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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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WOOF WOOF!!! HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!! But, then again....

April 21st 2008 10:40 am
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Oh, we got some PAWSOME news this morning about Nikaya!! Our new pal,
Faith Lynn, who is best friends with Nikaya, wrote and told us that Nikaya was so ok the day after his accident with the clothesline that you'd never know he was hurt...all the prayers worked!!! Thank you, God and all the pals who prayed for Nikaya and his Mommy!! And we can't thank Faith Lynn and her Mom enough for sending us this GRRRREAT news!!

I also got two presents on my page today...can you believe it?! I got a forever rainbow star from Faith Lynn and a trophy from the family of Charlie and Sam!!! I also got a heart from Sunny over the weekend...oh, happy, happy me!

Ummmm, remember I said in my last entry that I thought a vet visit was being discussed today....that'ssss right, folk....I'm on my way now with Dad!
Oh, geeze, I should start paying rent after the last few weeks to the vets office!
Well, my "hot spot" infection in my "private" area started flaring up again this morning and Mom and Dad had just given me my last antibiotic and 2 Benadryl, plus Mom squirted some anti-itch stuff we had around the area, but I still kept digging. So, I was right, off to the vets office again for more medicine and some of the good spray stuff they have (Mom also told Dad to have the vet take my temperature (NOT my favorite thing) because my nose was real hot). Well, I know they're just trying to help me, but I'm pretty sick of getting all excited when I get my harness and leash put on (thinking I'm going for a nice walk...who cares if it's raining, not me!) only to end up being put in the truck and hauled to the vet yet AGAIN!

Will bark at you guys later if we get any news.....



Full Moon Madness~~

April 21st 2008 7:47 am
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WOOF everybody~

Do any of you guys go as crazy as I do every time there's a full moon??
Well, there was one last night and I had the best time keeping Mommy up ALL night long while I whined, barked, went in/out, in/out, in/ was my monthly MOONCRAZE! Mommy is exhausted this morning, hehehe, but I'm fine, thank you~!

We are praying hard for our Dogster friend "Nikaya" (a gorgous husky with ice blue eyes) and his Mommy. Nikaya was chasing a football and hit a wood post that hold up his Mom's clothesline full blast! His Mom said he immediately collapsed, had a cut over his eye and was being non-responsive to her and hardly able to walk. We are praying as hard as we can that Nikaya will be OK (his Mommy would be lost without him). Would you guys pray for him, too?

Well, gotta go eat breakfast (I think there's a vet visit about my "itchy hot spot" coming again this afternoon...YUCK!). It's been raining here for two days straight with no end in sight and I'm real tired of it "cause I'm not outside as much and don't get as long walks from Dad!

WOOF at you guys later!


New Photos! See My Dogster Plus Photo Book!!

April 20th 2008 5:25 am
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Well, Mom decided that since yesterday was such a gorgeous Spring day, she'd take some more picture of me (and my best friend "Socks) and put them up on my page. To see more of the pictures my Mom added, click on the link above my first picture to my Dogster Plus Photo Book! Mom thinks they're great pictures...well, I guess I do too!



Exciting yesterday...not so much today!

April 19th 2008 4:13 pm
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One of my favorite people, my Uncle John (Mom's brother) came to see us yesterday with his new motorcycle! I heard him coming and got really exited (I know the sound of motorcyles, 'cause he has a Harley, too). Whenever I hear a motorcycle I think it may be Uncle John (whom I love very much...he always brings me cookies). But, Mom was the one who really got a thrill, cause she jumped on the motorcycle and Uncle John took her for a ride. Mom loves motorcycles and has been riding them for years, but Dad hates them (he's afraid of the danger) and so we don't have one of our own. Mom had so much fun (riding without a helmet, which she really likes) and was really happy when they came back...she felt the wind in her face and hair and loved every minute of it!!

Then later on Uncle John came back with his friend (who I like very much, too) and my parents and them ordered Chinese food for dinner. We had a nice visit (everybody petted me a lot and I laid right in the middle of the floor to be near everybody)!

Then this morning, things didn't go too well. That "itchy" spot I've got on my tummy started really bugging me again (I've been on antibiotics for a week now, so Mom and Dad were really surprised when they looked at it and saw it was getting bigger and more raw). Sooooo, another Saturday morning started with a quick trip to the vet's office...but they were closed!! Right next to the vet's office is a "Pet Suites" where they board animals when their parents go away. So Mom walked over there to see if they had anything to help me. Sure enough, a nice girl names Ashley opened a drawer and pulled out a spray bottle (called "Hexicane") and came out on the porch where Mom and Dad laid me down and Ashley sprayed the stuff all over my "hot spot". It must have worked really well (it numbs the area, too) because I haven't been itching all day. Mom and Dad tried to buy some, but she didn't have any to sell, so we'll have to go back to the vet on Monday and buy some. I've felt much better all day since Ashley put that spray on me!!

Then, to our surprise and delight, my friend "Socks" came to visit again (just like last Friday...her family went away and left her again)! She's probably going to spend the night here...I like it when we have sleepovers, just as long as "Socks" doesn't get more attention than I do.

Well, that's my latest I'll bark at y'all later!



My friend "Socks" came for an overnight!

April 15th 2008 6:09 am
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I forgot to tell you that the night of my vet visit, my best pal "Socks" came over and spent the night!!

"Socks" is an old gal (golden retreiver) and she was "Buddy's" best friend for all his life, so Socks means an awful lot to Mom and Dad, too. She, sadly, lives in a home where she's tied outside and neglected all the time by her family. Mom has wanted to call Animal Control on her Dad so bad, but my Dad has had several encounters with him and Dad thinks he's the kind of man who would know it was us who called and possibly do something bad to hurt us. She has been coming here whenever she could break free for about 12 years now and Mom and Dad always feed her, give her vitamins, pet and love her to pieces (which she makes me kinda jealous, but I tolerate it). She's stayed with Mom and Dad through all kinds of weather (her family doesn't even look for her), real hot weather, snowstorms, you name it! She'll be here for a few days at a time and then Mom will call her family and tell them she's here (they already know that and don't care). The young son is the only one who seems to care about Socks, and he's a really nice boy. But, he's away now at school a lot and when he's gone is when Socks usually comes here for some "spa" treatments and loving. My Mom and Dad even asked her Dad many years ago if, since they didn't seem to want her, we could adopt her.
He said "NO!", so we just all try to do the best we can for her when she's here.

I enjoyed her overnight stay and Mom and Dad were sure to give both of us equal treats and affection. She's really a sweet dog and doesn't rile me up, so Mom and Dad were awfully glad when she came. She left on her own the next morning and Mom had a weird feeling that she might have just come to say goodbye...she's looking very skinny and frail. We pray that she's ok and we'll see her again soon.

Please pray for "Socks" as she's not as lucky as all of us who have great, loving homes!



Wow..I've been so itchy lately (another vet visit)!

April 15th 2008 5:53 am
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I don't know what's up with this, but I've been really licking and digging at my genital area for over a week or so and even though Mom has gotten down on the floor and tried to dig through all my hair to see what was wrong, she couldn't find anything...and I kept itching and digging!

My Dad gave me a bath on Friday, but it didn't stop the itching (just made me all fluffy and clean)!

Well, my folks got worried about it over last weekend, so Dad took me to the vet (AGAIN!) on Monday and the vet said he thought (hoped) it was an allergic reaction to something (and not a larger problem on the inside!). The vet gave me a cortisone shot (I'm really good about getting shots Mom & Dad say) and a ten day supply of antibiotics, which I get morning and night. Also, the vet said to give me 2 Benadryls in the morning and 2 at night.

Mom and Dad think (pray) it's getting better now as I'm not going "down there" as much. If it clears up, Mom and Dad (and ME) will be so happy...otherwise, I'll have to go back to the vet and possibly have surgery to see what's up on the inside...please GOD, NO!!!!

But, it's looking pretty good after a few days of the medication now, so we're all encouraged and hoping this will be the end of it!

WOOF at y'all later!


Bath fun with Daddy!

April 10th 2008 1:36 pm
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I knew something was up first thing this morning when Mom started brushing me all over before I wasn't even fully awake (she also had scissors in her hand, which used to scare me, but now I know she uses them to cut out debris and really tangled matties behind my ears and, ummmm, tail which I seem to accumulate on a daily basis).

Then Dad gets up early...something really is up, now, I'm thinking! Yup, before I knew what hit me, Dad had herded me into the bathroom, shut the door really fast and there I was...face to face with the porcelain box that rains again!! Apparently, Mom and Dad had made some kind of pact while I was out of earshot last night that they simply couldn't put my bath off any longer...something about a new quilt on the bed??? Whatevah!!

So, Dad had me trapped in the "rain box" trying to drown me (Mom was not feeling too well, so she was lying down), when suddenly Mom hears all this banging around coming from the bathroom. So, Mom got up as fast as she could and went to see what was wrong...she could hear Daddy getting frustrated. See, usually Mom and Dad bathe me together and this was different...Mom wasn't in the bathroom and I didn't like that, so I was squirming around and trying to jump out of the tub. So, Mom told both of us to calm down (she spoke in a real soft voice, so I knew she wasn't mad) and she sat on something she and Dad call "the throne" and petted me gently, speaking in a soothing voice while Dad did the soap trick. Once Mom was in there I felt ok, and we got the bath done. Then Mom went back to sleep for awhile and me and Dad sat out on the deck and I got dried off....looking pretty "hot", if I do say so myself. Mom say's I'm prettty....geeze, Mom, I'm a dude!!

Later, Dad took me out in the car while he ran some errands, so the day turned out pretty good after all!!

WOOF at you guys later~


My very first foster mom saw my page from Moscow!!

April 8th 2008 4:19 am
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You're not gonna believe this, my Mom got an e-mail from a lady named Shana who was my very first foster mom once I got saved from death row!

She was so excited to see me doing so well in my forever home (she said I was her very first foster and was hard to place because I had issues). So my Mom wrote her back (she now lives is Moscow) and asked why I had been hard to Mom and Dad couldn't believe anyone had turned me down!

Seems I was adopted first by another family (my parents didn't know this) and they put me in a crate and left me alone for too long and I managed to break out of the crate and do some pretty heavy damage while they were away. They said I even attacked some cat(s), but never hurt one real bad and that I wasn't great around other dogs (ok, so I don't like every dog on the planet). Anyway, they returned me to Shana and my re-adoption started all over again, ending with me coming to my Mom and Dad's.

This was really interesting background on me that my folks didn't know about before, but re-inforces what they already knew...I HAVE to be around my people...I can't be left alone! Fortunately, Mom and Dad are retired and are able to take me everywhere with them, or I'll stay home with Mom if Dad has to go places I can't go. Would you believe that in my whole year here I've never been left by myself? This would be pretty difficult if my folks were younger, still working and had obligations where I wasn't welcome. But, such is not the case, so that's not a problem here.

I really don't like cats! Everyone speculates that I probably had a bad encounter with a cat before I was rescued and developed a desire to chase them down (if I see a cat when I'm walking Dad, I'll charge it and almost pull Dad's arm off). And, also, I don't particularly like ALL other dogs, but I don't start fights...just don't back down either (see previous diary entry about my first fight since I've been here).

Well, anyone who know's Aussies, knows they are people dogs and want to be velcroed to their people at all times. So, putting me in a crate that I'd never experienced before, probably did drive me nutty enough to break out. Mom and Dad don't believe in crating if it isn't necessary. I've never done one iota of damage since I've been here!

So, it was wonderful to hear from Shana and get this additional information about my days before I came here. If it hadn't been for Shana and other people kind enough to take me in, I would never have come to Mom and Dad!

So, Shana, if you read this, please know how grateful I am to you for being kind to me and helping me to finally be placed in a forever home that understands the spectacular breed that I am..a proud and headstrong Australian Shepherd!

WOOFS and wags!


Uh oh...guess what happened today?

April 6th 2008 7:20 am
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My Mommy is upset today...and now I'm working hard to butter her up. She's just ignoring me, but she didn't scold me after....


Yeah, buds, I'm not kidding you! I'm laying in my front yard under my own tree and this big red dog (about my size) comes walking by (on a leash). My Mom was sitting at the computer (beside a window where she always watches me when I'm outside) and suddenly heard all the "grrrrrrring and roaring" she pushed back her computer chair and almost broke her leg getting up to come outside (it was over by the time she got there).

See, the deal is....Mom doesn't know who started it as her head was turned away from the window while she was on the computer...she just heard it (and it scared her so bad)..she thought I was getting hurt (yeah, that'll happen NOT!!). Mom has never seen any real agression from me (except running my mouth at passerbys or vehicles), but THIS time it was a rumble in MY jungle!!

OK, I can understand Mom being upset....but HE started it (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it)!

Mom ran outside, but she wasn't fast enough, because the lady and her big, red dog had already walked up past the next house (the lady pulled her dog off me before I really did HIM any damage...I'd a kicked his you know what!!)

Mommy doesn't understand why I'm becoming so territorial, as I've only just started this in the past month or so. I love all people, even tho I sometimes bark when they go by (I'm so friendly if they stop and say hi and pet me)....but there's a limit to what a guy can take from other dogs on MY turf!
Dad always walks me (because Mom's not in real great health) and Dad has told Mom that I really go after cats, but usually either ignore or just bark back at other doggies (I mean, all they're doing is defending their territory).
I wish Mommy had seen it start so I'd either be off the hook or my parents would know I need some help with aggression.

Well, Mom's still upset and in shock, so I better get off now and calm her down.

Thank God neither dog was hurt (I hope....geeze, what if that woman comes back here and says I started it, or hurt her dog, or reports us, or........????).
It happened before, ya know, with another dog Mom & Dad adopted...he bit the UPS man and Mom and Dad had to return that dog to the shelter or face a really upset them to have to give that dog back and it can't happen again!!!

Mom's just GOTTA calm down!!!

Check you guys later~
Gangsta Sully


I've been tagged!

April 5th 2008 12:49 am
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Woofs to you, Nikaya, for tagging me! You are a good pal :)!

(Nikaya, who tagged me, is one of my best pals and is a gorgous Husky! You should check out Nikaya's's really great and his Mommy is a wonderful person! You can find Nikaya's picture in my pup pals, listed below, and go to his pawsome'll be hypnotized by his icey blue eyes!)

Now, you've been tagged by Sully and here's how to play. We each have to answer 4 questions and then tag 4 of our pup pals, so here I go!

Name 4 jobs that you have

1 "Dad" walker
2. Guard (nobody, but nobody comes near my house without my warning !
3. Paper Shredder Champion
4. Spiritual Healer of Mom and Dad's broken hearts (after they lost "Buddy")

Name 4 places you have lived at (or stayed at):

1. Highways and byways of North Carolina (I was lost and alone)
2. Death row in Newport News KILL Shelter, before I was saved by:
3.Homeward Trails NO KILL Rescue Shelter, Arlington, VA
4 Shanie's in Alexandria, VA (my loving foster Mom till I came to my new
forever home in Warrenton, VA with Mom & Dad)

Name 4 places that you have been:

1. Long rides out toward the Blue Ridge Mountains
2. Centreville, VA Dog Park (way too small and icky)
3. The vet's office several times (YUCK!)...but he's kind to me, so it's ok.
4. Petsmart...WOOF!!! WOOF!!! (Now we're barking!!)

Name 4 places you'd rather be:

1. In the deepest thicket of forest I could find to get covered with briars & brambles for Mom to brush out (I'm only allowed on the perimeters)..I want to sniff my way in as far as I can to see what all those enticing smells are coming from, wouldn't you?)

2. Over in the big, huge field behind the school (Dad takes a 100' rope and hooks it to my leash..he had it made somewhere...and then I can roam all over the field, read "mail" left by other dogs, sniff to my heart's content, chase anything that moves and run around (as best I can on my injured back legs) to my heart's content!

3. In Petsmart picking out toys (tho I'm not much into toys) and treats for
Mom and Dad to buy for me :)!

4 Off leash chasing all the cats, squirrels and rabbits I could find! We have rabbits living under our shed out back and sometimes deer walk through our yard, I'd love to be able to chase them all (Mom wishes I could, too, because I chase cars and trucks when they go by our house...of course, I'm on a long lead so I can't catch dream catch would be our mean UPS man!!

Name 4 furiends you wish to tag:
1. Mochi
2. Django
3. Mason Layne
4. Sir Bob Marley

I hope you'll play (and send me a copy of your answers, too, please).


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