who loved her so.

Jenna was diagnosed with lymphoma in April and her loving pawrents did everything possible to make her last days joyful until they gave her their final, unselfish gift of love by letting her go...all that love could do was done.

We will never forget sweet Jenna and send our deepest condolences to her family. Rest in peace, dear Angel Jenna.

Until we meet again....


A great birthday for us~

January 6th 2012 8:50 pm
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We want to thank all of the sweet pups & peeps who sent us wishes for our Birthday on January 5, are all so dear to us and we appreciate your thoughtfulness so much! Also, thanks to Dogster for sending us 25 bones! We had extra treasts and a nice long walk (they didn't have any Frosty Paws at the store because it's winter, but that's ok, we felt so much warmth from our pals that nothing could have topped that!).
Our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for remembering our special day!


Fly free sweet Lucy~

September 27th 2011 9:34 am
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Like all of Dogster, we are so sad to hear that sweet Lucy HQ has passed to the Rainbow Bridge and send out deepest sympathy to Lori and all who knew and loved dear Lucy. Fly free, sweet girl, now you can see and hear and will be reunited with your family and pals one day as we each cross the Bridge to join our precious angels. Our comfort comes in knowing that all of you sweet fur angels are watching over us from above.

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