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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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Our Prayers Are With "Lucky Lucy's" Family

August 9th 2008 6:48 am
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My dear friend "Lucky Lucy" went to join "Remo the Red, Turning White, Always True Blue" at the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday August 9, 2008, a victim of canine cancer. It is so hard to understand why life deals so much pain all at once to people when they're trying so hard to recover, doing their very best......we love you "Lucky Lucy".

Sad Sully


"ZOE" (My Adopted Lil Sis) Needs the Power of the Paw!!!

August 9th 2008 7:03 am
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My little adopted sister, "Zoe" (the beautiful little Sheltie in TX, who's sister is Peanut) is sick. ID #751527 !
Let's put the Power of the Paw to work for ZOE, Please!!

Thanks again all my great pals!

Love ~


WOW, What a Surprise Today~

August 10th 2008 9:21 am
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You're NOT gonna believe this one....MOM walked me today! Thass right, she hauled her butt up outta that bed and (after about an hour's search for my harness that dear, sweet Daddy couldn't find 'cause he NEVER, EVER puts anything back where it's sposed to go) took me for a nice walk!

See, usually Mom doesn't walk me, 'cause I've pulled her down so many times AND the heat makes her head hurt worse, but Dad doesn't feel good today, so Mom wanted him to sleep and we TRIED to sneak outta the house without Daddy, knowing (he doesn't want Mom walking me 'cause of prior incidents).

BUT, because we couldn't FIND my harness, Mom had to wake up Daddy and the search ensued. Mom asked Dad if it was in the car...Dad said absolutely not. So, they searched everywhere in the house. Mom finally went out and opened the car door and.."VOILA!", there was my harness on the floor of the car. 'Nuf know the rest.

So, Mommy told Dad to go back to bed and we left. It wasn't all that hot in the shade, so we went real slow and I only pulled Mom really hard a couple of times, but she remained vertical (yeah, Mom!)...we were enjoying ourselves, staying on the shady side and communing with nature, until...

we hear a car coming up behind us real slow (made Mommy feel creepy until she turned around and saw...DADDY)! BOL....he was out looking for us for fear Mom was in trouble! Don't I have the greatest Daddy in the world? Mommy thinks so and so do I! Any way, I got my walk and didn't kill Mommy in the process :).


You're not gonna BELIEVE this...about SOCKS! ANOTHER- UPDATE!!

August 19th 2008 9:52 pm
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So, it's midnight and we'd just gotten Sully in and gone to bed when the phone rings. At first Mom didn't answer it 'cause it was so late, but then they called back.

Turns out it was Matt, the son of "Socks" owner who asked if we'd mind keeping "Socks" for awhile. Mom said "Sure, but why?" The boy said his father had been killed! Apparently the dad was working on a truck in his yard (while the whole rest of the family was away on vacation about 4 hours away at Chesapeake Beach, VA) and the truck collapsed on him and crushed him to death! Now, as much as we didn't like the man for the way he's always treated "Socks", we wouldn't wish a horrible thing like this on anyone.

So, the son, Matt said he'd bring "Socks" up here to us tomorrow when he gets back into town and we'll keep her with us for an undetermined amount of time. Of course, we love "Socks" like a member of our family and she is welcome here, but we really don't know if in the light of day they'll really bring her here or if another member of her family will decide they want her to stay with them. We're hoping she'll come with us, and I imagine we'll stay awake all night wondering what will happen. We really can't afford two dogs, but "Socks" is so special to us that we'll have to find a way if, indeed, they do decide to bring her here. We really hope they do because that way we'll know for sure that in her old age she'll get all the love and care that she so deserves.
And, she'll be good company for both us and Sully.

So, we're on hold right now until we find out tomorrow what's going to happen. We're shocked and horrified at what happened to the Dad, even though we really didn't like him at all (no one deserves that to happen to them) and we feel awful for his son, who has always been a good kid and is sweet to "Socks" when he's home and not away at school.

Will update as soon as we know ourselves what is going to happen!
We're just in shock right now, as you can imagine!!

______UPDATE (August 20, 2008):_________

OK, so we were expecting them to bring "Socks" down this morning, right? Well, they didn't, nor did they call. So my husband took Sully for a walk down to their house. He said there were a lot of people in the driveway talking, but he was able to talk to Matt (the man's son) for a minute or two and he gave my huband a very vague answer like..."Well, it won't be today, but maybe we'll bring her down tomorrow...I don't know what's happening right now." So, obviously, neither do we. I wish they would bring her to us, but my gut is telling me that the family might decide to keep her with them...I hope not, but that's all we know at this point. Typical of that familythough, to involve other people and then not consider their feelings afterwards by letting them know what they're going to do. So, we wait..and hope!

________ANOTHER UPDATE (August 20, 2008):________

Shortly after I wrote the last update, who should show up at our door on her own, but dear, sweet "SOCKS"!! We have no idea if her family drove by here and just dropped her off or if she broke away from them and just ran up here on her own. But, she's been her with us for about four hours now, eating like she hadn't been fed for days (she's unbelievably thin..we can feel her backbone and ribs)..she ate two whole plate of food and the just collapsed on the towel we put for her at the bottom of our bed and has been sleeping ever since. She was SO glad to see us, as we were her! We've given her so much petting and loving and she just smiles into our eyes and wags her tail. So, we have NO idea what's going on now...did they bring her her for us to keep? Did she bolt away and come here on her own and they haven't even checked on her? Are they going to come for her? Will she stay with us from now on (oh how we pray she will). But, for now, she's here, well fed and resting and we're so relieved to know she's safe and getting the love and care she so deserves. Sully, of course, is a bit jealous, but he'll get over it (he always does). For now, we're SO HAPPY to have our precious little girl here with us and hope it's going to be forever! Keeping our paws crossed.....!



August 21st 2008 2:46 pm
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Last evening (August 20th, 2008) Matt, the son of "Socks" owner, finally came down to our house fo see if "Socks" was here (hours after she had left their house). We told him she'd been her for hours, that she'd looked to thin that we'd fed her until she wouldn't eat any more and brushed her and given her vitamins...and that now she was sleeping soundly in our bedroom. Of course, there was nothing in the form of a "thank you" from the boy, but he did say "well, she can stay here with you for 'awhile'...whatever that means! Dad gave him some money to go down to the feed store and get her some good food, but he hasn't come back with the food since! Again, typical of that family, but we don't even care..."Socks" is still with us and is so happy...Sully has even gotten over his little jealousy bit and they're playing happily.

A little while later yesterday evening, the neighbor who lives across the street from "Socks" came by. He said the accident had happend on Monday night and that the man hadn't been found until Wednesday afternoon (too awful to think about). But, considering the kind of man he was, unfriendly and didn't ever want anyone in his yard, it isn't surprising he wasn't found for a few days. But the WORST part is that "Socks" had been locked up in the house all that time (from Monday thru Wednesday afternoon, with no food or water, or any way to go outside and potty). So, the neighbor who came to our house told us when he saw the police and ambulance over there on Wednesday afternoon, he went over and told them there was a dog in the house and if they'd let him in he'd get her out and take "Socks" home with him (which he did). So she stayed with him until the family showed up later that afternoon and then was over with the family when my husband walked by with Sully and talked to Matt ("Socks" came running to Dad & Sully then, but Matt held on to her when Dad & Sully left). Shortly thereafter, "Socks" broke loose and ran up here, where she's been ever since.

"Socks" has been here last night and all day today, is happy, well fed and loved...we don't know for how long (we're still hoping forever), but that remains up in the air. But, for right now, we're all happy together.

We want to thank all our pals who've sent messages and gifts for "Socks" are all so sweet and makes her feel as special as she is!


SOCKS Update!

August 29th 2008 3:21 pm
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She's still with us, but as of a few days ago it became clear that it will be a part-time arrangement with her owner's son. Since the father who was killed had always mistreated "Socks" is NOW no longer there, the son who turns 18 in 2 weeks & really seems to love Socks & vice versa has been calling & checking on her and called the other day and asked if he could come get her for a few hours (that he misses her and wanted to spend some time with her). We said sure...she IS his dog and she seemed genuinely glad to see him (as opposed to the way she'd act when the old man used to come). She hopped in the son's car (instead of hiding and cringing) and later on just before dark when they came back, she was hesitant to leave him..a complete departure from the was it used to be with the father.

So, for now, the arrangemet is that while the boy is in school during the day and overnight, Socks will stay here with us and the boy will pick her up for afternoon visits on occasion. So far, he's only visited her that one afternoon, which we feel has left Socks confused and a bit depressed...not quite knowing now where she belongs, but we're doing our best and can't control what the son does. We just wish he'd either visit her more often or not at all, for her sake.

We feel MUCH better about seeing "Sock's" reaction to the son and knowing that she's not going to be left alone in the house or chained up alone outside like it was when the father was alive. This we can live with as it seems to make Socks and everyone else happy for now.



September 5th 2008 1:34 pm
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YUP, after several weeks of wondering and and worrying, we got a call from Socks' late owner's son this afternoon asking us if we'd be willing to keep Sock for the duration!! Of course, we sais YES!! The boy is trying to do what's best for Socks, as he's a senior in High School, not home much and will be leaving for college next fall, thus leaving Socks (at her advanced age) home alone for most of the time. So, because he really loves her and knows how much we love her, too, and that this has always been her second home, he has asked if we will keep her with us (thank you God!). She is already so much a part of our family, a great companion for Sully, and for us that we're elated to know that we don't have to worry about a day coming when they will come and take her away any more. Everyone, incuding the son, is very happy about the arrangement and we just couldn't wait to tell all our Dogster friends the final outcome. At this point, it's doubtful I'll make a second page for Socks as my health is only permitting me small amounts of time per day on the computer, so for now (at least) Socks will be sharing Sully's page. We're now a happy two dog family!!


Socks Goes to the Vet ~ Sully Wreaks Havoc!

September 8th 2008 6:33 pm
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Well, to our knowledge, today precious Socks' first visit to the vet (at least since she was a very, very young pup). Since we were unable to acquire any record of her from any vet or the family, we scheduled an appointment to have her checked out this afternoon and to receive (perhaps her first ever) rabies & distemper vaccinations...she didn't even blink when the needles went in. We also had blood drawn from her paw (again, she was an angel about it) and she tested negative for heartworm disease....thank Dog! She had her temperature taken from the rear and didn't budge and an overall checkup which went beautifully. So, now, our dear girl is all up to date with shots and a set of pretty new tags on her "purple" girlie collar! She was a perfect patient and the vet was very complimtary of her.

Mr. Sullivan, on the other hand, displayed probably the worst behavior we've EVER seen from him while in the waiting room when a cat suddenly padded through the area. He went completely ballistic, made so much noise that the vet finally brought him into the examining room with Socks so as not to disrupt the entire waiting room. He was like a frothing, mad dog....I'm not kidding! His eyes actually turned red, he bared his teeth and pulled so hard on his leash that it took 3 of us to get him under control...real nice, Sullivan, real nice! We really liked the new vet we took Socks to, but feel that Mr. Sullivan, because of his horrid behavior today will proably NOT be welcomed back as a new patient (much as we'd like to change his vet).
We have never seen him put on such a display and felt like the worst pawrents in the world because of our inability to get him even somewhat under control! All because of the nerve of the resident puddy cat having the audacity to walk through the waiting room.

All in all, we were thrilled to get such a good report on Socks and completely ashamed of Mr. Sullivan's behavior!

After leaving the vet's office, we went and got Socks' ID tags with all pertinent information (took 2 tags) and now she's sporting all the required tags and a legal resident of the community!

Mr. Sullivan has outdone himself to assert his dogdom in the weeks since Socks has been here, showing a very unbecoming jealous streak. The vet assures us he will get over it and we hope that will be soon. He doesn't do anything to Socks, he just asserts himself in an extremely uncomplimentary way, as if he's never been taught any manners at all. We're being extremely careful to keep things even between them, even feeding him first (then he'll leave his food and go eat hers!). He glares at her AND at us as if there's a conspiracy to oust him from his place in the pack!

We're concerned about Sully because we feel he feels his wonderful world has been intruded upon....but Socks is here to stay and he's just going to have to get used to her being here and hopefully return soon to his loveable former self. It's a real conundrum and we hope it resolves itself soon. All prayers will be gratefully accepted :)!


Thank You ALL~!!

September 10th 2008 12:06 pm
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To all my pup pals who have been so kind with your gifts and messages of welcome to Socks and good wishes to my Mom, we thank you SO VERY are all wonderful friends that we treasure.
Things are going a bit better...I think I'm getting used to Socks...just so I don't think she get more attention than ME! Socks is healthier and gaining weight, is now vaccinated and getting lots of love and comfort with us. We wish Mom's time on the computer wasn't so limited now and we could play on Dogster more, but we try to check in every day! You have all been just wonderful and welcoming and we love each of you very much. Hope all's well in your worlds!!

Sully & Socks


Sarah Palin is NO FRIEND OF ANIMALS!!!

September 10th 2008 12:38 pm
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We read Redford's diary entry regarding the Republican VP Nominee, Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin, which Redford's pack's Mom read elsewhere and we're copying Redford's entry (thanks R!) because we couldn't agree more and were going to do our own post (being members of Defenders of Wildlife), but this says it all:

My mom thought this important enough to put in my diary. It's from dogster pup, Rex Mi Amor. So I hope he doesn't mind that she copied it from Dogsterholics and pasted it here. Thanks, Rex.

No Friend To Animals...Get All The Facts And Protect Our Animals

John McCain has just announced his choice for the Republican VP slot: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who is no friend to animals. In 2007, Palin announced a $150 bounty for wolves. Why? Because wolves prey on moose and caribou, two favorite targets for hunters in Alaska. So Palin instituted a program to encourage hunters to kill wolves so that there would be more moose and caribou for hunters to kill. A lawsuit by Defenders of Wildlife resulted in the Alaska Superior Court ruling that the state Department of Fish and Game did not have the authority to institute a bounty program. A state program to shoot wolves and bears from the air continues, and on August 26, 2008, Ballot Measure 2, which would have stopped the aerial gunning of predators, was defeated by state voters.

Palin is also a hunter and a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

In addition, Palin has sued the Bush administration to delist polar bears under the Endangered Species Act because the protection of polar bears interferes with drilling for oil and gas. Palin even penned an op-ed for the New York Times, explaining her scientific arguments against protecting polar bears. Isn't it funny how her op-ed doesn't mention drilling for oil?

Needless to say, from an animal rights standpoint, Sarah Palin would be a disastrous VP.


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